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Clinton VP Could Ease Texas
Letdown as Down-Ballot Asset

Castro passed over in move that confirms state as low priority but may help in swing races.

Potential Probe Has Speaker
War and Voter ID Fight Links

Allegations reframe voter fraud as bipartisan crime in case with House leadership battle ties.

Cruz Cold Shoulder Spawns
Speculation on Primary Battle

Perry and McCaul floated as potetial Trump recruits for primary challenge in 2018 re-election bid.

Texan Refuses to Back Down
Amid Ferocious Critical Deluge

Patrick and Perry Not Coming
to Cruz Defense in Cleveland

Cruz Speech Gamble Could
Pay Long-Term Dividends

Protest on Ethics Commission
Decision Could Be Premature

Democrat Targets House Rookie
with Six-Digit Personal Infusion

Police Applaud Abbott Plan
after 2015 Capitol Spurning

Statewide Race Tables Turned
as Christian Has Big Edge Now

Rick Perry Takes Shot at Ohio
Governor for Confab No-Show

Mighty Texas Ohio Strike Out
at Donald Trump Coronation

Jackson Lee Daughter Might
Have Early House Race Edge

Miles Survives Full-Court Press
by Colleague in SD 13 Victory

Hailey's Comment: Texas Dems See Blue Norther Odds Rising for Fall
Election with silver platter potential conjures visions of last Democrat win here at top in wake of GOP implosion.

Texas House Fundraising:
Democrats Get Slow Start
in Most Battlefield Spots

Only two Dems crack six-figures in fall contests with competitive potential that Trump discontent can't help without money.

Texas Democrats Have Nothing to Lose But Need Wave for Big Gains
Hottest fall fights feature some vulnerable GOP seats while others are long shots without major Trump help.

Texas Democrats Head
to Philly with Attitude
after GOP Gathering

Ted Cruz Steals Thunder
with Trump Unity Snub

Texas House Candidates
Texas Senate Candidates
U.S. House Candidates
Statewide Bids & SBOE

Bryan Hughes
Ron Reynolds
Lynn Stucky
Dawn Buckingham

Best of Runoff Election:
Three Republicans Join
Democrat on Honor Roll

Runoff MVP Guided
Conservatives with Key
Establishment Assists

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