Which GOP challenger has best shot to beat an incumbent?

Chris Carmona
Rick Galindo
Will Hurd
Albert McDaniel
Gilbert Pena

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

Famous Name Democrat Reports
Half-Million Senate Bid Jackpot

Challenger posts massive money infusion while SD 10 shootout cash totals no mirage.

Job Attack Snafu Propels Race
to High Spot in Watch Rankings

GOP campaign tries to save face by rejecting lawyer advice and pulling plug on ploy that backfires.

Republicans Widen Money Lead
in House Races Worth Watching

GOP hopefuls in hottest fights fare best in fundraising as R's round up more in most cases.

Burton Ad Hits Standard Nerves
with Swing Voter Twist in SD 10

GOP Unleashes Artillery in One
of Two Races in 50-50 Districts

GOP Firm Finds Early Vote Edge
in Major Counties and Key Races

New Poll Features Key Twists
Despite Predictable Forecast

Pink Granite Grapevine Sizzles
on Potential Patrick Staff Chief

GOP Havens See Biggest Jump
in Early Vote Tally Up to Now

Ike Devours Spotlight in TV Ad
War at Center of Political Storm

Postal Vote Push Skirts Voter ID
as Mail Ballot Records Shatter

Early Voting on Skyrocket Track
to Some Conservatives Dismay

Hailey's Comment: National Strategist Views Early Vote with Blue-Tinted Glasses
Battleground TX boss peppers pep talk with early vote stats for appearance of hope that flies in face of polling trends.

Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
National climate has GOP hopes high as fights for Dem seats emerging on radar for first time as vote nears.

Governor's Race Primer:
Greg Abbott vs. Wendy Davis
Facts and Stats and More

Washington Post foresees potential presidential race for the next likely governor of Texas.

Latest Poll Shows Abbott
Leading by 20 in Stretch

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