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House Dems Who'd Been Allies Call for House Speaker's Head
Bonnen sees scandal evaporating despite alliance crash amid outrage on insults and homophobia.

GOP Speaker Vowed Nightmare
for `Dumbass' Cities and Counties

Sullivan audio reveals Bonnen pledge to make 2021 session worst ever for local leaders in Texas.

Sullivan Echoes Cries of Deceit
with Bombshell Audio Release

Activist posts tape despite personal qualms to comply with demands from leaders who hadn't heard it.

MQS Could Be Saving Worst
for Last with Tape Release

Bonnen accuser posting audio Tuesday in sync with radio spot as GOP world braces for more.

Delegation Almost Unanimous
in Pitch for Ex-Capitol Staffer

All but one state lawmaker from El Paso lavish praise on Democrat for open Texas House race.

Nine of 10 House Speaker Targets
Pass on Passing the Hat in Big D

GOP Trio Have Most Money
in Fight for HD 28 Runoff Spot

MQS Giving Drumbeat Time
to Grow Before Tape Release

State Cops Could Be Trying
to Flush Out Co-Conspirators

Targeted Republicans Puzzled
by Line of Rangers Questioning

Cornyn Serves Up Silent Snub
for Early Democrat Frontrunner

Love Could Be Answer for Dems
with Vast Networking Potential

Blanco Juggernaut Faces Hurdle
as Outgoing Senator Courts Foe

Austin Jurist Lines Up for 2020
Blue Wave Ride in State SC Bid

CD 17 Could Have Carpetbagger Capital Status Solidified in 2020

Bush Eyes 2022 Senate Boss Bid
With or Without Patrick as Rival

Houston Primary Fight Could Be
Epicenter of Internal GOP Clash

Abbott Warns of Intervention
on Austin Homeless Policy

Hailey's Comment: Rookie Dems Get Fundraising Nuke with Tape Release
Audio reveals personal smears as low point of conversation that revolved on GOP cannibal strategy.

Crystal Ball Sees Trump Loss
in Texas and Dozen Seat Gain
for Democrats in State House

Early Outlook Has 50-50 Odds
or Less for GOP in Handful
of Congress Races in Texas

Speaker Race Rankings:
House Could Have GOP Majority with Dem at Helm

Bonnen gets bump with bid to keep base amid scandal that could produce historic scenario with two-party leadership.

House Republicans Dragged
into Speaker Scandal Rising
in 2020 Races to Watch

Republicans Circle Wagons
Amid Threat of Losing Four
or More Congress Seats

Super Bowl Session Had
Big Stars in High Stations
and Key Role Players

Dynamite dozen features major measure QBs and colleagues who scored in unique ways like new caucus five.

Big Leaps and Long Falls
in House with Blue Shade

West wing has more Dems in high places as hierarchy shake up reflects speaker race.

Punishing Puts Senator
in Position to Call Shots

Banishing has unintended consequences as GOP female trio wield major sway.

Lobby Power Rankings
Reflect Bonnen Speaker
Bid Win and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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