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Republican Gives Up Caucus
Post as Criminal Probe Target

West Texan whose stock had soared first official casualty of scandal that DPS investigates.

Ex-Lawmaker Cancels Plans
for Rematch with Rookie Dem

Republican who played major role in Bonnen speaker race win pulls plug on House comeback.

Hit List Scandal Creates Lobby
Dilemma on Donations in 2020

Special interests concerned on payback for giving to speaker targets as friendly incumbents.

Caucus Chair Seeks Absolution
in Colleague Apology Meetings

Lawmaker who's under investigation with speaker expressing remorse for botched betrayal plot.

Rookie Dem Portrays Speaker
as Unintended Ally in 2020 Bid

House freshman who's major GOP target cites accidental advertising windfall in scandal fallout.

House Panel Punts to Rangers
in Cover-Up Claim Prevent Move

Investigating committee votes to have state police probe speaker despite rug sweep misconceptions.

Democrat on SBOE Taking Aim
at Longtime Senator in Primary

Sullivan Gets It Wrong on Press
Passes Process in State House

Bonnen Accuser Blames GOP
GOP for Democrats Lawsuit

Sullivan Says Six Conservatives
Refusing to Face Scandal Reality

GOP Speaker Apology Could Be
Seen as Desperation Hail Mary

MQS Ally Says Bonnen Implied
House Dem Who's Male is Gay

Bonnen Ripped Joe Straus
in Private Meeting with MQS

Marchant Giving Up Swing Seat Without Fight in Line with Trend

Travis DA Could Make Case
for GOP Primary Target Tape

Geren Takes Peace Broker Role Amid Complicating Saga Twist

Dems Takeover Odds Jump
with MQS Audio Admission

Hailey's Comment: House Panel Could Have Learned Lesson from Sharpstown
Committee that balks in Bonnen case might have realized risks from 1971 probe that failed to help speaker.

House Republicans Dragged
into Speaker Scandal Rising
in 2020 Races to Watch

Republicans Circle Wagons
Amid Threat of Losing Four
or More Congress Seats

Dallas Latina Has Major Haul
as GOP Hopefuls Raise More than Blue Wave Dems

Mexican immigrant with golden connections sets pace as potential challengers rake in more cash than targeted House Democrats.

Republicans in Target Turf
Move More toward Center
than Blue Wave Dems

Texas House voting record shuffle with Rice expert and Empower Texans rankings merged for comparisons.

Super Bowl Session Had
Big Stars in High Stations
and Key Role Players

Dynamite dozen features major measure QBs and colleagues who scored in unique ways like new caucus five.

Big Leaps and Long Falls
in House with Blue Shade

West wing has more Dems in high places as hierarchy shake up reflects speaker race.

Punishing Puts Senator
in Position to Call Shots

Banishing has unintended consequences as GOP female trio wield major sway.

Lobby Power Rankings
Reflect Bonnen Speaker
Bid Win and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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