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Senate Keeps Rainy Day Option
Open Before 31-0 Budget Vote

Spending bill author doesn't rule out ESF trip before first unanimous show of support in 12 years.

GOP Lawmaker Goes Ballistic
on Democrats in Water Battle

Republican unleashes scathing attack on Dem pair for interference in fight involving big donor.

Perry Mystifies with Aggie
Election Conspiracy Theory

Energy boss foray into student vote baffles from timing to mom's ties to old rumor resurrection.

Gay Rights Activists Go Ballistic
on Perry Student Election Rant

New energy boss targeted in social media barrage that portrays Texan as bully embarrassment.

State Senate Budget Plan Runs
to Left in GOP Old-School Eyes

GOP Speaker Plays Enron Card
in Senate Budget Bill Appraisal

Senate Backs Local Revenue
Cap Despite Police Opposition

Straus Team Foes Get Head
Start in Primary Recruiting

Special Session on Budget Prospects Could Be Soaring

Border Wall Could Be Tourist
and Entrepreneurial Mecca

Hailey's Comment: Time Running Out on Abbott Budget Salvation Show
Senate poised for vote on plan that would trigger House ultimatum rider that slashes CPS, schools and more.

Sabrina Brown Jesse Ancira
Billy Phenix Jessica Oney

Women Rising Amid
Newcomer Flood and
Perry Value Visions

Return from dead as Trump cabinet pick is sidebar to tale of competition explosion.

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Hall of Fame

House Messes with Governor with Late Legislation Flurry
Bills could scare Abbott donors away as relations with west wing leaders may be at all-time low.

House Speaker Team Regroups in Wake of Failed Ambush
Two dozen Republicans flip on bill after revenge attack with final vote as leadership litmus test.

House Video Broadcasts
Senate Video Broadcasts

Joe Straus
Dan Patrick
gif maker

Which House Republican will be the top target on right in 2018?

Cindy Burkett
Byron Cook

Sarah Davis
Charlie Geren
Dan Huberty

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