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Bonnen Hires Could Be Signs
of New Alliance with Governor

Incoming speaker taps lobbyist who's advised Abbott campaign for staff that has Massingill as first chief.

Election Night Verdicts Stand
in Four Closest House Races

Losing candidates weigh potential recounts after completed vote tally fails to change outcomes.

Patrick Endorses Harmony Pitch
Despite Rocky Relations of Past

Honeymoon under way as Senate boss and new House counterpart vow to work as partners.

Bonnen Creates Search Panel
with Equal Number of Democrats

Parliamentarian hunt and ex-enemy enlistment sets bipartisan tone for tentative speaker race victor.

Bonnen Survived Last-Minute
GOP Rivals Roadblock Push

Hail Mary falls short when House Dems spurn attempt to block path to victory in speaker's race.

Texas Dem Prevails in Tactical
Move in Congressional Recount

Challenger makes headway in bid to overturn Hurd win as Democrats try to run up score in overtime.

Next Speaker Has Old Foes Singing Praise in Win Wake
Blue wave set stage for super majority pledge quest with bipartisan mandate as olive branch.

Bonnen Bipartisan Win Makes
GOP Caucus Vote Insigificant

Initial base is launching pad with 73 Republicans and 31 Dems in bid that relied on perfect timing.

Bonnen Claims Tentative Win
in Texas House Speaker Fight

GOP lawmaker appears to close deal as Republican competition and Democrats fold in unison.

Four Price Speaker Shift
Leaves Two Horse Race

Bonnen bounces back from blue wave losses with pitch from colleague that signals Straus team unraveling.

GOP Majority in Serious Peril
with 16 Texas House Seats
or More in Dems Reach

Democrats who fare better in president elections will enter 2020 with advantages they didn't enjoy en route to midterm gains.

Hailey's Comment: Blue Wave Could Be Warning Sign for Perfect Storm
Fall vote will shape session as Texas GOP braces for worst nightmare if Trump and Beto are both on 2020 ballot.

Best of the General Election:
Republican Parts Blue Wave
in Most Vulnerable District

House Republican who survived Abbott onslaught confirms that party doesn't matter when she's on ballot in area she mirrors.

Best of the General Election:
HDCC Gives Democrats Late
Lift in All 12 Blue Wave Wins

PAC that had been MIA helps Texas Democrats put 2008 fumble memory behind with big boost from national party.

Best of the General Election:
School Finance Lawyer Had
Pedigree, Resume and Cash

Beto emerged as biggest winner in vote that he lost with crusade that carried Dems to glory and may just be warming up.

Best of the General Election:
Challenger Helps Beto Turn Tarrant Blue with Victory

Ex-school trustee ousts tea party senator as only Texas Dem to flip a seat in Tarrant County as perfect fit for swing district.

Best of the General Election:
O'Rourke Landslide MVP
with Campaign for Ages

Beto emerged as biggest winner in vote that he lost with crusade that carried Dems to glory and may just be warming up.

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