Who has best shot this fall in district that tilts more GOP than Dem?

Susan Criss
Carol Donovan
Kim Gonzalez
Susan Motley
Libby Willis

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

GOP Senate Nominees Team Up
to Fight Historical Race Betting

Conservative sparks protests with immigrant sympathy and special session opposition.

Tea Party Lawmaker Triggers
Furor with Border Compassion

Conservative sparks protests with immigrant sympathy and special session opposition.

Dem Taps Grassroots Network
as Senate Top 10 Splits Evenly

Democrats with opposite odds post big numbers money board with some partisan balance.

Texas House Cash Leader Board
Has Republican Super Majority

Early SD 28 Vote Date Conjures
Bush-Perry Proxy Fight Visions

MQS Battle Shifts to Courthouse
in Case with Precedent Potential

Lawmaker Says Perry Killing
Border Business and Image

Military Operation on Border
Could Cost State $400 Million

Perry Could Make Giant Waves
with Border Crisis Guard Order

Dan Patrick May Feel Slighted
in Senate Leadership Choices

Senate Gets Most Conservative
Finance Boss Ever in Overhaul

Hailey's Comment: Coming on Strong Won't Change Bottom Longhorn Line
Discipline purge may buy extra time with political PR points but winning with sinners will always trump losing with saints.

Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
Dems face threat of losing two seats that tilt GOP with shots to trim losses with underdog wins.

Statewide Fall Lineups
Texas House Fall Lineups
Texas Senate Fall Lineups
Congressional Fall Lineups

Best of the Texas Primary Election: Tea Party Honors Sweep with Big Exception
Conservatives excel in most first-round fights in trend that key speaker ally survives with stellar showing in March.
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