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GOP on Coastal Rescue Mission
with Toss-Up Races on the Rise

Rookie Republican turns to help from Austin in race that looked safe before Trump became liability.

GOP Clinton Momentum Fight
Takes Hit with New UT Survey

Latest poll fuels snowball potential with thin Trump lead that could boost Clinton underdog surge.

Statesman Pollster Sees Trump
with Insurmountable Lead Here

Firm with GOP ties finds Trump with 7 point lead that CEO says puts toss up notions to rest.

GOP Has Early Edge in Turnout
that Has Big Mystery Segment

Parent PAC Plays Both Sides
of Aisle in Hot House Battles

Early Voting Kicks Off in State
that's Brand New Battleground

GOP Playing Hurry Up Defense
as Texas Top October Surprise

GOP Hopes Latino Star Power
is Remedy for Trump Backlash

Democratic PAC Boss Portrays Targeted Pair as Trump Clones

Mighty GOP Strike Force on Mission to Save Home State

Christian Raising Cash for Fight with Phantom Texas Democrat

Hailey's Comment: GOP Bandwagon Prevent Talk Shows Texas Close
Toss-up label sparks debate on why Clinton and Trump will carry Texas with momentum as Dems' biggest ally now.

UT-Tribune Poll Shows
Trump Up By 3 Points
in the Lone Star State

Clinton Shedding Texas Underdog Status with Conventional Irrelevant

Crystal Ball Forecast

GOP Strategist Sees Eight Texas House Seats at Risk
in the State's Biggest Cities

Veteran consultant warns that Democrats poised for gains at statehouse with thin Trump Texas win prediction.

Anemic Funding Could
Set Texas Democrats Up
for 2008 House Race Replay

Dems focusing resources on targets without getting in position for wholesale wave gains.

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Texas Senate Candidates

U.S. House Candidates

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Which GOP statewide nominee has most cause for Trump concern?

Wayne Christian
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