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Abbott Takes Sides in Congress
Race with Slam Dunk Potential

Governor pitches support to Van Taylor without making good yet on threat of primary revenge.

Straus Adversary Vows to Have
Voice in Select Committee Study

Conservative puts special panel boss on notice with promise of vigiliance after tea party snub.

Texas Loaded with Obstacles
in Amazon HQ 2 Sweepstakes

Quest could be impeded by corporate welfare foes and new tax rank despite bathroom bill fate.

GOP Chief Takes Political Shot
at Dems for Playing Gun Politics

State Republican boss seizes on rival party blunder to decry tactics that both sides take routinely,

Darby Warning Could Be Sign
of Harvey Warring on Horizon
in on storm recovery costs.

King Event May Pose Dilemma
for Lobbyists Who Back Straus

Abbott Tirade Payoff May Be
Tradeoff on Hurricane Relief

Longtime Suburban Mayor Sets
Stage for House Primary Battle

Tea Party Cadre Chief Touts
Eye-Catching Ally for 2018 Bid

Abbott Takes Haley Barbour
Page on Disaster Management

Hailey's Comment: GOP Leaders Portrayals Could Erase Austin HQ2 Edge
Capital city emerges as Amazon analysis frontrunner despite summer assault and lack of freedom smell.

State Lawmaker Tops
GOP Incumbent Pair in Congress Cash Chase

Governor Race Theory Could Backfire as Texas House Speaker Race Ploy

Texas House Candidates
for 2018 Primary Elections

Texas Senate Candidates
for 2018 Primary Elections

Best of Texas Special Session: Summer Stars Few and Far Between
Top 10 comes up short in summer meeting at Capitol where bar for success was lowest in memory.

Chamber Chiefs Lead
All-Star Team as Regular Session MVPs in 2017

Senate Boss Wrote Script as Control Freak Auteur

Speaker Let House Work
Will with Cover Strategy

Four Price Helen Giddings
Joan Huffman Dan Flynn
gif maker

Which Texas House member has toughest primary challenge?

Ernest Bailes
Briscoe Cain

Chris Paddie
Matt Schaefer
Lynn Stucky

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