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Session Shrouded in Epic Uncertainty on Finale Eve
Lawmakers leaving high casualty count behind with no clue on special session timing or agenda.

Texas Senate Foregoes Budget Blockade in Bathroom Gamble
Patrick gives green light on budget amid expections on special session that could wait a year.

Top 10 Potential Regular
Session End Game Scenarios

Patrick could get all or nothing with or without special session with unpredictable climax near.

Patrick Presses Governor
for Property Tax Session

Senate leader goes ballistic publicly on bathrooms while appealing behind scenes for taxes special.

House Speaker Draws Line
in the Sand on Bathrooms

State Budget Pact Tantamount
to Draw in Rivalry Box Score

Senate Agrees to Negotiate
on Bathroom and Tax Plans

State Budget Negotiators
Strike Deal on Compromise

Tea Party Pair Block Rescue
Bid in Three-Ring Floor Fight

School Finance Push Crashes
as Accusations on Vouchers Fly

Hailey's Comment: Voter ID Survival and Sunset Death Conjure 2009 Visions
Abbott dilemma similar to decision Perry faced before rejecting conservative calls with two-day special session.

Top Texas House Floor Fighter Rankings for the 2017 Regular Session
Anti-toll road triumvirate deals Trump visions blow in ring with brass rail for ropes and unique battle styles.

Issue Tracker

Super Majority Class
Clout Rising for GOP
in the Straus House

New chairs take big leap in the west wing where one crashes glass ceiling and Democrats get bump.

Patrick Partisan Senate
Power Purge Has GOP Upstarts Moving Up

Legislature Power Rankings
Lois Kolkhorst Lyle Larson
Eddie Lucio III Larry Taylor

Sabrina Brown Jesse Ancira
Billy Phenix Jessica Oney

Women Rising Amid
Newcomer Flood and
Perry Value Visions

Return from dead as Trump cabinet pick is sidebar to tale of competition explosion.

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Hall of Fame
gif maker

Who has the best shot to run for higher office in 2018 and win?

George P. Bush
Kelly Hancock

Glenn Hegar
Lois Kolkhorst
Dan Patrick

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