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House Democrat Joins Long List
of Indicted Politicians in Texas

Lawmaker becomes 24th elected official charged with crimes here in the past three dozen years.

Property Tax Repeal Act Could
Make Appraisal Cap Plans Moot

Rookie files bill to put state on path to abolition as northern neighbors take aim at rising values.

House Panel Speculation Swirls
with At Least Nine Chairs Open

Speaker keeps cards to vest with names popping up as possible picks for array of vacancies.

Speaker Team Grows in Battle
on Rules after Primary Losses

Conservative gains at polls more than offset as leaders numbers go up in series of test votes.

Conservatives Agenda Features
CPS Limitations and Power Grid

Coalition endorses bathroom plan on priority list that's in sync with Patrick and GOP on some issues.

Unprecedented Milestone Vote
Product of House Power Play

House Rules Fight Clarifies
the Conservative Resistance

Senate Democrats Go Nowhere
in Bid to Revive Two-Third Rule

Tensions Flare Amid the Fallout
from House Office Realignment

RRC Could Have Super Majority
as Straus Team Foe Takes Oath

Democrats Step Up Push
for Minimum Wage with
Trump as Possible Ally

Push for state rate and local authority gives GOP ample cause for concern in light of new president's rhetoric.

Texas House and Senate
Face $5 Billion Divide
with Spending Plans

Senate leaders take frugal course while House counters with budget that's more than money estimate.

House Video Broadcast
Senate Video Broadcast

Joe Straus
Dan Patrick

Hailey's Comment: Senate Bathroom Bill is No-Lose Deal Doomed for Death
East wingers seize on chance for symbolic stand with luxury of knowing House will kill bill and business will forgive.

Victoria Neave
Sarah Davis
Will Hurd

Best of the Texas General
Election: Republican Pair
and Democrat Challenger

State lawmaker who caught heat from both sides claims honors with two who prevailed with odds against them.

Consultants Scorecard

Top Scoring Consultants Tailored Plans with Trump as the Driving Factor
GOP team named MVP and Dem firm grades high while rookie digital guru and local mission impossible cited.
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Which Texas House Republican will have most impact in 2017?

Pat Fallon
Stephanie Klick

Matt Krause
Jeff Leach
Scott Sanford

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