Which March runner-up has best shot at primary runoff win?

DeWayne Burns
Glenn Callison
Will Metcalf
Dennis Paul
John Wray

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

State Senator Targets Himself
in Disclosure Omissions Probe
Statewide runoff rival turns up heat as lawmaker initiates internal inquiry on reporting revelations.

Red-Light Camera Wrath Could
Be Fuel for Creighton Optimism
Only Conroe contender could get boost from local battle turnout if SD 4 fight turns territorial.

Abbott Pulls Trigger in Gun Case
that's Delicate Issue for Dem Foe
Opinion gives schools more fire power with ruling that may put Davis on defensive on past.

Willie Rides to Wendy Rescue
after Backing Kinky in Past Bids
Concert at barbecue top prize as singer who'd been bait in botched deal sides now with Davis.

Ex-Dem Governor Warns Hegar
on Texas Voter Tax Hike Wrath

Davis Attack Strategy Distracted
by Surgery, Poll and Arson Case

Perry School Boss Goes Against
Tea Party Grain with Takeover

Farm Boss Hopeful Wants Texas
Military on Fed Range War Alert

Democrats Hope Academy Award
is Harbinger for Wins at the Polls

GOP Elected Officials Surface
in Oil Group Boss Speculation

Legislative Overtime Bouts
Could Swing Either Way
in Handful of Races or More

Statewide Runoff Contests
Could Bring Surprise or Two
Despite Tea Party Dominance

Hailey's Comment: Debate May Have Been Governor or White House Fight Preview
Senator shows maximum moxie and eye on future as potential long-term rivalry is born.

Most Valuable Strategist
Makes Tea Party Splash
in Primary Report Card

Ex-lawmaker's kid leads clients to low cost underdog victories in post-round one points count.

Best of the Texas Primary Elections: Conservatives Steal Show in First Vote
Top performances in races for state offices in primary.

Legislative Statewide
Challenger Incumbent

Primary Runoff Rosters
Statewide Fall Lineups
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Congressional Fall Lineups

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