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Texas Proves Trump Diagnosis
Wrong with Virus Reality Check

President celebrates July 4th in spectacular style as state stats torpedo one percent claim.

Ector GOP Votes to Condemn
Abbott for Pandemic Handling

Internal warring erupts as West Texas activists approve motion to accuse governor of rights violations.

Trump Orders Monument Park
Creation as Protester Payback

President chooses first 30 heroes for national sculpture park that will guard heritage from leftist assault.

New York Model in Virus Control
as Texas Flounders in Round 2

Patrick focuses on initial death toll that was primitive gauge in 1918 for pandemic response success.

Governor Abstains from Critical
Decision with Silent Confab Nod

SREC votes to spurn doctors pleas with passive Abbott green light amid admission on disaster potential.

Abbott Orders Masks Statewide
after Months of Procrastination

Decree could have lieutenant gov squirming after blasting local Dem leader for same move.

Fauci Degrading and Convention
Plans Boost Dems Odds in Texas

Latest Patrick shocker and state confab in epicenter prompt House majority outlook revision.

Locals Shutting Texas Down
for July 4 Amid Virus Torching

Congress hopeful tests positive but won't miss holiday fun at Galveston and other beach towns.

Patrick Claims Credit for Texas
Response Amid Fauci Trashing

Senate chief plays down deaths and says state proved lockdowns don't work despite epicenter status.

Luther Alliance Could Backfire
for Bars in Virus Closure Uproar

Abbott unlikely to be shamed again by salon owner who could be major liability for Texas taverns.

Bars Easy Target With No Lobby Muscle at Statehouse in Austin
Abbott singles out industry that's unorganized beyond upstart craft brewers in Texas.

Bars Get 30 Days for One Night
of Flexing Muscles for Governor

Tavern owner demands Abbott apology after heeding anarchy call and losing license for a month.

Conspicuous Omission
Shows Virus Advantage
Shift in Senate Race

Austin Dem who'd plan to run on pandemic role ignores crisis amid ship deserting claims by lawmaker foe

GOP Could Be Messing
with Texas Criminal Law
on Deadly Conduct

Legislature Could Use
Epic Sessions in Spanish
Flu Wake for Inspiration

Hailey's Comment: Trump Celebrates Dead Holiday with Culture War Shot
President eschews patriotic unity call with line in sand on hero desecration as July 4 cancelled in America.

Crystal Ball Fall Forecast
Has Cataclysmic Ending for GOP State House Rule

Texas Dems could flip 15 seats or more with Trump blowing up current majority party as virus fuels blue tsunami.

Runoff Races to Watch
General Election Polling
General Election Lineups

August Arrives in March as GOP
Nominee Claims Textbook Win

Midland loses Congress seat in battle that looked OT bound.
Dallas Dem Bounces Back Big
in Top Target Texas House Race

Cattanach eases near-miss pain with stellar primary showing.
The Other Jim Wright Stuns
Goliath in Unbelievable Upset

RRC hopeful sparks Dem speaker visions with incumbent ouster.
Veteran Lawmaker Weathers
Progressive Round One Storm

Cuellar overcomes Trump favorite Dem tag in fight with AOC recruit.

Lobby Rankings Reflect
Bonnen and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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