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House Tax Swap Architect Not
Fazed by Senate Cold Shoulder

GOP lawmaker predicts nod from committee with sweetner for Dems despite Patrick ally slap.

Pregnancy Coverage Bill Dies
Suddenly with Shot at Revival

Women health measure has chance to rise from grave after overnight GOP majority flip flop in House.

Abbott Pushes Ethics Envelope
with Major Contributor Meeting

Socialism threat prompts pitch that could violate spirit of ban with special interest bills still in play.

Senate Resuscitates Tax Plan
after Lone GOP Holdout Flips

Property tax relief bill gets jump-start after Republican foe allows vote in Patrick nuclear threat wake.

Bonnen Stacks Budget Team
with Houston Area Lawmakers

Speaker attracts some heat on lack of geographical balance and no black on negotiating panel for House.

Abbott Has Lawmakers in Tizzy
with Line in Sand on Tax Relief

Legislature on meltdown brink amid governor's last-minute intervention on plan that lacks votes to pass.

Speaker Goes 180 Degrees
in Tax Swap with Poison Pill

GOP leaders hatch fallback plan that could be re-election suicide act with major sales tax hike.

Trump Puts Senate Republicans
in Dicey Spot with Pipeline Order

Executive edict could invalidate bill that Patrick and GOP allies back in fight on eminent domain.

Top Three Texas GOP Leaders
Rally Behind Tax Swap Package

Abbott Draws Fire from Right
as House Eyes Tax Tradeoff

Tea Party Dries Up as Moderate Becomes New Normal at Capitol

GOP Sees Castro as Lesser Evil
Amid MJ Hegar Puppet Portrayal

Trump Could Turn to Patrick
for Homeland Security Post

Trump Team Solicited Senate
Border Emergency Declaration

Gun Rights Crusade Takes
Unexpected Twists in Texas

Hailey's Comment: Patrick Ally Snub Sign of Tax Swap Eventual Swamping
Governor invests capital in plan that's already unraveling in state where voters want taxes cut not replaced.

Medicaid Expension Snub
in State House Budget Fight
Could Backfire on GOP

Massive savings from federal match hike gives Democrats more potent weapon in wake of party line amendment defeat.

Texas Reaps $3 Billion
Medicaid Match Windfall

GOP Vulnerable in More
Than a Dozen Districts
Beto O'Rourke Carried

Demts would take House back and claim three more Congress seats with wins where president hopeful beat Cruz.

GOP May Have Comeback
Shots Districts Abbott Won

Indiana Mayor Tops Texans
in New Poll on 2020 Battle

Lobby Power Rankings
Reflect Bonnen Speaker
Bid Win and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

Freshmen Dems Who'll Be 2020 Targets Don't Fare as Well in Committee Shuffle
House rookie class has more collective muscle than Straus era frosh as blue wave brigade gets lower level posts.

Beto Leads Cast of Fall
All-Stars that's All Dem
with Lone Republican

Texan who soared from Senate race loss to 2020 frontrunner circle is all-time MVP.

Texas Democrats Ride
to Blue Wave to Major
Victories at Ballot Box

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