Internal Campaign Warring Tales
Threaten Perry Comeback Hopes

Some Dems Hope to Capitalize
on Tea Party Backlash in 2012

Texas House Republicans Face
Twice as Many Primary Rivals

Redistricting Crowns List of Top
State Political Stories of 2011

Court Sets Higher Bar on Minority
Voting Clout in Redistricting Fight

Caucus Chief Says State GOP
Threw Governor Under Bus

State House Races Features Foe
Swap and Eight Comeback Bids

Publisher Who's Opposed Straus
Denies Allegations after Arrest

Post-Redistricting Stampede
Snags in Tangled Legal Web

Dems Hit Low Point in Statewide
Contests Despite Sadler Surprise

GOP Pair Get Campaigns Back
on Track that May Go Nowhere

Court Moves Primary to April 3
and Shortens Residency Rule

Legler Files to Seek Re-Election
in Face of Maximum Uncertainty

Seahorse Speech Theft Saga
Gives RRC Races Weird Twist

Leppert Honored to Have Seven
Ex-Cowboys in Ring of Support

Parties Have Opposite Reactions
to Supreme Court Edict on Maps

Straus GOP Primary Rival Calls
Legislative Leaders Submissive

House Speaker's Foes Fall Short
in Special Election in Aggieland

Leppert Honored to Have Seven
Ex-Cowboys in Ring of Support

Parties Have Opposite Reactions
to Supreme Court Edict on Maps

Straus Foes Get Early PR Weapon
with Primary Fight on Home Front

High Court Leaves Campaigns
Wandering in Dark in Key Areas

SC Roadblock on Maps Triggers
Deluge of Unresolved Questions

House Republican Who Lost Seat
on Court Map Cancels Campaign

Dentist with History as Bipartisan
Giver Takes Aim at Barton Seat

Republican Surveys Wreckage
as Dems Move Fast in HD 144

South Texas Dem Draws First
Challenge as Ortiz Revives Bid

Original Tea Party Victim Seeks
Comeback in East Texas Rematch

Republican Sees TMA Support
as Key Weapon in HD 14 Runoff

Dem Women's PAC Could Face
Toughest Tests in Primary Fights

Local School Trustees Running
in Record Numbers for House

Hochberg Gives Dems 12 Days
to Field Replacement Candidate

Ex-Local Party Chief May Find
Path to House Not Near as Steep

House Democrat Calling Off Race
Despite Turf War Victory in Valley

Kino Flores Jr. Gauging Support
for Bid for Seat Court Conceived

Court Map Sparks Reversal
of Fortunes in Senate Races

Third House Republican Floats
Trial Balloon for Senate Battle

Speculation Builds on Falling
Domino Scenario in SE Texas

Abbott Seeks Stay on House Map
in Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court

TV Celebrity Sets Sights on Seat
that Court Put Out of GOP Reach

CC Freshman May Be Hunting
Houston Votes on Court Map

Judge Survives Ouster Attempt
as Court Gives Maps Green Light

Federal Court Unveils Proposal
for Texas Congressional Map

Local GOP Chief Launches Bid
for Seat that Could Be Mirage

Federal Court Plan Creates
Dozen Swing Seats or More

GOP Convert Gets Another Foe
with Unconventional Resume

African-Americans Like GOP Map
Better than Court Plan for House

Court Maps Force Huge Decisions
with Little Time to Weigh Options

Spurned Judge Revenge Theory
Percolates in Remap Speculation

Court Plan Gives Democrats Shot
at Five to Ten More House Seats

Preliminary Winners and Losers
in U.S. Court Replacement Plans

Chaos Rains on House Battlefield
as Court Unveils Substitute Maps

Texas Democrats See Fort Hood
House Seat in Striking Distance

TLR Gears for Biggest Role Ever
in Senate GOP Primary Battles

State Senator's Poll Shows Him
with Commanding Primary Lead

Madden Exit Clears Path for Duel
Between Collin Conservative Pair

Dewhurst Puts Positive Spin
on Political Experience in Ad

Republican Eyes Senate Opening
that Proved to Be Mirage in 2010

Raney Camp Envisions Runoff
Win Despite Runner-Up Status

Yancy Rides Lead into Overtime
Battle with Aggie Bookstore Boss

State Loses Redistricting Gamble
Amid Temporary Court Takeover

Senator Moves Swiftly to Keep
Edge Amid Sudden Confrontation

Texas Aggies and OU Strike Up
Dialogue on Turkey Day Game

Democrats Seize on Caucus Boss
Gaffe as Senate Race Weapon

Conservative Past No Guarantee
for High Marks on TAB Scorecard

EX-SREC Member Who Tea Party
Targeted Takes Aim at Anderson

House Hopeful Plays Name Game
Amid Case of Identity Confusion

Tangled Political Web Thickens
as Ex-EBJ Director Weighs Race

Conservative Says Straus Taking
Obama Lead on Money Matters

Republican with Role in 1990s
Sex Ed Fight Eyes Senate Seat

Speaker Warning on Deficit
Could Be Fuse for Firestorm

Baselice Poll Points to Runoff
with Yancy and Lone Democrat

Key Local Leaders Backing Son
of Former Mayor in House Race

Ex-Lawmaker Enters SD 9 Race
in Wake of Early Favorite's Exit

Pastors Taking Call of Politics
with State House Campaigns

Lawmaker Passing Hat for Cash
in City He's Losing on New Map

Party Switchers Get RINO Tag
Despite Big Jumps to the Right

Daughter of Local Political Icons
Joins Cast of House Candidates

Ex-Mayor Runs for State House
after Roller Coaster Ride Locally

Republican Revives House Bid
for Belated Suburban Rematch

Texas Campaigns in Suspense
as Court Weighs Filing Timeline

Lawyer Has Six-Figure War Chest
as Launching Pad for House Bid

New Poll Shows Cruz One Up
on Dewhurst among Activists

GOP House Hopeful Has Roots
Similar to Trailblazing Democrat

Driver Heading for Exit in House
after Two Decades as Legislator

Lawmaker Launches Senate Bid
in Primary Fight with Colleague

Tea Party Terrorist Watchdog
Enters House Race from Right

GOP Pair Raise 55 Cents for Every
Dollar that Rival Musters in HD 14

Democrats Washed Out by Wave
Resurfacing in House Race Mix

Republican Makes Good on Vow
to Spend Personal Cash on Race

Dewhurst Makes Up for Lost Time
with Record Haul in Federal Bid

GOP Lawmaker Who Lost Seat
in Remap Lands GOPAC Ad Part

Top Straus Aide May Step Down
after Long Career in Government

Challenger Denies Ties to Pastor
Who'd Threatened Retribution

Pampa Could Keep House Seat
as Race Draws Third Challenger

House Hopeful with Remap Role
Turns Austin Deal into Weapon

Texas-OU Weekend Features
More Fundraisers than Ever

Special Session May Be Needed
to Change Campaign Filing Dates

Record Number of Contested
Primaries on Tap for House

House Republican May Be Ready
for Duel with Colleague in SD 10

AF General Eyes CD 25 Campaign
Five Years after State House Loss

House Battle Could Feature Pair
from New County if Map Stands

Republicans Weigh Comeback
Bids for Legislative Openings

Democrat Stirs Guessing Game
on Opening that May Be Mirage

Remap Chief Eyed SD 9 Seat
Before Senate Map Shuffling

GOP State Senator Could Be
Weighing Possible Retirement

House Hopeful Launches Race
as Fireworks Fly Early in Houston

County Judge Eyes House Race
that Rookie on SBOE Running

Lawmaker Launches Senate Bid
Nine Months after Debut in House

Shapiro Cancels Re-Election Bid
as War Hero Shifts Sights to SD 8

Councilman Launches House Bid
Armed with Six-Figure War Chest

Lone House Dem in Red District
Could Have GOP Foe on Horizon

Tea Party Pair Set Sights on Pitts
in Race Ex-House Dem Has Eyed

Lawmaker Hits Publicity Gusher
Even if Congress Bid Evaporates

Councilman Embarks on House
Quest with Parade of Support

Suburban Official Launches Bid
for Seat that Colleagues Weigh

GOP Minority Delegation Could
Be on the Verge of Unraveling

GOP Minority Delegation Could
Be on the Verge of Unraveling

Key Republican Strategist Hopes
Second Time's a Charm in HD 35

Republican Draws Primary Foe
as Ex-Lawmaker Weighs Race

Second Republican Enters HD 24
Race with Eye on the Right Lane

Bonnen Brother Touts Ex-Solon's
Support Despite 2008 Fireworks

State Lawmaker Finds Waters
Ripe for Congressional Quest

House Map on Trial Protects
Incumbents from Both Parties

Roadlock at Capitol Could Be
Last Hope for Big 12 Salvation

Legislator's Brother and Local
Leader Eye Coastal House Bids

Heflin Mulls Comeback in District
Where GOP Will Be Big Favorite

Ex-Lawmaker Attempts Unique
Feat as New District Newcomer

Outspoken GOP Lawmaker Draws
First Challenge in GOP Primary

GOP Lawmaker Faces Minority
Primary Foes in Diverse District

State Lawmaker Pops Up on List
of Possible White House Seekers

Lawmaker Accuses Dem Critics
of Fabricating Tales to Boost Foe

Ex-Lawmaker Seeks Comeback
in New Tarrant House District

GOP Candidate Says Dems Flunk
Truth Test with Inheritance Claim

House Dems Rally Behind HD 14
Hopeful with Austin Fundraiser

House Pairing Could Unravel
if Houston Democrat Heads East

House Hopeful Warns Austin
to Stay Out of Aggie Athletics

Caucus Boss Appears Destined
to Seek Jackson's Senate Seat

Lawmaker Recruits Candidate
for House Replacement Race

Sharp Tapped for Chancellor Job
as Aggies Prepare to Bolt for SEC

Speaker Politics at Play in GOP
Primary Fight in Dallas Suburbs

Ratliff Scores Senate Education
Chief's Support for House Race

Top Five Reasons Why Perry
Should Be Primary Favorite

Ex-Agency Head with Bob Perry
Ties Could Duel Pataki in 2012

Ex-Agency Head with Bob Perry
Ties Could Duel Pataki in 2012

City Councilman and Ex-School
Trustee Could Battle for Opening

Top Perry Confidant and Ex-Foe
Team Up on Super PAC for 2012

Texas Dems House Hopes Could
Depend on Rick Perry Coattails

Green Group Salutes GOP Pair
But Worst List Has R Monopoly

Marshall Mayor Mulls House Race
in Christian's Redesigned District

Frisco Councilman and Ex-Judge
Emerge in New Seat Speculation

State Representatives See Turf
Altered Dramatically for 2012

Former Council Member Poised
to Launch State House Campaign

Redistricting Discovery May Have
Silver Lining for House Hopeful

Michael Williams Heeds Calls
of Support for Switch to CD 25

Williams Getting Calls on Move
to Different U.S. House Contest

Legislator Floats Trial Balloon
for Potential U.S. House Race

Keys to Victory for Ex-NFL Player
May Be Off-the-Field Intangibles

School Board Boss Weighs Bid
in Redesigned House District

Cruz Scores Tea Party Points
with Rand Paul Endorsement

House Hopeful Touts Tea Party
Ties and Conservative Resume

Senate Turnover May Be Record
High or Low for GOP Majority Era

Mostyn Attack PAC Gets Assist
from Group White Jump Starts

Ex-Commissioner Seeks to Defuse
Speculation on Senate Campaign

Branch Takes Cash Lead as Usual
as Newcomers Stock War Chests

Texas House Could Have Major
Turnover in Redistricting Wake

TLR Raises $2.7 Million and Gives
More to Minority GOP Lawmakers

Bill Ratliff's Oldest Boy Enters
Race for Suburban House Seat

Big Texas PACs Stash $25 Million
in Cash Despite Economic Woes

GOP Activist Eyes CD 14 Bid
with High-Profile Backer List

GOP Caucus Boss Takes Serious
Look at Upcoming CD 14 Opening

Perry Strategist Says No Secrets
from Past Delaying 2012 Decision

GOP Voters Split on School Cuts
and Sanctuary Cities Bill Demise

Senate Remap Could Set Stage
for Battle Between Incumbents

Combs War Chest Swells Despite
PR Disaster on Security Breach

Entrepreneur Plans to Pour Big
Bucks into Special House Race

Race for New House Seat Could
Be Motivational Speaker Battle

District Clerk's Name Surfaces
in Special Election Speculation

House Hopeful's Ties to A&M
Could Be Asset and Liability

Session Ends as Accusations Fly
on Hot Button Measures Failure

Republican Lawmaker Tenders
Surprise Resignation from House

Race Becomes Tale of Two
Republicans Named Williams

Groping Bill Sails through House
after Speaker Drops Opposition

Straus Resistance on Pat-Downs
Could Be Gift for Perry's Future

Sanctuary Cities Vote Postponed
Amid Major Donors' Resistance

House Panel's Deliberate Pace
Sparks Conservatives Suspicion

GOP Group that Blasts Democrat
Has Moderates and Conservatives

Simpson Says Groping Bill Gives
Perry Chance to Back Up Words

Perry Vetoes Raise Specter
of Possible Political Payback

Perry Consigns Two Dozen Bills
to Graveyard with Vetoes in 2011

Democrat Urges Grassroots Heat
to Save Rainy Day School Funds

House Backs Congressional Map
Despite Opposition from Dems

Battle for Redesigned Seat Has
Shades of House Speaker Politics

Gingrich Shakeup and Perry
Effect Overshadows Setback

Roger Williams Eyes New Seat
in Potential Rematch with Rival

Dan Patrick Claims Frontrunner
Title in Run to the Right Rivalry

Editor Covers Special Session
from Hospital in Wild Odyssey

School Finance Plan Support
in House Could Be Unraveling

U.S. House Map and TWIA Could
Be Bumped to Second Session

Perry Compromise Offer Fizzled
Amid Trust Issues and Deadline

Governor Signs Loser Pays Bill
as One of His Highest Priorities

House Panel Chief Disputes Claim
on Sanctuary Cities Swap Impact

Cable TV Firms Surcharge Push
Shot Down in House Fiscal Fight

House Panel Chief Disputes Claim
on Sanctuary Cities Swap Impact

R and D Take Big Leads in Bill
Passing Derby Entering Stretch

House Proposes Deal that Perry
Backs Amid Shrinking Money Gap

House Leaders Seek to Lighten
Fiscal Bill Load to Save Process

Timing of Revenue Estimate Hike
Sparks Grumbling about Impact

Remap Chiefs See Congress Map
as Longshot But Possible in May

Paxton Plans Re-Election Race
Despite Senate Bid Speculation

State Lawmaker Beats Remap
Leaders to Punch with New Map

Special Session Odds Rising Fast
with School Finance Top Cause

Senate Map Reinforces Three
GOP Seats with Anglo Infusions

Last Gasp Senate Launch Fails
to Materialize on Gambling Plan

Retired General Poised to Run
as D.C. Democrats Target Texas

State Senate Plan Has Bad News
for Dems and Several Surprises

House OKs TWIA Bill as GOP
Priorities Create Fatal Logjam

Dems Might Get Single Shots
Before Bulldozing Resumes

Scaled-Back Gambling Package
May Have Made Last Lap in 2011

House Weekend Meltdown Minor
Compared to Notorious Episodes

House Dems' Tactical Torpedoes
Gum Up GOP Priorities Progress

House Tells Budget Negotiators
to End Perry's Tech Incentives

House Bill Conjures Memories
of High School Football Fatality

Senate OKs Budget on First Pure
Party Line Vote in Republican Era

Satellite TV Levy Resurrection
Ignites Fierce Combat in Lobby

Leach vs. Tech Takes New Turn
as Lawmakers Seek AG Opinion

Space Tort Limits Have Smooth
Ride Like Most New State Laws

Bills Becoming Law at Slightly
Higher Pace So Far in Session

Remap Chief Says Congressional
Members Failed to Communicate

Perry and Legislators on Possible
Collision Course on Major Fronts

Dewhurst Seeks to Defuse Anger
Sparked by Rainy Day Remarks

Map Gets Boost from Well
-Orchestrated PR Campaign

Conservatives Divided in Battle
Stemming from Amazon Dispute

TLR Favors Texas House Panel
Plan over Reform Author's Map

Senate Panel Backs Budget Amid
Rainy Day Infusion Predictions

Plan Takes Path Similar to Map
that Set Stage for D's Resurgence

Speaker's Foes Seek to Stir Up
Grassroots Uprising for Remap

House Remap Panel Backs Map
after Spurning Dem Alternatives

Ogden Proposes Margins Tax Ban
and Broad Business Income Levy

House Pair Blast Map that Could
Cost West Texas 3 House Seats

MALC Map Would Add Five New
Hispanic Majority House Districts

Hidalgo House Dems Say Remap
Plan Would Have Adverse Impact

Remap Chief Says MALDEF Plan
Flunks Texas Constitutional Test

House Plan Reinforces GOP Vote
in Potential Texas Swing Districts

Texas House Redistricting Plan
Has Eight Incumbent Pairings

Conservatives Say Plan Would
Dispel Myth on Hispanic Voting

Nueces Delegation May Shrink
as Speculation Swirls on Hunter

Cruz Rounds Up Seven-Figure
Sum for U.S. Senate Campaign

Staples Launches Exploratory
Bid for Lieutenant Governor

GOP Freshmen in Peril Amid
Dallas Delegation Downsizin

Former Big D Mayor Amasses
Big War Chest for Federal Bid

Ex-Speaker Shares Lead in Bill
Passing Derby in Lower Chamber

GOP Redistricting Feud in D.C.
Could Split Leadership in Austin

Combs Apologizes to Lawmaker
on Mixup on Budget Amendment

Straus Critics Applaud Budget
after Record Party Line Voting

Democrats Don't Have Monopoly
on Failed Budget Amendments

Republicans Divided on Proposal
Inspired by Leach Fight with Tech

Ghost Voting Puts Five Democrats
on GOP Side on Cuts Temporarily

House Panel Will Weigh TV Tax
Despite Session Air War Threat

Conservatives Tout More Frugal
Approach as Floor Fight Begins

GOP Freshman Has No Guarantee
in San Antonio Redistricting Plan

Proposed TV Service Surcharge
Sparks Warfare at Texas Capitol

Corporate Tax Breaks Under Fire
as Hospitals Sound Alarm on Cuts

Casino Forces See Public Desire
for Vote as Key Capitol Weapon

Collision Course on State Budget
Raises Specter of Special Session

Charitable Bingo Groups Seeking
Slot Rights Cite Public Support

Casino Group Finds Support High
for Plan with Dedicated Funding

Legislative Leaders Seek to Ease
Concerns on Job Loss Estimates

Dems Lay Groundwork for Court
Challenge with Voter ID Drubbing

GOP Voting Trends Theory Could
Cost Party if Applied to New Maps

Travis Dems and Delegation's
Only Republican Endorse Plan

Political Opposites Join Forces
in Push to End DPS Surcharges

Pollie Winners Customized Ads
for National Climate and Clients

Paper Puts Premium on Money
Woe Roles in Capitol Power List

New Hispanic GOP Caucus Gives
Voter ID Bill Unanimous Support

TCC Future in Limbo after GOP
Members Reject Revised Slate

Conservative Coalition Shakeup
Latest Speaker's Race Spinoff

House Freshman Backpeddles
from Speculation on Leach Case

Perry Rainy Day Posture Bears
Resemblance to Clements Moves

Lawmaker Has Launching Pad
with Dual Roles in 2011 Session

James Attorney Says Meddling
Claims by Ex-Coach Not True

Texas Tech Defends Legal Tactic
as Sponsor Files Leach Measure

House Pair Propose Capitol Pass
for Speedy Access Without CHL

Dems Say GOP Should Lose Seat
in Senate Or Face Consequences

Craddick Admitted for Overnight
Hospital Stay in Wake of Collapse

Dunnam Resurfaces in Lead Role
for New Policy Advocate Group

Straus Pledge Passes First Test
as House Backs Sonogram Plan

Craig James Gets Dems' Attention
Despite Zero Support in New Poll

VLT Sales Pitch Has New Twist
with Footprint Reduction Angle

Speaker Pro Tem Takes Star Part
in Gambling as New VLT Sponsor

Gambling Package on Horizon
Amid Disputes on Lobby Tactics

ART Director Robbins Leaving
Politics at the Top of Her Game

Big GOP Donor Hires Powerhouse
Lobby Shop for Puppy Mill Push

GOP Hispanic Caucus Chief Sees
Merger Idea as Political Posturing

Ex-Jocks Dominate the Field
of Contenders for U.S. Senate

Could Tax Rebates Constitute
Rainy Day in Tea Party View?

GOP Share of House Districts
with Lots of Hispanics Jumps

Republican Sees Cause to Cheer
in Poll that Shows Him in Fourth

Casinos Stick with Dual Focus
as Tension with Tracks Escalates

Slot Machine Advocates Target
Potential Swing Votes in House

Chisum Eyes Race for Texas RRC
in Wake of Speaker's Race Loss

Key Lawmaker Pushing Merger
of Gaming and Alcohol Agencies

Lobbyists with Close Ties to Perry
on Both Sides in Online Tax Fight

House Democrats Take Issue
with Transparency in Tax Clash

Tensions Take Public Turn in Rift
that Puzzles Some Republicans

HD 48 Report Could Give Dems
More Ammo for Voter ID Fight

Neil Not Pulling Plug on HD 48
Contest Despite Hartnett Ruling

Straus Announces Texas House
Committee Assignments for 2011

House Freshmen File Potential
Attention Grabbing Legislation

Trial Lawyers Sound New Alarm
as Perry Backs Civil Suit Reforms

Heavy Turnover Hasn't Slowed
Pace of Bill Filings at Capitol

Rural vs. Urban Duel Could Steal
Thunder from Partisan Warfare

Baselice Poll Finds Support
for Cuts on Both Sides of Aisle

Lawmakers Say Belated Fight
by RRC Pair Too Little Too Late

Neil Team Says Democrat Didn't
Win Because Election Isn't Over

GOP Portrays Rivals as Biased
as New Caucus Furor Escalates

Ten Commandments and Official
English on Plates of Legislators

Reporter's Sudden Exit Sparks
Speculation on Press Corps Fate

Turf Fight Flares as Dewhurst
Names Committee Selections

Texas Democrats Blast New
Hispanic Republican Caucus

Paul Bid Could Bring Coattails
for Tea Party House Hopefuls

Democrats Warn of Trickle-Down
Effect on Taxpayers with Voter ID

House Rejects Speaker Pledge
Card Ban and Voter ID Fast Track

Senate Revives Voter ID Measure
Without Loopholes in 2009 Plan

Late Train Means Gravy for GOP
Challengers Who Beat Long Odds

Cruz Enters U.S. Senate Race
with Vow to Take D.C. Back

High-Flying CEO Apologizes
for Inauguration Plane Stunt

Governor Vows Juggling Act
with Cuts and Help for Needy

Patterson Might Follow Dewhurst
Footsteps with Lt. Governor's Bid

Dewhurst Eyes Bid as Skeptical
Democrats Promise to Compete

Hutchison Says She Won't Be
Running for Re-Election in 2012

Election Contest Panel Named
Without Foes from Speaker Race

Two-Thirds Rule Appears Safe
But Not Roadblock on Voter ID

Straus Wins Speaker's Race
after 15 Republicans Vote No

Paxton Pitch for Bipartisan
Support Sparks Grumbling

Democrats Amenable to Budget
Compromise But Not Cuts Alone

Mutiny Fizzles as Supermajority
of Republicans Stick with Straus

Cash Forecast Shows Potential
Sea of Red Ink of $27 Billion

DPS Tightens Security for House
GOP Caucus Meeting on Speaker

Session Set to Kick Off with Bang
Amid Power Fight and Cash Hole

Straus Allies See Foes Coming
Up Short in Caucus Poll Push

House Republican Says Speaker
Hopeful Betrayed Conservatives

Ex-Craddick Loyalists for Straus
Point to Paxton's Switch in 2007

Republican Frosh Appear Equal
Parts Conservative and Moderate

House Dem Says Caucus Vote
Could Violate Voting Rights Act

Ex-Speaker Who Joined GOP
Blasts Caucus Vote Proposal

Conservatives Might Use Speaker
Votes as Variable in Scorecards

GOP Caucus Chief Calls Meeting
that Straus Foes Are Demanding


Texas House Primary:
Incumbents & Open Seats

Cardinals aim for return flights as ex-House Dems do battle.

Texas Senate Primary
U.S. Senate Contest

Legislative All-Stars
for Past Three Decades

Best of the Legislature
Top 10 & More Standouts

Best of the Freshmen
Texas House and Senate

Texas Dems Have Shot at Gains with Little to Lose
Democrats have best odds in nine districts where GOP slates took 55 percent or less in last two elections.

Best of the Decades:
Legislative All-Stars
for Past 30 Years

Party in power dominates all-star selections as five state lawmakers make two all-decade teams.

Best of the Freshmen Class:
Rookie Standouts Made Impact
in Dramatically Different Fashion
First-term lawmakers who left biggest mark mixed unconventional and old fashion approaches in session with talented newcomer collection.

Best of the Legislature 2011:
Lawmakers with Lead Budget
Roles Made Biggest Splash

Republicans with starring parts in fiscal crisis have majority on top performance list that includes a few show stealers as well.

Texas Lobby Power Rankings:
GOP Connections Golden Amid Talent Infusion and Team Trend

Hired Guns Teams
Dynamic Duos Law Firms
Rising Stars Associations

Texas Legislature Power
Rankings: Redbirds Rule
with House Clout Intensified
House Speaker's team bigger and stronger in uprising's wake as budget players wield more sway than ever but Senate hierarchy stays the same.



Deep in the Budget
Hole of Texas: State
Fiscal Crisis Primer

State immersed in record sea of red ink - the numbers, key players, groups, causes, effects, history and more.


Class of 2011: Texas House
Freshmen Resemble 2003 Group in Variety of Ways
State's newest lawmakers look a lot like class eight years ago with more diversity and less job security.


Best of the General Election:
Republicans Seize Opportunity But Underestimate Typhoon
Perry builds launching paid as GOP stars beat toughest Democrats but wave won't end one American dream story.

Challenger Organization
Incumbent Advertising


Veteran Strategists Run Up the Score as Speaker Foes Advisor Claims Top Honor
Old pros post highest scores while GOP consultant tied to speaker's race opposition takes overall award.



Court Ruling Paves Way for Corporate Cash that Helps Beat Texas Dems
GOP challengers who won U.S. House seats had late help from groups that attacked incumbents.



Vote Your District
Elected Officials Legislative Rankings
VYDEO gauge measures voting records against districts to see who's most in sync with the voters


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