House Rules Fight Clarifies
the Conservative Resistance

Unprecedented Milestone Vote
Product of House Power Play

House Rules Fight Clarifies
the Conservative Resistance

Senate Democrats Go Nowhere
in Bid to Revive Two-Third Rule

Tensions Flare Amid the Fallout
from House Office Realignment

RRC Could Have Super Majority
as Straus Team Foe Takes Oath

Joe Straus Rewrites Records
as Revolt Appears to Fizzle

Session Opens on Fiscal Note
that Steals Red Meat Thunder

Revenue Estimate Puts Texas
Legislature in Pool of Red Ink

Basement Office May Be Price
of State Lawmaker Wavering

Donors and Lobby Cadre Gear
for Title Insurance Law Battle

Starring Bathroom Battle Role
Could Be Sponsor Springboard

Senate Duo Spark Fireworks
with Bathroom Bill Unveiling

New Lobby Firm Has Bipartisan
Roster in More Ways than One

HD 46 Pool Has Ex-Dell Exec
after Harding Rules Out Race

Remap Revival May Be on Plate
for Session with New Legal Play

GOP Duo Offers Alternate Plan
to Prevent Faithless Electors

Texas House Democrat Emerges
on GOP Colleague Legal Team

Women Lawmaker Count May
Have Hit Pink Granite Ceiling

Texas Quartet Had Advisor Role
in Times of Historic Turbulence

Patrick Puts Muscle Behind
Faithless Elector Crackdown

Twitter Spat May Be Tea Leaves
for Gubernatorial Primay Battle

Curious Susan Combs Surfacing
Could Be Mission Resurrected

Pence Wins More Texas Votes
than Trump in Electoral Tally

Twitter Spat May Be Tea Leaves
for Gubernatorial Primay Battle

Curious Susan Combs Surfacing
Could Be Mission Resurrected

Pence Wins More Texas Votes
than Trump in Electoral Tally

Texas Shows Why Electoral
College on Thinnest Ice Ever

MALC Election Goes Haywire
as Initial Outcome Overturned

Texas Dems Decry GOP Leaders
Silence on Election Sabotage

Perry Took Bush Energy Boss
Page with Push to Kill Agency

Trump Texas Cabinet Pair Have
Been on Opposite Sides in Past

Perry May Be Martha Whitehead
Reincarnation with Cabinet Post

Trump Torpedo on Fighter Jets
Puts Texas Republicans in Bind

Perry Cabinet Pick Will Revive
Memories of Enron Connection

Texan Cabinet Selection Could
Have Backfired in Russia Fallout

Media Conspiracy Theories
Popular GOP Donation Bait

House Dem and Ex-Colleague
Eye Possible Senate Contest

Revival of Eminent Domain Bill
Could Spark Capitol Warfare

Texans Getting Cold Shoulder
on the Trump Cabinet Carousel

Ex-Democratic Lawmaker Gets
Texan of Year Award from TLC

Texas Establishment Group
Faces Tricky Task with Award

Texas Congressman Could Be
First True Trump Litmus Test

Patrick Top Two Priorities
Getting Off to Rough Start

Austin Democrat Wants Dukes
to Speed Up Resignation Plans

GOP Dodges Bullet in Recount
in Texas House Battle in Dallas

Grandson of Texas Political
Legends Tests CD 10 Waters

Texas Could Get Back to Top
with Election Playbook Page

White Republicans Have LBB
Monopoly in Reshuffle Wake

Speaker on Track to First Clear
Path Barring Last-Minute Foe

Trump Job Dangling Could
Be Set Up for Texas Payback

Trump Signature Issue Getting
Early Test with Texas Measure

Perry Odds for Trump Position
Could Get Boost from Backer

Special Congressional Race
Could Be TPPF Family Affair

Patrick May Have Mixed Results
with Trump as Session Leverage

Ex-House Democrat Emerges
in AG Campaign Speculation

Spurs Coach Unloads on Trump
Despite Recent SA Event Praise

New Trump Team Picks Could
Spark Chain Reaction in Texas

MQS Issues Warning on Straus
Team as Trump Agenda Hazard

Texas Dems See Blue Linings
in the Same Old Red Clouds

Trump Election Could Have
Drastic Impact on Texas GOP

Fort Bend Surprise and Big City
Wins No Cause for Clinton Joy

Democrats Settle for Gain
of Four Texas House Seats

Leadership Polling Sees Seven
House Races in Play at the Polls

Miller Could Face Speaker Ally
in Primary Despite Trump Praise

Texas Defies National Trend
with Slightly Lighter Red Tint

Leadership Polling Sees Seven
House Races in Play at the Polls

Miller Could Face Speaker Ally
in Primary Despite Trump Praise

Texas Democrats Hope Soros
Has the Midas Political Touch

GOP Winning Early Vote Count
that Omits Two Dem Counties

Women Dems Get New Weapon
with Farm Boss Clinton Tweet

Team Effort Gives GOP Massive
Money Edge in House Contests

Clinton Email Saga Revival May
Have Had Chilly Turnout Effect

State Republican Chief Leaves
Don Trump Tight Rope Behind

GOP Likens Fall Fight in Texas
to Alamo with Soros Santa Anna

GOP on Coastal Rescue Mission
with Toss-Up Races on the Rise

GOP Clinton Momentum Fight
Takes Hit with New UT Survey

GOP Bandwagon Prevent Talk
Shows Contest Close in Texas

Statesman Pollster Sees Trump
with Insurmountable Lead Here

GOP Strategist Sees Eight
Texas House Seats at Risk

GOP Has Early Edge in Turnout
that Has Big Mystery Segment

Parent PAC Plays Both Sides
of Aisle in Hot House Battles

Early Voting Kicks Off in State
that's Brand New Battleground

GOP Playing Hurry Up Defense
as Texas Top October Surprise

GOP Hopes Latino Star Power
is Remedy for Trump Backlash

Democratic PAC Boss Portrays
Targeted Pair as Trump Clones

GOP Mighty Texas Strike Force
on Mission to Save Home State

Christian Raising Cash for Fight
with Phantom Texas Democrat

Poll Shows Clinton Gaining
Ground Before Ad Launch

Clinton May Be Testing Texas
Waters with Belated Infusion

Dozen Texas Republicans
Have No Wins Guaranteed

Speaker Critic Goes Nuclear
with $300,000 Haul in One Day

Trump Texas Team on Verge
of Expansion Despite Struggles

Democrat Counting on Trump
to Help Put Nightmare to Bed

GOP Lawmaker Builds Seawall
with Speaker as Money Magnet

Mystery Erupts in Ex-Governor
Portrait Assault at Statehouse

Texas Target Goes Ballistic
on GOP's Oops Moment King

Judge Tosses Civil Fraud Case
Against Texas Attorney General

Belated Battle Erupts for Latino
Caucus Boss Job in State House

Ethics Panel Picks Package
Could Face Heat from Right

New Poll Finds Trump Stagnant
in Texas as Foe Gains Ground

Speaker Critics Decry TEC Links
to Group Tied to Ex-IRS Official

Handful of Texas-OU Weekend
Fundraisers Could Be Critical

GOP Senator Lands Heisman
Pair for Texas-OU Fundraiser

Texas Advisor Count Climbs
as Stock Falls Outside State

Texas Democrats Could Win
and Wonder May Have Been

House Lead May Be Sign Dems
Pulled Trigger Too Late in 2017

Exit Strategy Sparks Scramble
for Seat Dems Expect to Keep

Trump Turns to Speaker Team
for Reinforcements in Texas

Cruz Drops Trump Holdout Amid
Pressure and Threats from GOP

Tax Swap May Be DOA While
Margins Levy Kill Has Shot

Bush Puts Up Personal Cash
as Magnet for Victory Money

Hurd May Be Playing with Fire
with Kasich in Camp in CD 23

Houston Event May Be Sign
of Clinton Camp Uncertainty

Dallas Races Rise to the Top
of Fall Hot Spot Rankings

Travis Prosecutors Pull Plug
on Probe of State Farm Boss

DWTS Could Be Last Hurrah
for Perry Political Ambitions

New Texas Poll Features Two
Sets of Conflicting Tea Leaves

New Poll Finds Texans at Odds
with GOP Brass on Immigration

Democrat Seeks Duel on Stage
as Trump Fuels House Hopes

Pelosi Branding Bid Distracted
by DCCC Air Assault in Texas

Future GOP Lawmaker Warns
Schools on Flu Shot Scuffle

Independent Lawmaker Not
Going Out Without Fall Fight

Gallego Seizes on NRCC Boss
Slacker Bard as Rematch Gift

Internal Warring Overshadows
State GOP Ground Game Pitch

Fantasy Sports Fight is High
Stakes Semantics Wrestling

Speaker Team Escalates Efforts
in Fall Fights in Trump Shadow

Clinton Ramps Up Texas Focus
with New Hub in Largest City

Texas Lawmaker Setting Stage
for Fantasy Sports Showdown

Poll Shows Clinton and Trump
Neck-and-Neck in Red Texas

Texas Lawmakers Urge Cornyn
to Put Weight Behind Water Bill

Texas Red Revolution at Stake
Amid Labor Day Races Kickoff

Gallego Plays Nice in TV Debut
in Contest with Mud on Horizon

Democrats See New Trump Love
for Mexicans as Rhetoric Waste

Perry Reality Show Gig May Be
Next Presidential Bid Two-Step

Laney Farewell Service Inspires
Temporary Truce on Battlefield

Trump Becomes Top Dem Issue
and Texas GOP Money Magnet

Former House Speaker's Wife
Will Be Laid to Rest in Austin

GOP Chair Hands Party Chiefs
Removal Tool on Silver Platter

Father Joins Anti-Trump Forces
as Son Treads Fragile Ground

Tale of Two Texas Battleground
Strategies for the Republicans

Trump Does 180-Degree Turn
on Signature Issue in Austin

House Challenger Could Be
Face of Texas Dems Future

Texas Dems Say GOP Leaders
and Trump All Running Scared

House Challenger Could Be
Face of Texas Dems Future

Future House Dem Sets Austin
Fundraising Debut in Win Wake

Trump Austin Rally Plans Have
Myriad of Implications and Risks

Pro-Trump Texas Pair Make
Calls that Experts Shoot Down

Ted Cruz Re-Election Campaign
May Be No Guarantee for 2018

Perry Ignores Damage Control
Commandment with Analysis

Texas GOP Voters Get Fickle
with Dramatic Shifts on Cruz

AG Returns Fire in Gun Feud
after Counter Response Snub

Politics Will Be Ultimate Big 12
Expansion Plan Game Changer

Texas Democrats Decry GOP
Down-Ballot Remap Rigging

Trump Texas Lead Shrinking
Amid Ballot-Box Piracy Fears

Movie Bridges Partisan Divide
for GOP Sheriff and Clinton Fan

Press Voices Corruption Views
after Raising State 2015 Grade

GOP Strike Force Seeks Troops
for Race that Appears Hopeless

GOP Firm Texas Survey Shows
Trump Going Against the Flow

Tim Kaine Fires Opening Shot
in Surprise Dem Push for Texas

State GOP Uses Clinton Texas
Plans as Fresh Fundraising Bait

Tim Kaine Fires Opening Shot
in Surprise Dem Push for Texas

Georgia Polls Give Republicans
More Cause for Angst in Texas

Trump Softening May Reflect
Fears of Sentiment Spreading

Trump Pitch is Price of Victory
Chair Role for George P. Bush

Thirteen Lawmakers Join Push
for SMU in Big 12 Competition

Tea Party Senator's Twin Seeks
Party Job as Feuding Escalates

Democrats See Crack in Door
as Hurd Stampede Opening

Alamo City Poet Makes History
in Multiple Ways in House Vote

Patrick Big 12 Package Deal
Gets Boost from All-Time Poll

Abbott May Not Find Welcome
Mat at Don Trump Austin Event

Major State GOP Leaders Amass
Historic Sums for Future Races

Tea Party Senator is Democrats
Electoral Ally and Attack Target

Cruz Speech Critique Could
Could Come Back to Haunt

Houston Paper Backs Clinton
in Move that DMN Could Top

Special Session Potential
Raised Amid Voter ID Chaos

Texans Get Some Bernie Love
Amid Host State Delegate Snub

Texas GOP Takes the Trump
Talking Point Conspiracy Page

Houston Lawmakers Are Not
on Same Page on Tradeoff

Cruz Ignores Primary Threat
in Castro Challenge Warning

Favoritism Howls Common
Party Leadership Hazard

Texas Democrats See Odds
for Blue Norther on the Rise

Clinton VP Could Ease Texas
Letdown as Down-Ballot Asset

Potential Probe Has Speaker
War and Voter ID Fight Links

Cruz Cold Shoulder Spawns
Speculation on Primary Battle

Texan Refuses to Back Down
Amid Ferocious Critical Deluge

Patrick and Perry Not Coming
to Cruz Defense in Cleveland

Cruz Speech Gamble Could
Pay Long-Term Dividends

Protest on Ethics Commission
Decision Could Be Premature

Democrat Targets House Rookie
with Six-Digit Personal Infusion

Police Applaud Abbott Plan
after 2015 Capitol Spurning

Statewide Race Tables Turned
as Christian Has Big Edge Now

Rick Perry Takes Shot at Ohio
Governor for Confab No-Show

Mighty Texas Ohio Strike Out
at Donald Trump Coronation

Jackson Lee Daughter Might
Have Early House Race Edge

Miles Survives Full-Court Press
by Colleague in SD 13 Victory

Pence Pick for VP Could Have
Minimal Texas Impact if Any

Organizational Push Intensifies
with Breakfast Plans for Voters

President Gets Defensive Amid
Patrick Blame Game Appraisal

Texas Senate Race Could Be
Tightening in the Final Stretch

Patrick Cast in Co-Starring Role
with Obama Amid Dallas Fallout

Texans Vow Record Protection
for Police in U.S. Senate Plan

Dallas Police Chief Love Song
Could Be Political Springboard

Tea Party Chief Blames Liberals
and Media for Racial Violence

Gallego Rides Trump Backlash
to Lead in U.S. House Rematch

Congressional Dem's Daughter
and Council Pair Could Face Off

Mayor's Pitch May Be Part
of Plan in Works for Months

Texan Reaps Publicity Windfall
on FBI Grilling and Trump Ties

Dallas Police Ambush Could
Sharpen Focus on Pay Gap

Texan Reaps Publicity Windfall
on FBI Grilling and Trump Ties

Clinton for Prison Pitch Latest
Partisan Crime Spin Example

Houston Senate Contest Race
Could Be Borris Miles' to Lose

Paxton May Be Out on Limb
with Criminal Defense Fund

West Texan Plans to Go Rogue
in Cleveland in Trump Uprising

UT Team Role in Abortion Fight
May Fuel Capitol Payback Move

Future Focus Could Be July 4th
Texas Secessionist Blues Cure

Trailblazing House Democrat
Sets Sights on Texas Senate

GOP Leaders Put State on Diet
Amid Zero-Based Budget Shift

Coleman Chooses House Power
over Shot at Senate Promotion

Survey on Medical Lawsuit Ads
May Be 2017 Fight Springboard

Harsh Review Sparks Visions
of Abbott vs. Bush 2018 Bout

Texas GOP Chief Leaves Trump
Out of Mighty Strike Force Pitch

AG Rallies Behind Dan Patrick
in Transgender Bathroom Brawl

TEC Critics Want Replacements
on Panel They're Trying to Kill

Supreme Court Sets the Stage
for Texas Abortion War Sequel

State Senate Pick Harder Call
than First Vote in Domino Fall

Trump Claim of Texas Love
Defies Trends in New Polling

Cavalry Arrives in Bag Ban War
as GOP Lawmakers Enter Fray

Trump Troubles Poll May Be
Sign of Dem Star Born Again

Surprise Vote on UT Case May
Spark New Warring at Capitol

Surprise Vote on UT Case May
Spark New Warring at Capitol

Tom DeLay Ghost Resurrected
as Texas Dems Trumpet Poll

Texas Democrats Have Dozen
House Seats in Closer Range

New Poll Finds Some House
Republicans in Trump Danger

Aggie Influence on Display
in Texas Tax Breaks Battle

Clinton Could Raise Texas
Titanic with High-Risk Bet

Castro Likens Trump to GOP
Leadership Failures in Texas

SA Shows Parties World Apart
with Some Common Threads

Some Dems in SA May Have
Voted for Trump Event Host

Local Leader Warns of Doom
if Party Neglects Black Vote

Clinton Gives Castro SA Stage
to Rip Trump as VP Talk Sizzles

Partisan Mind Games Escalate
on State Dem Convention Eve

Conservatives Get New Ammo
for Lower Spending Limit Push

Rival Camps Run Risk of Mixed
Messages with Texas Admission

Texas Democrats Get Mulligan
after Golden Goose Escapes

Young Democrats Forecast
Monumental Turnout in SA

Texas Dems Seize on Patrick
Tweet after Attack in Orlando

Hired Guns Lock Horns in Deer
Regulations Warring in Texas

Trump Venue Has Been Stage
for Fights on Minorities Plight

Trump Hispanic-Bashing Raises
Dem Hopes in Targeted Races

Dems Decry Trump Timing
Before Party at Red's Place

Outside the Box Hire Could Be
Smart Stroke for GOP Leader

Trump May Be Crashing Dems
Party with SA Stop Next Week

Straus Orders School Finance
Study Despite Court Reprieve

Trump Backlash Potential
Gives Clinton Texas Hope

Dem Seeks Rangers Probe
of State Pay Arrangements

Lame-Duck Lawmaker Backing
Democrat over Republican Foe

Borris Miles Could Have Edge
in Potential Senate Scramble

GOP Runoff Rebound Rate Up
as Two Overcome Dual Deficits

Outsider Appeal Hint Trumped
Conservative Tag in OT Vote

Speaker Allies Get Boot in OT
as House Dem Survives Ordeal

Senate Caucus Wants Schools
to Spurn Feds on Bathrooms

Hughes and Buckingham
Cruise to Easy Runoff Wins

Ted Cruz Comes Off Sidelines
with Robo Calls in Senate Fight

Trial Lawyers Drop Big Bucks
on Lottery Ticket in GOP Runoff

GOP Lawmaker Runoff Mailer
Loaded with Gay Innuendoes

Senate Hopeful Reveals Nugent
Support Despite Latest Uproars


Victoria Neave
Sarah Davis
Will Hurd

Best of the Texas General
Election: Republican Pair
and Democrat Challenger

State lawmaker who caught heat from both sides claims honors with two who prevailed with odds against them.


Consultants Scorecard

Top Scoring Consultants Tailored Plans with Trump as the Driving Factor
GOP team named MVP and Dem firm grades high while rookie digital guru and local mission impossible cited.


Will Hurd

Best of the Election: Ex-CIA
Agent Snaps Trend with
Trump Two-Step Timing

Congress rookie skirts top of ticket trap as good job reviews help pave path to closest thing to upset on Texas fall ballot.


Fifteen Texas House Races Ranked on Odds of Partisan Turnover on Election Eve
Texas Democrats have best shots in state's three largest metro areas with minority party poised for fall gains.


Democrats Pass on Trump
Potential with Resources
Confined to Original Targets

House Republicans post strong money numbers for hottest races while Texas Dems stick to game plan despite wave possibility.


Crystal Ball Forecast

Clinton Shedding Texas
Underdog Status with Conventional Irrelevant

Hillary Could Lift Court
Nominees to Historic Wins
that Snap Statewide Streak


Statewide Poll Date Trump Clinton
Texas Lyceum 09-11 39% 32%
Washington Post 09-01 45% 46%
Public Policy Polling 08-14 44% 38%
Dixie Strategies 08-09 46% 35%
University of Texas 06-19 41% 33%
Leland Beatty 06-14 37% 30%


Texas Democrats Target
List Grows with Trump

Texas Anomaly Election
Rankings for 100 Years


GOP Nominees Armed
with $5 Million for House
Fights with Dems in Fall

Total fundraising and surplus stats for 54 Texas House races with major party nominees.


Crystal Ball Forecast

Trump Trainwreck Boosts
Odds for Clinton Texas Win
with Uncommon Coalition

GOP House Majority Would
Be in Jeopardy if Democrats
Replicated 2008 Gain Rate


Texans Blow Up in Philly
Puts Delegation on Map

Ted Cruz Steals Thunder
with Trump Speech Snub


Texas Democratic Convention

Speculation Bubbles Up
on Potential Lite Gov Bid
by Congressman Castro

Groundswell may be under way to draft HUD chief's twin brother for Dan Patrick challenge amid perception that Abbott's safe.

2016 State Party Platform
Texas Delegation in 2016


Cruz Doesn't Acknowledge
Trump or Clinton in Dallas

Zealous Tactics May Have
Derailed Chair Challenger

Platform Expands Anti-Gay
Focus with Secession Out


Bryan Hughes
Ron Reynolds
Lynn Stucky
Dawn Buckingham

Best of Runoff Election:
Three Republicans Join
Democrat on Honor Roll

Runoff MVP Guided
Conservatives with Key
Establishment Assists


Runoff MVP Guided
Conservatives with Key
Establishment Assists

Spouse Strategy Duos
Score Valuable Victories
at Overtime Ballot Box

Consultants Scorecard


Crystal Ball Forecast

Revised Outlook Sees
Gain for Speaker Team
Despite Several Toss Ups

GOP House leaders who are focussed on incumbents could come out ahead with one-seat gain that latest forecast sees.


Crystal Ball Forecast

Preliminary OT Forecast
Sunny for Speaker Team
Based on Voting Patterns

Establishment has shot at net gain in runoffs if recent trends continue in state where runner-ups won more in overtime.


Joe Straus
John Raney
Gina Hinojosa
Mike Lang

GOP Speaker Team Effort
is the Cream of the Crop
in the Primary Election

Most Valuable Consultant Raised Longtime Clients from the Dead in Texas Primary


Most Valuable Player Helped Raise Longtime Clients from the Dead in Primary
Cruz analytic maniac and strategist with retirement illusions take top honors as GOP shop dominates.

Consultants Scorecard


Crystal Ball Sees Some
Speaker Team Losses
with Chance to Mitigate

Baby Boomers Do Battle
with Generation X Rivals
with Age Gap as Concern


House Battle PAC Cash
GOP Incumbents vs. Foes
Dem Incumbents vs. Foes
Texas Senate Primary Cash
Texas House Open Contests



House Cardinals and Foes
Have Massive Cash Flows

Two Straus charter allies spend $1.2 million in month in fights with heavily-armed foes on right.

GOP Incumbents vs. Foes
GOP Open Race Money
Dem Incumbents vs. Rivals


TLR Tops Texas PAC Cash
as Dem Group Bounces Back

Battleground Texas posts disaster redemption haul as lawsuit reformers lead chase.

Texas Senate Fundraising
Texas House Fundraising
Statewide Fundraising


Amy Maxwell
Carrie Simmons

Leadership Shakeup
Fuels Shift at Capitol
with Tea Party Tint

Red connections could be gold as changes at the top rock rankings amid all-time

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Teams & Groups


Best of the Legislature: Session Stars Made Big
Impact in Unique Ways

Statehouse stars left marks as law makers, bill killers and process maestros.

Freshmen Superlatives
in the Regular Session

Dennis Bonnen Jane Nelson
Charlie Geren Judith Zaffirini


Conservative Stalwart Reputations of Past May Evaporate as Scores Fall
Hitler comparisons and gay bashing may not buy mercy in Texas scorecard era.

Empower Texans
Texas Eagle Forum




Historically Insignificant Vote
Set with Special House Runoff

Congress Duels Could Be Close
Despite Massive Funding Gaps

Anti-Joe Straus Crusade Donor
Shares Wealth with Dem in OT

Anti-Joe Straus Crusade Donor
Shares Wealth with Dem in OT

Conservatives Keeping Pace
in Open Runoff Money Derby

Parent PAC Ventures into New
Territory with Simpson Pitch

Parent PAC Ventures into New
Territory with Simpson Pitch

Cruz Doesn't Acknowledge
Trump or Clinton or Fall Vote

Attack Tactics Could Have
Derailed GOP Challenger Bid

Convention is Walking Political
Dead Reality Show in Dallas

GOP Delegates Take Aim
at RINOs with New Rule

Platform Expands Anti-Gay
Focus with Secession Out

Mechler Crushes Conservative
Rival in State Chairman Battle

Platform Blueprint Has Tesla
and Ride-Sharing Firm Pitches

Greg Abbott Rips Clinton
While Ignoring Don Trump

Paxton Vows to Stay on Job
Amid Religious Target Claims

Perry Backs State GOP Leader
in Move that Angers Some Fans

Patrick War on School Policy
May Be Platform Contradiction

Cruz Gears for High-Wire
Act with Focus on Future

Challenger Portrays GOP Chair
as House Speaker Team Pawn

Zero-Based Budget Page
from Southern Dem Playbook

King Gets Fresh Weapon for OT
Despite Perfect Score for Rival

King Gets Fresh Weapon for OT
Despite Perfect Score for Rival

Cruz May Find Ideal Surrender
Spot at State GOP Convention

Senate Contender Scores
High-Ranked Endorsement

Straus Allies Pushed Bathroom
Bills that Weren't Primary Issue

GOP Rivals Scramble to Tap
Transgender Bathroom Uproar

RNC Contest in Dallas Could Be
PR Gold for GOP Diversity Push

Cougars and Huskies on Big 12
Tentative Expansion Short List

State Budget Woes Could
Spawn Historic Dilemma

Patrick Warns Against Local
Resistance on Property Taxes

Speculation Sizzles on Possible
Texas House Opening in Austin

TML Decries Senate Panel
Roadshow Pitch as Deceitful

Christian Could Slice Cash Gap
with TLR in Corner in Overtime

Feud Fueled by Trash Talk
on Lameduck Lawmaker

Christian Strays from Right Lane
with GOP Senator Endorsement

MQS Rips TEC for Dragging Out
Latest Case for Revenge Sake

Abbott and AG Raise Eyebrows
with Takes on Court Showdown

Term Limits on Texas House
Speaker Floated as Longshot

GOP Speaker Gives Foes Cause
to Crow with Sunset Panel Picks

Ex-GOP Lawmakers and Judges
Pop Up in AG and Ag Boss Talk

Mayor Scores Crown Jewel
Supporter with Aycock Plug

Woodfill Paints Rival as Chair
Who'd Rather Run than Fight

Realtors RRC Runoff Choice
Reflects Establishment Split

Straus Allies Emerge in Senate
Runoff Despite Payback Threats

Christian Reaps Endorsement
from Lightning-Rod Legislator

Annie's List Rips House Dem
as Legal Profession Disaster

Texas Dems Use Equal Pay Day
as Hammer to Pound GOP Foes

Feds Accuse Paxton of Bilking
Investors in Alleged Tech Scam

Senate Candidate Veers Right
with Home Schoolers Support

Texas GOP Chair Hopefuls
Play Dueling Endorsements

RRC Support Trends Muddled
by Latest Endorsements Wave

Unlikely Allies Teaming Up
on Senate Runoff Hail Mary

Texas Dems Pin Paper Tiger
Tag on Cornyn for Trump Talk

Patrick Guest Star Role Could
Be Like Partial Endorsement

House Republicans Unite Behind
Runner-Up in SBOE Runoff Fight

Abbott Assembles Unique Cast
for Supreme Court Power Play

Swingers Remark Could Have
Pandora's Box Potential in OT

Senate Hopeful Getting Boost
with Farm Bureau in Corner

Texas Labor Chief was Top
Gunn in Times of Change

Senate Runoff Regional War
Nature Evident in Record Clash

House Leader Warring Spreads
to Pary Fight with Judson Pitch

GOP Runoff Fueled by Rivalry
Between Current RRC Members

Speculation Bubbles on GOP
Consultant Emergence in OT

Runoff Endorsement for RRC
May Lead to Crude Awakening

Christian Hopes Name Game
Trumps Money in RRC Runoff

Runner-Up Could Seize Favorite
Tag with Two-Fer Endorsements

Simpson School Choice Views
Draw Warning from Right in OT

Texas AFL-CIO Endorses Only
Democrats with Lone Exception

Clinton Hopes Numbers Game
is Cure for 2008 Texas Sting

GOP Lawmaker Defends Tactic
that Stopped Text Ban Revival

House Baby Boomers Do Battle
with Generation X Conservatives

State GOP Convention Timing
Ruins Healing Process Hopes

Mail Bomb Prompts Facebook
Prayer Vigil in House Primary

Railroad Commission Hopefuls
All Over the Map in 2016 Cash

Conservative Hits Gusher
for January Cash Crown

Stickland Sounds Money
Alarm Despite Major Haul

SC Challenger Has Unique
Donor Mix in Cash Chase

Ted Cruz Faces Tricky Call
on Straus Allies Gratitude

Anti-Straus Quartet Join
14-Member $200,000 Club

Eight House Speaker Allies
Raise Less than Challengers

GOP Lawmaker Slips to Third
in Senate Primary Cash Chase

Senator Blasts Straus Ally
for Empowering Dem Critics

Special Interests Hedging Bets
in Senate Dem Primary Battle

Speaker Team Convert Fights
to Survive Amid Regent Furor

Tea Party Senator Throws Curve
with Buckingham Endorsement

Anti-Straus Quartet Join
14-Member $200,000 Club

Aggies Toasting SEC Rival Grad
with SA Fundraiser for Speaker

GOP Wrestles House Seat Away
in Special San Antonio Election

Straus Ally Backs Conservative
in Race for Lieutenant's Seat

Texas Legislative Contenders
Sailing Bids on Sea of Red Ink

House Leaders Could Be
Destined for Net Losses

Texas House Hopeful Employs
Reverse Psychology on Cash

Eleven Open Race Hopefuls
Gain Entry to $100,000 Club

Abbott Upholds Vow in Israel
with Iran Investment Ban Edict

Straus Takes One for Team
as the Motivational Speaker

Straus Takes One for Team
as the Motivational Speaker

Dewhurst Donates to Shark PAC
that Has House Leaders in Sights

Buckingham Crowns Senate
Cash Leader Board in January

Doctors Back GOP Challenger
in Fight with Tea Party Rookie

Speculation Sizzles on Senate
Scramble that Ellis Could Ignite

DFS Industry Tailors Texas
Pitch for Ken Paxton Base

House Hopeful Touts Support
from Tea Party Senate Victim

Gov State Rights Push Raises
Specter of Higher Ambitions

Wayne Christian Resurfaces
in Railroad Commission Race

Straus Critic Says Speaker
Shows Hand on Public Ed

CLEAT Takes Pro-Incumbent
Path with Significant Detour

Gov State Rights Push Raises
Specter of Higher Ambitions

Patterson Support Represents
Bold Gamble in Senate Battle

Feds Respond to Texas Uproar
with Vow to Keep Eye on State

Cruz Takes John Lennon Page
with Imaginative New NH Spot

Stickland Association Attack
Has Fall Haunting Potential

Feds Respond to Texas Uproar
with Vow to Keep Eye on State

Cruz Takes John Lennon Page
with Imaginative New NH Spot

Conservatives Make Mark
in the Hottest Open Races

Texas Open Carry Law Has
GOP Disconnect as Backdrop

GOP Rookie Has Hybrid Support
with Straus Friend and Foes Mix

House Tea Party Trio Ripped
for Votes on Sex Assault Law

SREC Faction Raises Specter
of Straus as Passive Dem Fan

Perry Touts House Challenger
in Fight with Ex-Tea Party Ally

House Team Moves Swiftly
on Major Push for Money

Perry Skirts Touchy Topic
with Semantics Two-Step

BACPAC Ventures Out on Limb
with Several OT Endorsements

Perry Floated as Fallback Plan
while Stumping for Ted Cruz

GOP Senate Runoff Explodes
into Bitter Mud Fight on Privacy

ART Abandons Sideline Stance
to Help Protect Speaker Team

Ten PACs Spent Six-Digit Sums
or More on Texas House Fight

Cruz Eyes Campaign Makeover
that Kasich Victory Complicates

Florida Could Be Turning Point
for Cruz Despite Weak Showing

Mechler Ripped as Roadblock
on SREC Straus Protest Move

Paxton Welcomed Departures
as Way to Alleviate Concerns

Travis Suburban Junta Would
Open Dangerous Can of Worms

RRC Campaign Raising Bar
on Strange to All-Time Level

Austin Lobbyist Rips Trump Wife
in Risky Move as Cruz Surrogate

State GOP Boss Touts Success
as Foes on Right Flex Muscle

Straus Allies Who Barely
Won Raised Most in Stretch

Senate Runoff Has Lesser
of Two Liberal Evils Debate

House Freshman Hopes to Make
History in GOP Primary Recount

GOP Could Have Had Escape
Hatch on County Chair Fiasco

Speaker Team Squeaker Wins
Snatch Tie from Jaws of Defeat

Conservatives Expect to Have
Edge in Texas House Runoffs

Straus Team Escapes Serious
Damage Despite Key Losses

House Republicans Advance
to OT in State Senate Fights

Texas Senate Tea Party Trio
Playing Kingmaker Roulette

Joe Straus Team Had $2 Million
Advantage in Primary Contests

Texas House Hopefuls Getting
Bargain Deals in Open Races

Texas Battle Cry for Ted Cruz
Could Be 50 Percent or Bust

Embattled House Democrat
Gets Key Colleagues' Help

Late American Sniper Spouse
Fires Warning Shot at French

Democratic Border Battles
New Proxy Fight Hot Spot

State Reps Emerge as Biggest
Recent Senate Race Spenders

GOP Jurist Decries Special
Treatment in Rick Perry Case

House Speaker Team Effort
Has Allies from GOP Loaded

Straus Cardinals and Foes
Have Massive Cash Flows

Ted Cruz Could Get Boost
from Bush Bridge Rebuild

New Numbers Sneak Preview
Shows Both Sides Well-Armed

Singer with Past Ties to Dem
Gives Straus Ally Bad Review

Insults Fly as Tea Party Senator
Endorses Speaker Ally's Ouster

Primary Coattail Potential
Proves Tricky Texas Read

Straus Buck Stops at Top Attack
Could Implicate Senate Leader

House Hopeful Could Get Boost
from Primary Rival's Implosion

Law Enforcement Officials
Rally Behind House Speaker

Straus Foes See Murder Link
Despite Allies Role in Tribute

Early Vote Tidal Wave for GOP
May Signal History in Making

Raney Foe Decries Mailer
as False and Illegal Attack

Anti-Straus Forces Step Up
Primary Albatross Strategy

House Primary Furor Could Be
Pandora's Box for Republicans

Ex-President Plans Texas Stops
after Voicing Strategy Concerns

George P. Backs Lawmaker
in Cruz and Straus Corners

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