New SC Judge Latest in Trend
that Controversial USAG Began

Mom Gets Credit and Blame
in Two Tales of One Speaker

Dallas Mavs Boss Leads Trump
in Texas as Democrat in Survey

Speaker Taps Former Lobbyist
with Abbott Ties to Ethics Panel

Texas Republicans No Longer
Taking the State for Granted

Cornyn Blames Democrat Tactics
Despite Texas Delegation Dissent

Texas GOP Prevails in Power
Play that Defies Election Law

Speaker Sunset Picks Should
Prevent Conservative Mutiny

Brisket Bomber Label May Be
Hard to Stick on Farm Boss

Texas House Swing District Poll
Gives Democrats Optimism Dose

Straus Counters with Impression
of Lackadaisical Senate Mindset

Patrick Puts Heat on Speaker
for School Panel Picks Inaction

Ex-County Judge Fights to Get
Texas House Bid Back on Track

Cruz Teams Up with Democrat
Who's Been Trump Insult Target

Historic Texas Candidate Count
May Spawn Primary Voter Daze

Tea Party Rookie Draws Major
Foe at Deadline in School Boss

Texas Democrats Primary Ballot
Count Soars in Trump Shadow

Filing Period Ends with Bang
of GOP Down-Ballot Fireworks

Bullet Train Foe Has House
Race on Super Fast Track

Freshman Claims Huge Lead
Amid Potential Foe Exit Talk

School Board VP Could Be
GOP Foes Strategy Wrecker

Rookie Cain Raises Eyebrows
with Speaker Team Support

Potential Special Senate Clash
Could Play Out Like 2013 Fight

List of Leader Team Loyalists
with Governor Support Grows

List of Leader Team Loyalists
with Governor Support Grows

SREC Member Launches House
Race in Second Comeback Bid

Bribery Law Inquiry May Have
Rained on GOP Pledge Parade

City Council Member Sets Sights
on Senate Seat as Independent

Texas House Beefs Up Policy
as Revelations Rock State GOP

Straus Warns that Abbott May
Be Putting House Seat at Risk

Two More Straus Allies Emerge
in Speculation on Speaker Battle

Former Land Chief Could Create
Patrick Dilemma with 2018 Race

Dallas Cop Has Perfect Storm
Potential in Governor's Race

GOP War of Words Escalates
after County Judge Hits Nerves

Blocker Takes Aim at Farm Boss
in Stinging Performance Review

TMF Poised to Lead Dem Parade
of Challengers in Comeback Bid

Straus Foes May See Lawmaker Endorsement as Abbott Retreat

Former Texas House Contender
Could Be Joe Barton Exit Prod

College Dean Complicates GOP
Primary Race on Multiple Fronts

Establishment Choices Expand
in Joe Straus House Seat Race

Barton Sexting Exposé Sparks
Conjecture Flurry on CD 6 Race

Texas Abortion Movie Needs
Matt McConaughey and More

Huffines Spot Touts Work Ethic
in Fight with Foe Who Quit Job

Primary Challenger's Treasurer
Has Backed GOP Speaker Allies

Texas Political Enemies Unite
in Harvey Relief Snub Outcry

Primary Challenger's Treasurer
Has Backed GOP Speaker Allies

Trump Texas Honeymoon Ends
with Feud on Hurricane Relief

Lawmaker Who Backs Conservative
Heaped Praise on Primary Opponent

GOP Lawmaker Accuses Rival
of Lying with Claims on Taxes

French Joins Parade of Primary
Challengers in Rematch Races

Megadonor Death and Tragic
Implications Stun Texas Dems

Rinaldi Says Snub Confirms
Select Panel Sham Theory

Alvarado May Hold Off on CD 29
in Favor of Special Senate Bid

Ex-SA Councilman Gives Straus
Race Latest Family Brand Name

Texas GOP Transforms Bribery
Question into Fundraising Tool

Primary Rivals Pop Up on Right
of Ex-State Lawmaker Spouse

State Dem Chief Sees Texas
as Future for National Party

Abbott May Be Getting Personal
with Pitch for House Challenger

House Republican Shifts Sights
to Open Congressional Contest

Virginia State House Flip Could
Be Texas GOP Wake Up Call

Ex-Straus Foe Could Have Edge
with Patrick Strategist in Camp

House Democrat Raises Specter
of Racism, Spying and Plotting

Texas Church Carnage Could
Trigger Legislative Escalation

Ex-Federal Judge Relative Eyes
Joe Straus Seat as GOP Convert

Congress Race Could Put Cruz
and Paxton on Opposite Sides

Texas NFL Owners Find 2017
Unprecedented Politics Stage

House Hopeful Brings Warrior
Mindset to Open Dallas Battle

Caucus Vote Push Reflects
GOP Secret Ballot Reverse

Legislative Quartet Emerges
in Congressional Conjecture

Conservatives Gang Up on Shine
with Gun Crusader Emergence

Joe Straus Foes Hope Caucus
Report Isn't Momentum Mirage

Texas GOP Leaders Feel Heat
on TEF Deal Amid Opioid Crisis

Top Texas GOP Leaders Steer
Clear of Trump Camp Fallout

Ex-GOP Women Club President
Sets Sights on Speaker Loyalist

Former Texas Governor's Son
Invokes Verbatim Battle Cry

Dem Hopes Spoonful of Flattery
Helps Capitol Plaque Go Down

AG Wife Adds Two More State
Senators to Endorsement List

Speaker Straus Not Ruling Out
Statewide Campaign in Future

Patrick Gives Tea Party Ally
PR Boost with Sunset Picks

GOP Speaker Stunner Sparks
Governor Race Speculation

Budget Chief Launches Speaker
Bid as King Stays Initial Course

Six Names Surface in Potential
Pool of Speaker Replacements

Texas House Speaker Straus
Drops Plans for Re-Election Bid

Patrick Steers Senate Back
Down Volatile Path in Interim

Candidate with Cruz and Paxton
Ties Takes Aim at Sarah Davis

State Senator Fundraiser May
Put the Lobby in Similar Boat

Preacher Sets Sights on Shine
in Fight with Payback Potential

Patrick Top Gun in Senate
Primary Weapon Scramble

Abbott Takes Sides in Congress
Race with Slam Dunk Potential

GOP Leaders Portrayals Could
Erase Austin's Amazon Edge

Straus Adversary Vows to Have
Voice in Select Committee Study

Texas Loaded with Obstacles
in Amazon HQ 2 Sweepstakes

GOP Chief Takes Political Shot
at Dems for Playing Gun Politics

Darby Warning Could Be Sign
of Harvey Warring on Horizon

King Event May Pose Dilemma
for Lobbyists Who Back Straus

Abbott Tirade Payoff May Be
Tradeoff on Hurricane Relief

Longtime Suburban Mayor Sets
Stage for House Primary Battle

Tea Party Cadre Chief Touts
Eye-Catching Ally for 2018 Bid

Abbott Takes Haley Barbour
Page on Disaster Management

Ex-Lawmaker Angles for Fight
with Freedom Caucus Leader

Straus Allies Get Unintended
Lift with Latest Report Cards

Abbott Hispanic Vote Number
Could Be Inadvertently Bloated

Local Castigation Resolution
Could Be Next Step in Trend

House Republican Hits Patrick
Harvey Storm Recovery Nerve

Conservatives See Right to Life
Lawyer as Potential Upgrade

Texas-OU Cash Chase Laced
with Story Lines and Subplots

Straus Ally Braces for Primary
Fight with Council Successor

TML Not Holding Grudge Against
Republicans with Award Choices

South Texas Judge Taking Aim
at House Seat in Border District

TCC Views Legislature Votes
Through More Lenient Lens

Apparent House Hopeful Could
Stir Hispanic Dems Bad Blood

Vegas Attack Could Take Some
Steam from Texas Gun Crusade

Abbott Harvey Help Spurs New
State Disaster Fund Questions

TMF Eyes Potential Comback
Race for Texas House Seat

House Speaker Race Lineup
Could Have Crowded Field

Texans Command Spotlight
in Washington Tax Battles

Rookie Republican Lawmaker
Doesn't Fit Victory Boss Profile

Republican Who's Been Straus
Team Convert Runs for Speaker

Straus Foes May Find Quorum
More Elusive than Caucus Votes

Speaker Team Pair Face Unique
Tests as Primary Rivals Emerge

Reagan Son Pitch May Have Risk
in First Kids Numbers Game

Straus Heads Dallas Event Cast
that May Cause Dismay on Right

GOP Speaker Backs Extraction
of Erroneous Civil War Plaque

Top Hires Aim to Boost Abbott
Game in the Legislative Arena

Abbott Assembles Wide-Ranging
Cast in Governor Staff Revamp

UT Move May Give 10 Percent
Rule Critics New Ammunition

Ex-Lawmaker Expands Appeal
with House Republican Backers

Governor Nod Could Set Stage
for Higher Taxes in Harvey Path

House Freshman May Not Have
Primary Middle Lane Monopoly

Hurricane Costs Could Spawn
Texas Gambling Push Revival

Texan Has Fireworks Potential
as Trump Choice for FEC Post

Conservatives Almost Halfway
to House Primary Quest Goal

House Race Already Under Way
as Joe Straus Ally Confirms Exit

Harvey Relief Plan Vote Could
Spawn Texas Political Rebirth

Texan in Congress May Face
Multiple Primary Opponents

News Report Suggests Patrick
May Be on Board for ESF Trip

Sharp Pick and Trump Pact
Profound Harvey Effect Signs

Candidates from Rival Parties
Make History in Unique Ways

House Dem Hopefuls Seize
on Storm-Fueled Opportunity

GOP Rivals Gear for 4th Fight
in a Row with Added Wrinkle

Speaker Ally Takes Aim at Hall
with Conservative Video Pitch

Storm Could Force Legislative
Priority Upheaval in Aftermath

Abbott Wants to Avoid Special
Session for Harvey Recovery

GOP Pair with Recognizable
Names Eye Texas House Race

Trump Fuels Blue Wave Visions
at the Labor Day Starting Gun

Abbott Sets State Prayer Day
as Federal Dependence Grows

Top Texas Republicans Deluged
with Criticism in Wake of Storm

Monster Storm Harvey May Be
Rainy Day Fund Litmus Test

GOP Leaders in Tough Spot
on New Sanctuary Cities Ban

Harvey Could Defuse Attack
on Texas Cities and Counties

Suburban State Reps Could
Spell Trouble for Senate Pair

Governor Race Theory Could
Backfire as Speaker Race Ploy

Texas Democrats Could Have
Rainmaker with Harvey Heroics

Prolonged Primary Elections
Could Boost Patrick Prospects

Court Ruling on House Map
May Prompt Special Session

Speaker Team Members Sink
to New Lows on Scorecard

House Speaker Ally Draws Foe
in GOP Panhandle Primary Clash

AG's Wife vs. Senator's Brother
Has Historic Potential in SD 8

California Democrats Could Give
Texas Governor Recruiting Win

Breaking Even Cause for Cheer
in Session with Few Winners

GOP Speaker Answers Insults
with Praise as Caucus Meets

Abbott Blames Speaker Despite
Local Tax Bill Demise in Senate

Texas House Spurns Patrick
on Local Taxes as Mutiny Fails

Texas House Resuscitates DNR
and State Spending Limit Bills

Anti-Straus Forces See Rinaldi
Endorsements as Sign for Hope

House and Senate Hold Ground
on Taxes as Abbott Call Falters

Latest Senate Panel Tree Vote
May Be Sign for Separate Bill

Legislative Leaders Eye Deal
on School Finance and Taxes

Abbott Outlook Improves
House Votes on Call Items

House Dem Derails Annexation
Bill in Latest Setback for Abbott

Second Texas Special Session
and Patrick Plans Top Questions

Last Conservative Dem Governor
Draws Bipartisan Praise in Death

Challenger Launches House Bid
with Summer Defiance Bashing

House Panel Raises the Stakes
with Local School Tax Repeal

House Conservatives Ride
to Rainy Day Fund Rescue

House Chair Urges Governor
on Ethics as Panel Plans Vote

House Raises Vetoed Water
Bills from Dead for Floor Vote

Sudden Focus Shift to SB 1
May Be Clock Gobble Tactic

House Property Tax Measure
Gets Red Light for Time Being

Abbott Team February Session
Threat Aimed at Texas House

Potential Sunset Bills Standoff
Looms Despite Strong Support

Two More Straus Allies Draw
GOP Primary Foes on Right

Local Spending Plan Stall Gives
Senate Accidental Blocker Bill

Schools Move to Front Burner
in the House with Panel Votes

Texas House Recycles Tree Bill
that Governor Axed with Veto

Local Spending Limits Measure
Left Behind in Senate Whirlwind

Lawmakers on Record Crushing
Bill Filing Run at the Statehouse

Bathroom Bill Gets Senate OK
Despite Late Police Uprising

Blame Game Ignores Dems
Lead Role in Trafficking War

Governor Scraps Revenge Plan
in House Bridge Rebuilding Bid

Texas House Leader Priorities
to Watch in Special Session

Anti-Straus Group Blasts Rookie
for Special Session Petition Snub

Senate Bills Could Be Headed
for Wholesale Burial in House

Abbott Has Oops Moment
on Paper with Annexation

Abbott Prevails in Power Play
Behind Scenes on Sunset Plan

Hot Button House Bills Author
Waves Off Speaker Bid Talk

Midnight Vote Could Have Been
Disappearing Act Replay Invite

Ma Ferguson Special Session
Bill Filing Record Could Fall

Lobbyist Arms New Campaign
with Hefty Personal Infusion

Payback Warning Sparks Bad
Blood with House Republicans

Patrick Decries Bathroom Bill
Assassination Attempt by Media

Abbott Vows to Seek Revenge
for Lawmakers Who Vote No

AG Take on Local Tree Rules
Fuels Power Concentration Bid

Session May Be Dynamite Fuse
for Primary and Speaker Race

Early Abbott Crowning May Be
Premature Amid Patrick Threat

Senate Republicans Weigh
Committee of the Whole

Tale of Two Teacher Pay
Special Session Sponsors

Patrick Brands Texas House
School Plan as Ponzi Scheme

Conservative Group Reserves
Judgment on Abbott Proposal

Texas Democrats Could Survive
Giveaway in Governor's Race

Sex Assault Plan Could Have
Shot at Special Session Nod

Straus May Dig Heels Deeper
in Light of Local GOP Vote

TPPF Takes Dramatic Path
on Teacher Pay in Primer

Abbott Fuels Novel PR Blitz
with Special Session Button

Abbott Teacher Pay Sponsor
Backs Rainy Day Fund Infusion

Special Session Proclamation
Could Be Pandora's Box Stage

Governor Scrambles to Keep
Sunset Measure on Safe Path

Southern Baptists in Opposite
Corner with Local Rights Push

Texans and Americans on Same
Page in Bathroom Bill Surveys

Abbott Calls for Police Salute
Despite Summer Agenda Push

Legislation Count Hits Low
Amid Bitter Internal Warfare

Straus Ally Who's Sunset Chief
Draws Primary Foe on the Right

Straus Suicide Reply Has
Carpetbagger Insinuation

Patrick Seeks to Cast Clouds
on Speaker Suicide Comment

Governor Leaves Huge Hole
in Summer Sponsor Lineup

School Choice Crusade Spurs
Special Needs Hypocrisy Claims

Summer Tax Quest Has Shot
Despite Dim Long-Term Hope

Anti-Straus Pair Tout Ouster
in House and Bathroom Polls

Local Control War Sponsors
Have Relatively Short Resumes

New Poll Finds Texas Voters
Despising GOP Health Plan

Straus Allies Score Sponsor
Roles as Foes on Right Shut Out

Senate Republicans Plan
to Resume Breakneck Pace

Texas House GOP Leaders
Have Bargain Chip Monopoly

California Travel Ban May
Have Double-Edge Effect

Straus Summer Ouster Move
Soarks 2007 Shodown Visions

Trump and Texas Session Fuel
Dem Surge in House Contests

Straus Allies Draw Primary Foes
as Cain Faces Sain at the Polls

Abbott Bid to Bring Business
on Board Could Be Fruitless

State Leaders in Tune with GOP
Voters But Not Texans Overall

Poll Shows Bathroom Bill Pitch
Resonating with Conservatives

High Court Could Throw Texas
Map Battle into Major Turmoil

Governor Hits Several Birds
with One Stone with Veto

Abbott Torpedoes 50 Measures
with Water Bills as Big Target

Speaker Rides to Educators
Rescue with Manure Analogy

Texans Rate Trump Almost
as Poorly as Barack Obama

Abbott Could Go for Broke
with Constitutional Carry

Congress Aide Shot in Virginia
Entered Politics as Dem Intern

Texas Family with Dem Ties
on Paul Ryan Event Host Panel

Lawmakers Fail Environment
Test with 27 GOP Goose Eggs

Abbott Gets Red Pen Payback
with LBB Budget Vetoes Shot

Leaders Spin Same Theme
with Fact and Fiction Details

Abbott Portrays Role in Way
that Contradicts Lawmakers

Summer Crash Could Put
Patrick on White House Trail

Surprise Focus on Teacher Pay
Could Be Patterned on HB 72

Greg Abbott Seeks to Reclaim
Control with Special Session

Governor Sparks Speculation
on Special Session on Taxes

Crusade Takeover Could
Defuse Puppet Perceptions

House Conservative Eyes Clash
in Primary with Senate Veteran

Speaker Ally Could Gives Foes
on Right Fodder with Wedding

Ex-Lawmaker Returns to Ring
with Shot at House Speaker

Rinaldi May Be Major Target
in Primary and Fall in Fallout

House Hopeful Event Could
Be Primary Slate Springboard

Abbott Faces No-Win Gamble
in the Call on Special Session

Voter ID Survival and Sunset
Death Conjure 2009 Visions

Session Shrouded in Epic
Uncertainty on Finale Eve

Texas Senate Foregoes Budget
Blockade in Bathroom Gamble

Top 10 Potential Regular
End Game Scenarios

Patrick Presses Governor
for Property Tax Session

House Speaker Draws Line
in the Sand on Bathrooms

State Budget Pact Tantamount
to Draw in Rivalry Box Score

Senate Agrees to Negotiate
on Bathroom and Tax Plans

State Budget Negotiators
Strike Deal on Compromise


Sabrina Brown Jesse Ancira
Billy Phenix Jessica Oney

Women Rising Amid
Newcomer Flood and
Perry Value Visions

Return from dead as Trump cabinet pick is sidebar to tale of competition explosion.

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Hall of Fame


Super Majority Class
Clout in Straus House

Texas Senate Patrick
Partisan Power Club

Top Texas House Floor Fighters in 2017 Session


Victoria Neave
Sarah Davis
Will Hurd

Best of the Texas General
Election: Republican Pair
and Democrat Challenger

State lawmaker who caught heat from both sides claims honors with two who prevailed with odds against them.


Consultants Scorecard

Top Scoring Consultants Tailored Plans with Trump as the Driving Factor
GOP team named MVP and Dem firm grades high while rookie digital guru and local mission impossible cited.


Will Hurd

Best of the Election: Ex-CIA
Agent Snaps Trend with
Trump Two-Step Timing

Congress rookie skirts top of ticket trap as good job reviews help pave path to closest thing to upset on Texas fall ballot.


Fifteen Texas House Races Ranked on Odds of Partisan Turnover on Election Eve
Texas Democrats have best shots in state's three largest metro areas with minority party poised for fall gains.


Democrats Pass on Trump
Potential with Resources
Confined to Original Targets

House Republicans post strong money numbers for hottest races while Texas Dems stick to game plan despite wave possibility.


Crystal Ball Forecast

Clinton Shedding Texas
Underdog Status with Conventional Irrelevant

Hillary Could Lift Court
Nominees to Historic Wins
that Snap Statewide Streak


Statewide Poll Date Trump Clinton
Texas Lyceum 09-11 39% 32%
Washington Post 09-01 45% 46%
Public Policy Polling 08-14 44% 38%
Dixie Strategies 08-09 46% 35%
University of Texas 06-19 41% 33%
Leland Beatty 06-14 37% 30%


Texas Democrats Target
List Grows with Trump

Texas Anomaly Election
Rankings for 100 Years


GOP Nominees Armed
with $5 Million for House
Fights with Dems in Fall

Total fundraising and surplus stats for 54 Texas House races with major party nominees.


Crystal Ball Forecast

Trump Trainwreck Boosts
Odds for Clinton Texas Win
with Uncommon Coalition

GOP House Majority Would
Be in Jeopardy if Democrats
Replicated 2008 Gain Rate


Texans Blow Up in Philly
Puts Delegation on Map

Ted Cruz Steals Thunder
with Trump Speech Snub


Texas Democratic Convention

Speculation Bubbles Up
on Potential Lite Gov Bid
by Congressman Castro

Groundswell may be under way to draft HUD chief's twin brother for Dan Patrick challenge amid perception that Abbott's safe.

2016 State Party Platform
Texas Delegation in 2016


Cruz Doesn't Acknowledge
Trump or Clinton in Dallas

Zealous Tactics May Have
Derailed Chair Challenger

Platform Expands Anti-Gay
Focus with Secession Out


Bryan Hughes
Ron Reynolds
Lynn Stucky
Dawn Buckingham

Best of Runoff Election:
Three Republicans Join
Democrat on Honor Roll

Runoff MVP Guided
Conservatives with Key
Establishment Assists




Tea Party Pair Block Rescue
Bid in Three-Ring Floor Fight

School Finance Push Crashes
as Accusations on Vouchers Fly

Bills that May Slow Bullet Train
Head to Abbott Without Fanfare

Democrats Could Expect Gains
as Special Session Odds Rise

Federal Court Backs Texas
into Corner on Redistricting

House Clock Kills Dog Chain
Measure Two Minutes Early

Senate Poised to Snub House
Counter Proposal on Bathrooms

Patrick Turns Up Vouchers Heat
with Proactive Naysayer Critique

School Choice Could Be Next
Squeeze Play for Dan Patrick

Voter ID Bill Pulled from Brink
of Death with Emergency Tag

House Backs Bathroom Plan
in Monumental Capitulation

Patrick Could Lead Charge
to Put State Party on New Path

School Safety Plan Could Be
Bathroom Bill Backup Vessel

House Leaders Outfox Patrick
with Property Tax Fallback Play

Perseverance Finally Pays Off
for Texas Driver Texting Ban

SB 2 Misstep Prompts House
Reboot on Property Tax Plan

Canon Sets Sights on Veteran
Solon in Revived Run to Right

House Democrats May Face
Toughest Decision of Session

Sudden Halt on Tax Vote
May Be Message for Patrick

TERP Bill Backers Feel Angst
Amid House Pit Stop in Stretch

Patrick Ultimatum Could Be
Framework for Governor Bid

Texas Senate Backs Racing
Industry Rescue Subsidies

Texting Ban Begins Senate Trip
in Shadows of Unrelated Events

Mom's Day Massacre Shows
How House Same Basic Place

House Seizes Bill Count Lead
Despite Tea Party Time Killing

Texas House Melts Down
with Bad Blood and Tears

Senate Revives Vouchers Plan
as Special Session Odds Soar

Senate Makes Texas Ticket
to States Convention Official

Fantasy Sports Ball in Senate
Court with Package Potential

Patrick Takes Some Surprise
Turns as Priorities Advance

Capitol War Erupts as Abbott
Dives into Bathroom Battle

House Braces for Time Killing
Tactics and Local Bill Revenge

Texas Dems Hope Sanctuary
Law Escalates GOP Demise

Box Score Shows House Dem
Who Fought Bill as Aye Vote

Texas House Casts Shadow
on Governor Ethics Crusade

Texas House Knife Measure
Falls Victim to UT Aftershock

Senate Vote Spotlights Stolen
Thunder on Sanctuary Cities

Republicans Spurn Activists
as Some Dems Vanish on Vote

Unique Dynamics Make House
Pension Bills Forecast Fragile

Film Incentive Foe Gets Dem
Assist on Local Music Salute

House Sharpens Ethics Measure
With Uncommon Show of Unity

Epic Pileup Could Be in Making
as Chanbers Hold Bills Hostage

Governor Vows to Sign Measure
that Senate Can Make Fail Safe

Texas House Plays with Fire
that Turned Golden State Blue

Texas Opposition to BAT Swells
Amid Brady Support Conjecture

Texas House Sanctuary Cities
Showdown Filled with Firsts

Sanctuary Cities Good Faith Vow
Implodes with Amendment Vote

Baylor Only Target in Revised
Transparency Measure Sights

Democrats Warning and Tears
Fail to Sway in House Test Vote

Democrats Get Sanctuary Cities
PR War Boost with Court Ruling

Capitol Opposites Could Be
Agenda Crash Benefactors

House Dems Win Early Skirmish
with Straus and Stickland Help

Some House Conservatives May
Find Critique on Vote Offensive

Straus Backers Flock to House
Bathroom Bill Co-Sponsor List

House Bathroom Bill Headed
for Stall with History Repeat

House Dems Push for Quick
Map Fix Amid GOP Silence

Bathroom Bill Born Again
with NC Tradeoff as Model

Court Deals House Leaders
Setback with Ruling on Map

House Endorses School Finance
Plan Without Court Threat Prod

Texas House Leaders Appeal
to AG Could Be No-Win Move

House Hatches Escape Clause
Under Bathroom Bill Banner

Poll Shows GOP Losing Ground
in Texas Partisan Reshuffling

Conservative Who Came Close
Takes Aim Again at Straus Ally

Sitton Says Federal Proposal
at Odds with Trump Agenda

House Bill with Bathroom Ban
Potential Has Eyebrows Raising

Straus Foe Says Caucus Boss
Hiding from Irate GOP Voters

Killer D Watch on Sanctuary
Cities Bill on House Fast Track

Ardmore Survivor Gives Straus
Team Resident Walkout Expert

Governor May Be in TABC Line
of Fire with Appointment Delay

House Opening Probe that May
Put TABC Future in Jeopardy

Budget Fight Brings Clarity
to Conservative Opposition

Congressman Sighting in Austin
May Be Capitol Map Battle Sign

Fantasy Sports Plan Advances
Without License Fees or Taxes

School Choice Hole Deepens
with Developments Off Radar

Voter ID Law Replay Ruling May
Fuel Urgency on Legislative Fix

Budget Bargaining Lineups May
Look a Lot Like 2015 Conferees

Budget Beating Spawns Ghost
of GOP Governor Past Visions

Texas House Approves Budget
Plan after Wish List Shuffling

Straus Foe Drops Hog Control
Gutting Bid as Revenge Target

Texas House Takes Shot at AG
and Governor in Budget Debate

Texas House Saves Art Agency
as Budget Battle Starting Gun

Senate Republicans Take Shot
as Dems Suspect Mind Games

House Budget Fight Gives GOP
Right Stage for Social Issues

Senate Panel Backs Roadblock
to Trump-Fueled Bullet Train

Wine Labeling Battle Could
Be Brewing at Texas Capitol

Fantasy Sports Sponsor Plays
Defense at First House Hearing

House Hearing Ouster Could
Trigger Civil Rights Lawsuit

Texas Senate Takes Symbolism
Lead in Session of Expression

Texting as Texas Crash Cause
May Be Capitol Ban Impetus

O'Rourke Gamble Could Hinge
on Trump Tanking Backlash

NC Senate Bathroom Law Vote
Could Blow Up Texas Strategy

Speaker Team Unity Evaporates
Amid Belated Uprising on Bill

Senate Keeps Rainy Day Option
Open Before 31-0 Budget Vote

GOP Lawmaker Goes Ballistic
on Democrats in Water Battle

Perry Mystifies with Aggie
Election Conspiracy Theory

Gay Rights Activists Go Ballistic
on Perry Student Election Rant

State Senate Budget Plan Runs
to Left in GOP Old-School Eyes

GOP Speaker Plays Enron Card
in Senate Budget Bill Appraisal

Senate Backs Local Revenue
Cap Despite Police Opposition

Straus Team Foes Get Head
Start in Primary Recruiting

Special Session on Budget
Prospects Could Be Soaring

Border Wall Could Be Tourist
and Entrepreneurial Mecca

Senate Committee Pre-K Vote
Leaves Abbott on Capitol Island

Senate Budget Panel Spurns
Abbott on College Research

House Dem's Gender Motive
Assessment May Be Stretch

House Republicans March
into Trap with Payback Vote

House Has Driver Texting Ban
on Faster Track for Floor Vote

Texas Senator Dodged Part
in BU Basketball Scandal Film

Court Ruling Could Set Stage
for Full-Scale Map War in 2017

Senate Zooming In on Film Bait
in Shadow of SXSW Gathering

Texas Senator Dodged Part
in BU Basketball Scandal Film

Court Ruling Could Set Stage
for Full-Scale Map War in 2017

Kolkhorst Takes Senate Lead
on Fantasy Sports Legislation

Fantasy Sports Plan Fate Hangs
in State Senate Silence Limbo

House Takes Aim at Margins Tax
Amid Potential for 2015 Replay

Senate Bathroom Hearing May
Be Starting Gun for Titan Fight

Rainy Day Funds Push Could
Be Fodder for Horse Trading

Senate Republicans Go Ballistic
on TAB Boss on Bathroom Plan

GOP Era Records Could Fall
at Current Rate of Bill Filing

Secret House Taping Suspicion
Has Lower Chamber on Edge

Texas Gets Low Overall Grade
Despite Major Cities High Marks

Texas Senate Bathroom Bill
Has Lone Democrat on Board

Freshman Floats Bill that Stems
from Wife's Gay Marriage Snub

Baylor Sex Scandal Likened
to Texas Senate Bathroom Bill

Talking Point Shortage Taking
Fun Out of Session at Capitol

Perry Confirmation May Be
Step in Bush Feud Healing

Windstorm Threat Fuels Push
for Casinos and Lawsuit Limits

School Choice Demise Cuts
GOP Establishment Losses

Oscars Meltdown Makes Perry
Goof Seem Like Small Potatoes

Texas Senate Backs Convention
that Smaller Red States Reject

Texas Dems Decry Get Out
of Jail Free Card for GOP DA

Texas Senate Backs Convention
that Smaller Red States Reject

Powerful House Republican
Backs State Music Museum

Texas GOP Sesquicentennial
is Historic Irony Celebration

Pre-K Fight Takes New Turn
with House Funding Option

Senate Sex Assault Plan Author
Has Emerged in BU Speculation

Bullet Train Firm's Loss Could
Be Gain with TAB Boss Hiring

Greg Abbott and Patrick Popularity
Dips Compared to Levels in 2015

Senate Republicans Take Aim
at Train with Trump as Adversary

Bushes Move Up and Down
as C-SPAN Ranks LBJ Tenth

Trump Texas Republican Stock
Jumps Despite National Lows

Lawmaker Revives Negotiating
Plan in Criminal Case Shadow

Abbott Strays from States Rights
Push in California Gun Law Bout

Dark Store Trend Could Doom
Property Tax Reform in 2017

Democrats Try to Sting Abbott
with Immigrant Roundup Saga

Abbott Issues Pre-K Ultimatum
as House Leaders Draw Wrath

Hate Crimes Bills Would Expand
Law to Police and Transgender

Cryptic Tom Brady Analogy
Stirs Capitol Imaginations

Hail Storm Suit Fight Revived
with New Cast of Characters

Sanctuary City Pressure Tactics
Could Be Futile in Texas House

LBB and Sunset Panel Fate May
Be at Stake at the Texas Capitol

Texas House Panel Chair Picks Put
Premium on Loyalty and Absolution

Texas Voter Fraud Punishment
May Be National Mood Product

Ex-Speaker Foe Makes History
with Texas House Panel Chair

Zerwas Gets Budget Chair Job
in Major House Panel Reshuffle

Early Reviews Glowing on Bad
Bill of the Week Video Critiques

Burton Undaunted by Trump
Words of War on Texas Plan

Swanson Leads GOP Rookies
in Creative House Bill Filings

Burton Undaunted by Trump
Words of War on Texas Plan

Senate Dem Duo Protest UT
Package as Diversity Setback

Senate GOP Trio Could Be
Targets of President Threat

Patrick Enlists Texas Rangers
for Missing Brady Jersey Probe

Senate Push Targets Pipelines
with Trump as New Adversary

Donald Trump Debut Tempest
Could Be Ticket for Democrats

Straus and Former Foes Take
Different Paths on Texas Voting

Fantasy Sports Push Kicks Off
with Bipartisan Boost in House

Governor Abbott Hits GOP Nerves
with Shot on Pre-K Funding Plans

Abbott Not Sold on Trump Yet
Based on State of State Speech

Bad Blood Between Chambers
Reaching Capitol Boiling Point

Governor Abbott Steers Ship
of State to Right in Speech

Texas Bathroom Bill Sponsor
Targets Sex Trade Toilet Stalls

Ethics Reform Could Be Doomed
Despite Agreement Appearance

Toll Road Revolt Rears Up Amid
Conservatives Legislation Blitz

Senator's Twin Floats Apparent
Trial Balloon for 2018 Campaign

Border Wall Could Put Texas
Property Rights Efforts at Risk

Anti-Straus Group Links Abbott
to Culture of Corruption at UT

Trump Support Could Derail
Texas Bullet Train Ban Push

California Boycott Threat Could
Pour Fuel in Bathroom Battle

Abbott Puts UT Remake Push
to Bed with Regent Selections

Texas Dems See Donald Trump
as Potential Minimum Wage Ally

House Democrat Joins Long List
of Indicted Politicians in Texas

Texas House and Senate Face
$5 Billion Divide on Spending

Property Tax Repeal Act Could
Make Appraisal Cap Plans Moot

House Panel Speculation Swirls
with At Least Nine Chairs Open

Speaker Team Grows in Battle
on Rules after Primary Losses

Conservatives Agenda Features
CPS Limitations and Power Grid

House Rules Fight Clarifies
the Conservative Resistance

Unprecedented Milestone Vote
Product of House Power Play

House Rules Fight Clarifies
the Conservative Resistance

Senate Democrats Go Nowhere
in Bid to Revive Two-Third Rule

Tensions Flare Amid the Fallout
from House Office Realignment

RRC Could Have Super Majority
as Straus Team Foe Takes Oath

Joe Straus Rewrites Records
as Revolt Appears to Fizzle

Session Opens on Fiscal Note
that Steals Red Meat Thunder

Revenue Estimate Puts Texas
Legislature in Pool of Red Ink

Basement Office May Be Price
of State Lawmaker Wavering

Donors and Lobby Cadre Gear
for Title Insurance Law Battle

Starring Bathroom Battle Role
Could Be Sponsor Springboard

Senate Duo Spark Fireworks
with Bathroom Bill Unveiling

New Lobby Firm Has Bipartisan
Roster in More Ways than One

HD 46 Pool Has Ex-Dell Exec
after Harding Rules Out Race

Remap Revival May Be on Plate
for Session with New Legal Play

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