Texas Dems Hope to Replicate
Bill Clinton War Room Strategy

Eminent Domain Vote Could Be
Opening Salvo in 2022 Contest

Former Speaker's Daughter
Eyes Senate President Post

House OKs School and Tax Plan
with Equal Pay Raise Alteration

State Senate One Ups House
with Committee Budget Vote

Texas Senate Puts Abbott in Bind
with Emergency Declaration Vote

Governor's Battle in 2022 Could
Feature Famous Family Names

Trump Border Threat Splits Texas
Republicans Amid Dire Warnings

Senate Tax Leader's Bad Review
of House Counter Plan Vanishes

Texas House Has Tax Relief
Battle Edge with More at Stake

Texan Takes Aim at Power Elite
with Formal Launch of 2020 Bid

New Poll is Beto Marketing Gold
as El Paso Dem Passes Kamala

House Unites Behind Budget
with GOP Speaker as Maestro

House Backs Budget Change
that Defies Voter Fraud Push

Empower Texans Boss Blasts
House Leader Duo on Taxes

Dan Patrick on Island Alone
with Special Session Pitch

Tea Party Lawmaker Protests
Trump Attack at Middle School

Bonnen House Gets First Test
from Texas Freedom Caucus

Democrat Veers to Center Stripe
with New Texas Political Initiatve

Beto Staging Downtown Rally
as Weekly Party Crowd Arrives

Trump Dreams of Ticket in 2020
with Beto as Democrat Nominee

House Speaker Could Hold
Key in TERP Redesign Fight

Texas House Could Retaliate
in Capitol War Games Sequel

Texas Senate GOP Friction
Rising Despite Unity Facade

Texas Senate GOP Friction
Rising Despite Unity Facade

Beto Fundraising Juggernaut Off
to Vintage Start in National Race

House Panel Backs Billions
in Rainy Day Fund Spending

Team Beto Scrambles to Stage
Livestream Parties for Kick Off

Texas Dems in LGBTQ Caucus
Raise Red Flag on UTEP Finalist

Beto Enters Race with Same
Themes on Grandest Scale

Texas GOP Assumes O'Rourke
Will Be the Democrat Nominee

Pro-Life Progressive Takes Aim
at Texas Senate Seat in Valley

Beto Launching Bid with Biden
as First Chief 2020 Primary Rival

Committee Chief Gets Second
Major Test with UT Nomination

Beto Reaps Free Advertising
with Bizarre Attack from Right

GOP Duo Takes on Energy Giants
with Eminent Domain Limitations

GOP Could Suffer DeLayed
Reaction in 2021 Redistricting

Hurd Vows to Put Party over Pal
if O'Rourke Duels Trump in 2020

Senate Unveils Swiss Cheese
School Finance Plan for 2019

Patrick Belated Priority List
Avoids Trump and Red Meat

Senator Wants Ex-Legislators
Who Lobby to Forfeit Benefits

Frosty Teacher HB 3 Reviews
Sparks 1984 Special Déjà Vu

Texas Dems Helped Set Stage
for Failed Purge with 2013 Vote

O'Rourke Unveils Border Plan
Amid 2020 Verdict Anticipation

Geren Might Have Property Tax
Solution with Major Sales Swap

Beto O'Rourke Tied with Trump
and Cornyn in New Texas Poll

Governor Blames State Police
as Whitley Advances in Senate

Whitley May Get Committee Nod
with Governor Holding Out Hope

MALC Leaders Demand Probe
into Sex Abuse of Migrant Kids

Patrick Contemplates Strategy
that Inspired Killer Bees Flight

New Texas Poll on Border Wall
is Study in Conflicting Messages

Property Tax Plan Backers Get
PR Gift with New Poll Findings

O'Rourke Jump-Starts Grassroots
Army with 2020 Decision Nearing

Majority Rule Crusade Revival
Could Be Tax Plan's Last Hope

Texas Senate Budget Writers
Endorse Teacher Pay Raise

O'Rourke Jump-Starts Grassroots
Army with 2020 Decision Nearing

Majority Rule Crusade Revival
Could Be Tax Plan's Last Hope

AG Wife Freshman Ignorance
Plea May Have Mitigated Harm

Democrats School and Tax Plan
is Sign of New Attitude in House

Cornyn Warns of Beto Challenge
on 2020 Horizon in Pitch for Cash

Blue Wave Dems and Tea Party
Crew Join Forces in Beer Battle

Poll Shows Beto Beating Trump
by Six in 2020 Race Countdown

Texas Latino Lawmakers Decry
Declaration as Fake Emergency

Cornyn Ditches Beto No-Name
Ploy in Trump Decree Salute

Trump Declaration Creates
New State Budget Dilemma

Cornyn Leaves O'Rourke Name
Out of Potential Rivals Warning

Senate Committee Stall Could
Be Valentine's Day Burial Sign

Trump Puts Beto Lightning Back
in Bottle with El Paso Rally Stop

Potential Deal Could Defuse War
Between Rivals in Beer Industry

Republican Locks Down OT Spot
in Déjà Vu of State Senate Fight

Trump Mocks O'Rourke in Most
Blistering Attack Yet on Dems

Citizen Proof Measure Revival
Could Be Dead on Austin Arrival

Patrick Could Get Bigger Break
with Plan County Judge Favors

Fantasy Sports Push Revived
as Opponents Get New Ammo

Election Boss Could Take Detour
with Patrick Senate Panel Shift

O'Rourke Could Rain on Trump
El Paso Parade with 2020 News

Abbott Runs Self-Implication
Risk if He Lets Dems Fire SOS

Whitley Job on Thin Ice in Wake
of Intense Senate Interrogation

Cornyn Gets Little Help in GOP
on Tent Building Plan for 2020

Bonnen Democrats Take Shots
at Abbott Tax and School Plans

Eleven of 12 Senate Democrats
Could Bust Whitley Nomination

Legislature Might Need Rabbit
in the Hat on Top Abbott Goals

Abbott Vows Landmark Results
on Agenda that's Transformative

Texas Business Establishment
Helping Democrats Raise Cash

Abbott Camp Speech Preview
Has Nothing on Election Fraud

GOP Election Integrity Crusade
Might Be Undermined by Snafu

Voter Flagging Debacle Could
Put Senate Confirmation at Risk

Tax Limits that Leaders Endorse
May Hinge on Speaker Squeeze

Cornyn Attempts High-Wire Act
with Early Break from the Gates

High-Level Texas Republicans
Issue Plea for Help from Trump

New House Sex Harassment
Policy Could Get Early Test

Tea Party Senator is Patrick's
Second Choice for New Chair


Beto O'Rourke Could Run
for President and Senator
Simultaneously in 2020

Texan who's top five in polls would follow LBJ and Bentsen leads with U.S. Senate race if White House bid still on track.


Democrats Have Slightly
More Clout on Leader Team than Original Straus House

Power analysis shows Bonnen sharing wealth more than GOP predecessor as Dems ranked on plums from new speaker.


Tale of Two Waves: Blue
Texas Tide Tops 2010 Red
Tsunami in Magnitude Depth

GOP surge with higher casualty count flipped seats that had been solid red in contrast to 2018.


Freshmen Class Has More Dems than Republicans
for First Time in GOP Era

Unconventional rookie group has LGBT trio, AG wife, rough riders and more gray hair than blue in wake of wave.


Bonnen Bipartisan Coalition Fell into Place after Key Democrats Followed Zerwas Lead

House Leadership Team Pre-Session Rankings Have Price Allies and Dem Vote Brokers


Beto Dips as Castro Rises
in Rolling Stone Size Up
for Democrats in 2020

Iconic magazine wonders if O'Rourke star has lost some shine in slight slip on list as fellow Texan moves up spot.


Beto Steals Show with Most
Valuable Campaign of All Time

U.S. Senate bid loss could be White House race warm up.
Democrat Challenger Helps Turn
Largest Red Texas County Blue

Democrat ousts tea party senator as only Dem to flip Tarrant seat.
School Finance Lawyer Had
Pedigree, Resume and Cash

Ex-lawmaker's son made it look easy with swing district strategy.
Republican Parts Blue Wave
in Most Vulnerable District

Incumbent who survived Abbott attack defies trend with ease.
HDCC Gives Democrats Late
Lift in All 12 Blue Wave Wins

House Dem PAC puts fumble memory behind 10 years later.


GOP Majority in Serious Peril
with 16 Texas House Seats
or More in Dems Reach

Democrats who fare better in president elections will enter 2020 with advantages they didn't enjoy en route to midterm gains.

Blue Wave Could Be Warning
Sign for Perfect Storm in 2020


Next Speaker Has Old Foes Singing Praise with Bid that Offered Fresh Starts for All

Hail Mary Falls Short When House Democrats Spurn
Bonnen Roadblock Bid


Crystal Ball Near Perfect
with Legislature Forecast

Texas Election Ratings
Have GOP Wave Bracing

Texas Polling: U.S. Senate
Race Has Thriller Potential



Speaker Leaves Tea Party
in Past with Blue Tint Team

House Speaker Puts GOP Allies
and Lots of Dems in High Places

Lawmaker Who Led Confederate
Plaque Push Enters Mayor Race

GOP Senator Could Be Daring
Patrick to Recall Appointment

House Calendars Panel Picks
May Gain Major New Muscle

Solon Who Defied Patrick Gets
Downgrade on Chair Carousel

House Dem Leader Offers Rare
Applause for Kick Off Kumbaya

Pivotal Bonnen Backers Will
Reap Spoils in Panel Shuffle

Distributors Launch Offensive
Amid Texas Beer War Revival

House and Senate Could Be
on Collision Course Already

Patrick Steals Abbott Thunder
with Bipartisan Inaugural Pitch

House Budget Blueprint Boosts
Public Ed at Expense of Others

Fantasy Sports Firms Have Texas
All-Star Lobby Team Assembled

Texas Senate on Track to Have
Multiple First-Time Panel Chiefs

Castro Breaks from Starting Gate
with Beto Looming as Obstacle

Ex-GOP Lawmaker Could Switch
Parties for Dallas Mayoral Race

New Speaker Appears to Fire
Warning on Zero Sum Games

President Takes PR Crusade
to the Valley for Group Pitch

Dan Patrick Takes Trump Call
after Arizona Gov Wall Snub

Bonnen Wins 147-0 as Session
Starts with Patrick Gone to DC

Trump Crisis Claims Raise
Specter of State Level Waste

Dan Patrick Takes Trump Call
after Arizona Gov Wall Snub

Bonnen Wins 147-0 as Session
Starts with Patrick Gone to DC

14 Rookies Could Have Edge
as Bonnen Charter Pledges

Texas Revenue Expectations
Scaled Back Amid Uncertainty

Clouds on Texas Tax Reform
Horizon with Oil Price Drop

Patrick Doesn't Take Kindly
to Embattled Senator Letter

GOP Senator Losing Chair
in Midst of Sex Text Drama

House Dem Out of Jail Early
Amid Railroad Job Suspicion

Lieutenant Governor on Mute
in Countdown to 2019 Session

Democrats Could Be Third Seat
Short if State Rep Goes Local

GOP Anxiety High in Texas
as Romney Attacks Trump

Centrist Convergence in Making
as 2019 Regular Session Nears

GOP Anxiety High in Texas
as Romney Attacks Trump

Texas Rings in the New Year
with Visions of President Beto

Castro Could Put Future Odds
at Risk with White House Race

Beto's Blue Wave and House
Gavel Grab Top 2018 Stories

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