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Perry Signs Film Incentives Measure
Despite Industry Censorship Warnings

Perry's Chief of Staff and Campaign
Consultant Celebrate Twins Arrival

Top Craddick Democrat Enters Race
after Dropping Off Leadership Team

Perry Disgusted and Disappointed
with Legislators in Session's Wake

Report Card: Top Accomplishments
and Failures from Regular Session

New PAC Plans to Set Sights
on Craddick's Republican Foes

Mock Roll Call Leads to Walkout
as House Coup Appears Crushed

House Rocked by Racial Slur Charge
and Hints of Veiled Violence Threats

Republican House Chair Says She
Won't Be on Ballot for Re-Election

House Becomes Mine Field for Bills
that Fail to Pass Rules Test in 2007

Craddick Foes Consider Court Fight
after Speaker Denies Vote to Vacate

House on Collision Course in Wake
of Ruling that Could Crush Coup

Democrat Finds Welcome Mat Missing
at Craddick Camp in Defection's Wake

Conservative Stalwart Plans to Vote
White Light in Move to Oust Speaker

Perry's Office Takes Aim at Senate
Change But Not Reviving Lottery Sale

Moderate Dems' Names Floated
as Possible Speaker Contenders

Speaker Polling as Signs Point
to Tight Vote in Attempted Mutiny

Cooks Calls for Craddick to Quit
while Pitts Jumps Back into Fray

Senator Gains Governor's Support
for New Redistricting Commission

Republican Hires Help and Hits Air
Waves with Debut Spot in CD 23 Bid

Dewhurst Recalls Letter Blasting
Democrats on Voter ID Bill Tactics

Keffer Ends Speculation with News
that He's Running for House Speaker

Craddick Suspects Key Lieutenants
of Flirting with Enemy in Rebellion

Speaker's Race Sequel: Craddick
Braces for Challenge from Tax Chair

GOP Leader Blasts State Lawmaker
to Spark 11th Commandment Debate

Clinton Picks Up Public Support
from First Texas State Legislator

Tuition Break that 65 Current House Members Backed in 2001 Survives

Perry Threat on Transportation Bill
Stirs Speculation on Budget Veto

Historic House Vote Overturns
Craddick Ruling on Point of Order

War of Words Erupts on Immigration
Measures Amid Bill Killing Protests

Craddick Democrats Had Best Odds
for Getting Bills Set for Floor Debate

GOP Trio's Counsel and Teary Plea
May Help Defuse Local Bill Melee

Health Center Bill Sails though House
En Route to Uncertain Senate Fate

Battles Starting to Shape Up
for Texas Congressional Seats

Senator's House Hunt Spawns
Flurry of Questions on Future

Powerful Texas House Members Not
Playing Along on Retirement Rumors

House May Get Chance to Play Hand
at Poker with Bill that Clears Panel

Extraordinary Senate Power Play
Fails to Derail Transportation Bill

Senate Conferees Have Experience
Advantage in Key Budget Matchups

50 Lawmakers Express Various
Degrees of Support for Thompson

Speculation on Cornyn as Next AG
Sparks Name Game for Senate Seat

Rural House Republican Joins Forces
with Liberal Dem on Slavery Apology

El Paso Lawmaker's Top Aide Dies
Amid Complications from Surgery

House Votes to Expand Laws
Dealing with Animal Cruelty

Three House Budget Negotiators
Have Been There and Done That

House OKs Potential Tax Cut
Without the Typical Fanfare

Lawmaker Challenges Colleague
to Rhetorical Duel on PUC Request

Mail Blitz Targets Key Lawmakers
in Push to Cap Taxes and Spending

House Buries Bill in Race-Fueled
Debate after Recalling First Vote

Conservatives Tout Busy Agenda
that Includes Healthy Marriage Bill

House Members Caught Sleeping
on Tax Freeze Election Limits Bill

Texas Lawmaker Taking the Heat
for Opposition to PUC Veto Power

Legislators Filing and Passing More
Bills with GOP Majorities at Capitol

Sharp Rips Combs Advisors Findings
on Future of College Tuition Fund

Insurance Panel Chair Signs On
to Elected Commissioner Measure

Most Top Lieutenants Back CHIP
Bill that Had Been Bargaining Chip

Anti-Tax Crusader Says Snuff Bill
Vote Won't Violate State Pledge

Vouchers Fight Filled with Illusion
as Advocates Focus on the Senate

Budget Clears Texas House
with Most Support in Years\

House Backs Budget Revision
Inspired by Police Unions Feud

House Democrats Win Key Vote
on Teacher Pay in Budget Fight

Democrats Blast State Budget
Plan on Eve of House Debate

Governor Setting Up Meetings
with Lawmakers Amid Furors

Home Care Backlog Sparks Fears
about Potential New Medicaid Suit

House Panel Sends $150 Billion
State Budget Proposal to Floor

Firm that Perry Made Sweetheart
Deal Symbol Backs Combs Reform

Comptroller Battles Realtors
in Sales Price Disclosure Fight


Texas Legislature Still Veers
Right of Center Despite Gains
by Democrats at Statehouse
In session suited for Ripley's Believe it or Not, voting record analysis separates the real conservatives from the others.


House GOP Chairs Big
Winners in Bill Passing Derby at Capitol in 2007
Rankings on bills passed and success rates - Senate rookies find ways to score while Craddick R's fare better than D's on his team.


Loyalty to Leaders and
Campaign Cash Pay Off with Clout for Legislators
What didn't kill speaker made allies stronger but some Dems have found ways to flex muscle at Capitol.

The Power of Giving
Most Powerful Freshmen
Group Power Renegades


Perry Alumni and Consultants
Flourish in Austin's Third House

Political consultants find pastures green as Capitol lobbyists but Midas Mike is king of the hill in Austin's Third House.
Hired Guns Consultants
Rising Stars Ex-Agency Heads
Lobby Teams and more


Republicans Carry Twice
as Many Districts Despite
Loss of Six House Seats
Analysis shows Dems double number of seats in GOP territory while carrying less than half as many districts at top of ticket.



Media Consultant: Craddick Coverage Has Conflicting Portrayals
Coverage of speaker turmoil marked by inconsistencies.


Top 50 Texas House Fundraisers
and 30 Most Expensive Contests

Rookies in Name Only
Texas Senate Fundraising
Statewide Races Fundraising


The Quarter Million Dollar Club: Top Donors Dole it Out in 2006

Texas Power PACs: Stars Rise
in Fundraising Finale for 2006

Texas House Fundraising
Texas Senate Fundraising
Texas Statewide Fundraising


Surprise Issues Drive the Session
of the Unexpected

GOP Lawmaker
Defies Stereotype
as Coal Plant Foe


Class of 2007: First-Term
House Members Boast
Moderate Majority

Senate Freshmen Have
Star Potential after Home
Runs on Campaign Trail

Freshman Most Likely
to Succeed No Stranger
to Capital City



Texas Democrats Catch Edge
of Tsunami for Historic Ride

Where were you in 1872? Dems enjoy second best year since then in House races but a few Republicans still escape blue tide.

Political Consultant Scoring
Index: Blue Tide in a Red State

Democrats' big guns claim three of the first four spots but some things never change at the top.


Texas Senate Freshmen
Land Leadership Posts
as Panels Announced

All five first-term senators named to vice-chair posts while two Senate freshmen may have all the votes on new sub-committee with veteran member on leave.

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