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Watts Adds $4.3 Million to War Chest
But Noriega Close in Donations Derby

Mesquite Lawyer Gives Democrats
First Shot at House Seat in Years

Ex-Gramm Aide Networks His Way
to Fundraising Lead in HD 97 Race

GOP Caucus Chair Blasts Democrat
on Members for Challengers Memo

House Freshman Who Beat Targeted
Moderate Braces for Primary Battle

Gramm and Cornyn Backing Ex-Aide
as Competition Intensifies for CD 22

Activist Who's Had Moderates Support
Takes Aim at Howard in GOP Primary

Perry Could Have Had Bigger Home
Close to Capitol with Pease Mansion

Temple Mayor Pro Tem Gets Jump
on Competition in State House Race

Keel Predicts No Major House Rule
Changes Despite Lingering Debate

Warning Issued on Speaker's Race
Politics and Legislative Bribery Law

Canseco Gets Help from Strategist
Who Helped Build GOP in Texas

Republican Enters House Race
with Kind Words for Former Foe

Two Ex-Councilmen and DART's
First Asian Director Eye House Bids

Ex-State Chairs Pitch Support
to Noriega in U.S. Senate Fight

Lawmaker Goes from Lightweight
to Overnight Hero in Eyes of Dems

House Caucus Leaders Had Roles
in Convert's Party Switch Decision

Ex-MHMR Chair Gives Dems Hope
for Seat Delisi Won't Seek in 2008

Legislator Shocks Texas Political
World with Switch to Democrats

Veteran Lawmaker Warns of GOP
Losses and Says He's Not Running

Democrats Cast Greener Votes But
Still Fall Below Lifetime Averages

Senator's 2006 Dem Foe Takes Aim
at House Republican in 2008 Primary

College Homecoming is Ambush
for Democratic Senate Candidate

Rose Dodges One Primary Bullet
But Still Faces Potential GOP Foe

Lawmaker's Health Issue Admission
Makes Him Magnet for Opposition

Texas Could Be in Position to Decide
GOP Race with Late Primary Election

School Trustee Takes Aim at Seat
that Democrat Vo Won in Shocker

Lawyer Who's Become Key Money
Player for Dems Eyes Senate Race

Berman Stepping Up Immigration
Fight in Bid for Re-Election to House

Late-Arriving House Rookie Won't
Run Again after Roller-Coaster Ride

Noriega Rips Cornyn for Questions
on Patriotism of War in Iraq Foes

Ex-State Senator's Son Not Worred
about Residency Issue in House Bid

Republican Promoted to Opening
on House Land & Resources Panel

Ex-Lawmakers Had Six-Figure
Food and Bar Tab as Lobbyists

GOP Straw Poll Speaker Tried
to Distance Campaign from Party

Republican Breaks First from Gate
as Democrats Huddle on House Bid

Mayor Sets Sights on Lawmaker
Who Drew Police Group's Wrath

Senators Discover that Vetoed Funds
Not in Reach for Budget Execution

Special State House Race Becomes
Battlefield for Top GOP Consultants

Ex-McCain Straight Talk Director
Joins Crowded House Race Field

Noriega's Conservative Score Soars
as Eight R's Ace Eagle Forum Test

Businessman Courted for Noriega
Seat while Dem Gears for Rematch

Democrats Poll Shows Senator
Might Be Ripe for Defeat in 2008

House Republicans Score More A's
on Conservative Group's Scorecard

Houston House Races Might Feature
Council and School Board Members

State GOP's Hiring of Ex-Lawmaker
Heflin Sparks Questions and Intrigue

Powerful Lawmaker Says He's Still
Undecided on 2008 Despite Rumors

Republican Launches House Bid
By Firing Shot in Speaker's Race

Perry Mourns Death of Cancer Victim
Who Became Symbol for HPV Mandate

Democrats Brace for Primary Fight
for Seat on Texas Supreme Court

Craddick Defends Ruling as Key Allies
Warn AG about Havoc and Filibusters

Texas Senator Moves into Position
to Be Next Chair for Regional Group

Zaffirini Facing Former Challenger's
Brother in Senate Re-Election Battle

Challenger's Generosity Puts Him
on Top in Fundraising for Congress

Post-Bush Era Under Way as GOP
Launches Coordinated Campaign

Noriega Knocks Cornyn, Ignores
Watts and Enlists Hobby for Quest

Supermajority of House Members
Flunk Conservative Group's Test

Senate Contender Raises Big Bucks
for Challenge But Still Trails Jackson

GOP Challenger Gets Big Boost
with Plug from McCombs in CD 23

Half-Dozen Texas Congressional
Members Expected to Face Foes

GOP White House Hopefuls Hire
Texans for Fundraising and Mail

Garza Pulls Name Out of Pool
of Potential Contenders in 2010

State Senator Joins All-Female Cast
of Co-Chairs for National Convention

Keel Expected to Stay on Job
as State House Parliamentarian

Earle Blasts High Court Ruling
after DeLay Charge Thrown Out

Police Group Blasts Freshman
Lawmaker and Vows to Find Foe

Perry Sounds Call to Arms on Issues
that Lawmakers Failed to Resolve

Woolley Turns Anger over Veto
into Re-Election Launching Pad

Lawmaker Rounds Up Bipartisan
Help for PUC Intervention Request

Ex-Lawmaker and Perry Appointee
Weigh South Texas House Races

Uproar over College Funds Veto
Raises Specter of Special Session

Keffer Seeks AG's Advice on Ruling
that Defused Attempted House Coup

Texas Senate Dems Hit Hardest
on Governor Perry Vetoes in 2007

Grassroots Conservative Leader Rips
Best and Worst Lists - Burka Responds

Democrats Eye Races for Seats Held
by Members with Key Roles in Fight

Cancer Plan Survived Near-Death
Experiences and Lotto Resurrection

Perry Signs Film Incentives Measure
Despite Industry Censorship Warnings

Perry's Chief of Staff and Campaign
Consultant Celebrate Twins Arrival


Top Performers Stayed Focused
on Issues Amid Leadership War
Session's top stars juggled damage control with budget and other initiatives amid House revolt and Senate clashes.

First Team
Honorable Mention
Special Mention


Q&A: Dem Strategist Sees Major Political Shift in the Works

Q&A: GOP Sage on Paris Hilton of Texas Politics and More


Texas Legislature Still Veers
Right of Center Despite Gains
by Democrats at Statehouse
In session suited for Ripley's Believe it or Not, voting record analysis separates the real conservatives from the others.


House Freshman Takes Fundraising Lead while Keffer Makes Comeback
Ousted Keffer brother off to good start for rematch while first-term Dem leads pack in June fundraising scramble.

Senate Challenger and Longtime
Member Lead the Money Chase
Senate hopeful raises most cash while veteran member is next as GOP trio have big war chests for 2008 bids.


College Funds Veto Raises
Specter of Special Session

Governor Breaks All-Time
Career Record for Vetoes

Perry Trims Budget Amid Suspicions on Fiscal Notes


House GOP Chairs Big
Winners in Bill Passing Derby at Capitol in 2007
Rankings on bills passed and success rates - Senate rookies find ways to score while Craddick R's fare better than D's on his team.


Republicans Carry Twice
as Many Districts Despite
Loss of Six House Seats
Analysis shows Dems double number of seats in GOP territory while carrying less than half as many districts at top of ticket.



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