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Texas House fight relegates bare-knuckle brawl in neighbor district to second in OT rankings as GOP candidates hurl mud on pandemic record, veterans group and more with gov and speaker across ring from Cruz, West, Christian and Miller. more

HD 73 candidate Carrie Isaac touts gun rights in @CarrieIsaac Twitter video. Primary runoff foe Barron Casteel reloads shotgun in Facebook photo.


@KenPaxtonTX photo of @ETx4Liberty appearance in Gilmer May 19.

Handful of Republicans and one Dem get nod as first round runner-ups in west wing fights with two come-from-behind wins in OT in statewide fights on Tuesday ballot more


Nine OT fights have seven-digit price tags with 18 of 32 GOP contenders raising half-million or more each in second round amid rankings shake up and forecast tweaks. more

@DanPatrick Twitter endorsement photo in RRC runoff.


@Sarah4RRC urges turnout in runoff election

Challenger who rode bucking oil pump jack in undies with no donations vow reveals novel bid's second phase with lone contributor who almost doubles Christian total take. more


Texas DPS photo shows Mexican police guarding Rio Grande. Trump American Freedom Tour sales stand at Austin Convention Center May 14


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