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@BenAffleck Twitter photo of actor-director in Argo movie promo

Abbott and military commanders face delicate challenge with shuttering of economic development operations in Mexican capital and Monterrey after 50 years if invasion decree and threat of war on the Rio Grande aren't bluff or hoax with need to evacuate public employees or contract workers or both before fighting erupts as war looms on border. more


New speaker and Texas allies fail to learn from two Trump impeachments that you always start at top before working way down the pole as incoming majority takes aim at underling with scant name ID instead of going after the president who's calling the shots and roasting partisan foes in turkey day jokes. more

@GregAbbott_TX Twitter photo for Thanksgiving with Texas troops


Fish tales at the border? @GOPLeader Twitter photo November 23 shows Kevin McCarthy at border patrol event in El Paso

White House portrays probe into homeland security chief as proverbial search for crime to fit the punishment without a compass or plan as new U.S. House majority seeks payback for Trump in first potential impeachment based on actual policy dispute since Andrew Johnson in wake of civil war for going soft on defunct confederates. more


Apprehensions fall 54% in RGV and Laredo in October as state count drops 9% when El Paso surge not in equation. more

Michael Dukakis and Ron DeSantis Top Gov photo at


@GregAbbott_TX Twitter photo shows Texas troops on the lookout for enemy as winds of war swirl on the Rio Grande

Texas could recoup tax money by giving rides to tourists and locals in armored vehicles that would be scarecrow in heavy metal jacket at best in state that doesn't have authority to use fancy new artillery in real battle against invasion governor perceives in order that escalates war games on border. more

LaMantia, Gonzalez and freshman rep Morales beat back invasion on the border with schooling for ruling party that map manipulation can't buy love in fights with foes who know districts best - GOP female pair that ran as team give majority fresh blood that's badly needed with premier primary showings and Trump-backed Republican De La Cruz gets token win in failed Valley takeover quest. more



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