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@TexasTechFB Twitter photo after UT defeat September 24

Governor who's UT grad and major fan lands in middle of conference shuffle he tried to avoid as Raiders point to promises and new league has phantom fan as hook for Lubbock adios. more


@GregAbbott_TX Twitter photo at Austin briefing September 21

Governor makes it look like Texas taking sides in drug war with two specific targets in new executive order that omits ring tied to counterparts from historic deals. more


@RonDeSantisFL Twitter photo September 21 in Palm Beach


@BetoORourke Twitter photo of San Antonio rally September 18

How governor responds to law enforcement probe into Florida counterpart turf invasion con has potential to create path to president race without Trump heir apparent in field. more


@GregAbbott_TX Twitter photo of migrants September 18


@BetoORourke Twitter photo of Houston event September 13

National pollsters find statistical tie in Texas governor race with Biden beating Trump and DeSantis without Texas GOP leader as option as Americans want inflation fight higher priority than woke war. more


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