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@Dan Patrick shows new charter school in Colony Ridge probe

Senate boss investigates while gov dawdles and House denies as probe finds phenomenon with causes for concern but more silver linings as furor exposes consequence of failure to prepare with border mission that's zero in only honest stat.


@StrongBordersTX on Dan Patrick Colony Ridge radio remark

GOP governor could be rushing blindly into trap with sudden interest in big donor's development as surprise session issue with slanderous accusations and no evidence while parroting conspiracies amid Senate boss war of worlds hysteria.


Crystal ball that predicted acquittal at start sees AG in U.S. Senate bid and wife as governor contender as House GOP leaders who thought they were making history create new superstar that could be Abbott nightmare.

@AngelaPaxtonTX shows off famous kitchen countertop on X


Keystone Power Rangers, 60 Gone in Seconds, Legends of the Free Fall, RINOs in the Rabbit Hole and Great Texas Wild Turkey Chase among title contenders for blockbuster with new characters for comic relief and actor picks like Sonny Corleone son as California Dade, Barbie look-alike and Weekend at Bernie's star.

@Leachfortexas scores role in proposed Paxton movie cast


@GregAbbottTX on border on Fox News show September 27

Abbott sees infusion for Rio Grande as automatic from House GOP to ease sting from school choice bill failure that may be inevitable in light of rattled state from impeachment fallout and greater fears of three-headed monster on the loose.


@Dan Patrick and Sen. Brandon Creighton on impeachment

Leader team leaves ex-Paxton aides high and dry after heroic portrayals in latest unintended consequence after snubbing settlement request and spending money on legendary lawyers and other impeachment bills instead.


Phelan, Murr and Leach and other GOP colleagues who voted to impeach could get initial gauge of survival odds when they pass hat at event that gives donors chance to get on hit list for reckoning.





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