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Gov Giving Smoke Time to Clear
Before Seizing on Austin Shooting

Republicans won't miss chance to fortify police defunding narrative with an actual incident after Sixth Street attack.

GOP Rep Motives Mystery in Patrick
Endorsement Snub and Slamming

Rookie from Bonnen turf sparks theories from speaker protection to Allen West shadow with Goliath dissing.

Senate Race Could Be Risky Bet
in District Ripe for Dismantling
Ex-council member eyes bid for seat that might not exist in present form on new map for upper chamber.

Guzman Could See Path to AG Win
with Bush Trying Run to Paxton Right

Sudden Supreme Court exit raises specter of primary bid for state lawyer in vanishing middle lane.

Buckingham Has Culture War
as Backdrop for Statewide Bid

GOP senator sets sights on land commissioner post Bush giving up with visions beyond current scope.

Constitution Suspension Could Be
Option for Abbott SB 7 Vengeance

GOP lawmakers see pandemic powers as potential weapon for punishment for Dems who walked and staff.

GOP Warlord West Passing
Hat for Possible Abbott Clash

Departing Texas party chair selling tickets to party bbq and potential race for high elected office.

State GOP Chair Ending Wild Ride
with Donors Bolting from the Party

West stepping down with RPT low on cash and no credibility at Capitol after unconventional antics.

Trump Faces Choice on Loyalty
Versus Revenge in Paxton-Bush

Rare chance to humiliate famous family gives ex-president added incentive despite Texas AG rescue ride.

SB 7 Conferees Fuel Suspicions
with Claims on Accidental Error

None of Senate Republicans who cut deal on voting bill mentioned time glitch that Senate author defended as fact.

Measure that May Be Illegal Gives
GOP Lawmakers Consolation Prize

Texas Dems appeal to Biden for help after killing election bill but failing to stop miraculous critical race ban revival.

Phelan Fears Payback Veto Pledge
May Be Real Amid Inaction Defense
Speaker concerned governor not bluffing with Legislature defunding vow as payback for Dems on SB 7.

Gov Vows to Make All Lawmakers
Pay for Disappearing House Dems

Abbott threatens to veto entire budget for Legislature as payback for walkout that blocked vote on election bill.

Best of Texas Regular Session
Found Ways to Rise Above the
Craziness at the Capitol

Six Republicans and four Dems had wide range of unique impact in Legislature of mediocrity that sought to boost GOP at the expense of the rest of the state.

Patrick Could See Hall as Enforcer
as Hancock Demotion Confirms Fall
with Schwertner as Beneficiary

Hard right ally may be biggest winner in Texas Senate leader team shakeup that seals redemption for Republican who misbehaved.

Hailey's Comment: Election Bill Could
Merit Criminal Probe into Government
Document Tampering at Capitol
Phelan and Patrick may feel need to get to truth on epic act of legislative malpractice with stealth attacks on democracy in conference report.

Texas Legislature Power Rankings:
Bonnen Brothers Running Chamber
Vicariously through Speaker

Ex-leader's sibling and top ally have most clout in Phelan House where Democrats have key roles unlike the Senate.

Patrick Gives White Republicans
Muscle Monopoly in Senate that No
Longer Reflects State in Sway Tally

Hughes shines, Schwertner soars, key ally dips and token Dem swing vote gets snub on budget conference team.

Senate Rookie Blazes New Frontier
as Producer and Star of Film He Shoots
in Bid to Make Cannabis Legal in Texas

Gutierrez documentary has budget on par with El Mariachi in movie debut with novel strategy for pitch on industry that would be big economy boost.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad
in Austin Lobbyist Trade

Broadband Titans Battle
and New Speaker Cash
Signs of Lobbyist Clout

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