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Ex-president has net gain in UT survey with criminal conviction in state where he leads by 7 even though voters don't trust him, think he's too old, lacks temperament and received fair trial as GOP senator goes up on Democrat by 11 points in share of support. more

@SenTedCruz rips Biden assistant secretary at hearing June 20


Robert Morris photos with Randy Travis and Greg Abbott in 2019 and 2020

Megachurch elders let pastor resign in disgrace to keep firing off resume after confession that adds to him to GOP sex misbehavior list along with Trump, Slaton, Gaetz, ex-Texas congressional members and others as top state leaders hold tongues. more


GOP governor consolidates with strategy that seems obsolete with Camp Eagle in remote area were migrant count down nearly 600 percent in four months while tally on rapid rise in El Paso as cartels keep courses changing. more

TV reporter Jordan Elder/SBG photos at Camp Eagle on May 31


Western governor blames Biden for crisis that's depleted resources with people who Abbott bused to Denver where local officials forward them to Salt Lake City as inadvertent sanctuary destination thanks mostly to Republican gov here. more

@GovCox makes pitch for 2024 Winter Olympics in Utah on June 11


@LoganPaul hosts @realDonaldTrump on first full podcast June 14

Abraham George says 43 Republicans empowering Democrats with so-called conservative commitment that party boss calls end-around formal legislative priority list that emerged from state convention. more


Party officers in Texas House say more severe sanctions warranted but ruled out for sake of unity as four far-right reps taunt colleagues with claims they'd be happy to be expelled after letter that reads more like apology than discipline. more

@Bo_French_TX touts Donald Trump Fort Worth set for June 15


Dem House nominees Laurel Swift, Kristian Carranza and Averie Bishop

Democrats have shots at six or seven seats or more with ex-Miss Texas and other strong contenders in fall vote with former president as potential all-time baggage as convicted felon with array of skeletons haunting bid. more


Texas governor posts 5-6 mark in overtime en route to 15 quality wins and 11 major losses in first two rounds with OT defeats that expose cause for concerns in suburbia in target blitz that puts school choice on track to pass despite cumulative mediocrity. more

@GregAbbott_TX eats Canadian steak despite losing hockey bet


Davis Kaufman


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