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GOP Senator Issues Threat to UT
on PUF Payback for SEC Poaching
Patrick ally raises specter of relaliation for greedy move that could kill college football for countless Texans.

Legislative Backlash on Big 12 Bolt
May Be Futile with Fix In at SEC
GOP lawmakers scramble to block deal it may be too late to stop with Texas-OU jilting in works for months.

Covid Confirms Texas Comeback
with Most Cases Since Mask Repeal
Delta variant throws curve into festive reopening with spike that poses political threat to governor and GOP.

Major House GOP Players Pitch
New Post-Mortem Analysis Fad
Top critical race theory killer teams with election bill sponsor in push to show Texas vote Trump won tainted.

Phelan Has to Make Deal that Gives
Democrats Reason to Come Home
Speaker faces risks of Legislature going broke or compromise to end impasse with face saving on both sides.

Missing Democrat Shifts Sights
to Top Texas Congress Target
Blue wave epitome takes aim at GOP rookie with election challenge and riot as theme in district Biden won.

Caucus Raises Specter of Priority
Piracy with Foster Care Info Hunt
Republicans go back to shaming ploy that targets Dems territorial instincts after nosedive with bully theatrics.

Phelan Teamers Pitch Voting Bill
as Liberal Expansion of Access
Abbott and Republicans steal walkout spin and response from Oregon Dems amid message testing.

Patrick Enlists UT for Panel Bashing
of Alamo Book He Made Best Seller
Senate boss could make history as first official to ban book and writers he makes rich first with history expert antics.

Phelan Shelves Good Cop Role
with Bipartisan Coalition on Ice
Speaker fires first potential salvo in new leader fight amid veiled threat from Dems on pulling support in 2023.

Abbott Puts Dems Map Bird Seat
Legislative Funding in Article 10
Governor would have shut down GOP Legislature on verge of redistricting if rogue reps gone in September.

Caucus Boss Warns of 17 Months
in Special Sessions on Voting Bill
Murphy lays guilt on disappearing Dems who bask in celebrity glow as new state chair polls on fate for desertion.

Caucus Desperate Needs Pitch
Worthy of Wax Statue by Alamo
Abbott and Patrick have Guinness book shot with Dems on run and GOP ready to fight to end of eternity on reform.

House Republicans Order State
Police Hunt for Wayward Dems
GOP lawmakers frustrated by lack of power to punish despite arrest threats that spur terrorist tactics visions.

Abbott Faces Epic Potential Backlash
Amid Frantic UT Rush to Seal SEC
Deal Before House Dems Return
Gov keeps Texans in dark for months on SEC dealings that alma mater races to formalize without chance for legislative interference.

Hailey's Comment: Cracks that GOP Sees
in House Dems United Front Could Be
Illusion with Lone Lawmaker's Return
Cortez could be setting Republican hopes up for yet another fall amid visions of surrender with covid outbreak ruining fun for Texas hold outs.

Best of Texas Regular Session
Found Ways to Rise Above the
Craziness at the Capitol

Six Republicans and four Dems had wide range of unique impact in Legislature of mediocrity that put GOP over state.

Rookie Team Has Heartbeat Bill
QB, Two Dems and Patrick Bashers

Lone new blue waver is freshmen class most valuable with abortion sponsor and only two of few for GOP who show some guts.

Texas Legislature Power Rankings:
Bonnen Brothers Running Chamber
Vicariously through Speaker

Ex-leader's sibling and top ally have most clout in Phelan House where Democrats have key roles unlike the Senate.

Patrick Gives White Republicans
Muscle Monopoly in Senate that No
Longer Reflects State in Sway Tally

Hughes shines, Schwertner soars, key ally dips and token Dem swing vote gets snub on budget conference team.

GOP Creative Race Theory Foes Could
Decide State Museum Needs Cleansing
or Dozing with Revolution Ties to Slavery
History lovers can see what Patrick and the Republicans fear with trip to history respository that banned book with new Alamo info.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad
in Austin Lobbyist Trade

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