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@DadePhelan helps launch Heart Galleries branch on June 12

Texas speaker could be destroying hopes for keeping gavel and next campaign at home with pom-pom posts for ex-president that run risk of making himself look scared and weak with kissing up to perennial nominee who tried to ruin him. more


@GovShapiro takes oath as Pennsylvania governor in Jan. 2023

Pennsylvania and Kentucky governors rank with ex-astronaut who's AZ senator as highest odds in rankings for Democratic vice-president sweepstakes as middle-aged white guys give party chance to trump Trump pick and make age dominant issue. more


Abbott endorses lieutenant gov's debate ambush conspiracy and wants Biden out now as state Senate boss touts vision of Barack Obama as mastermind of scheme to have wife or current VP if not both on ticket. more

@GregAbbott_TX shares @JoeBiden post with @KamalaHarris picture July 21


Potential VP pick @GovAndyBeshear in Japan on June 19

RNC speech gives Harris and Dems wealth of material for ads on dangers of presidential nominee pushing 80 in epic roles reverse as Beshear, Shapiro and Fetterman could have VP shots in race with aging a potential weapon of mass destruction. more


Major bookmaker slashes chances after RNC address degenerates into rambling tirade packed with lies in bombastic convention finale that exposes unity theme as hoax and lets Dems back in game with younger replacement nominee. more

@GOPconvention shows Donald Trump at speech to RNC on July 18


Fox DFW shows Greg Abbott fist pump in speech at RNC July 17

Governor sparks cheers with mix of fact and fiction on border security in state that had highest migrant spike in a decade on ex-president's watch as Texan's arguably best ever performance in primetime debut goes unnoticed by Fox News and CNN. more


Texas governor gets cold shoulder from cable station that's gospel in Trump GOP with focus instead on senator's tirade on secret service lapses in move that robs top state leader of defining moment for White House race. more

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks with Fox News as Greg Abbott speaks at RNC July 17


@VivekGRamaswamy speaks to Texas RNC delegation July 17

Texas gov rounds up $25M in six months at possible expense to Republicans in hottest contests for west wing in Austin as five to eight fall fights have most competitive potential based on fundraising with Dems up on 2 GOP incumbents in cash chase. more


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