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Ex-Speaker Bashes Vote Bill Foes
for Seizing on Sponsor Affliction

Bonnen lashes out at unspecific group of state representatives who he accuses of using Cain condition as weapon.

House Backs Partisan Bill that Could
Kill Future Funding Hikes for Police

Ten Dems side with GOP on measure with unintended potential effect of giving cities incentive not to boost pay.

Patrick Decries New U.S. Slavery
and Insults Woke CEO's Intelligence

Senate boss raises bar on shock value with Biden border claims and vow to kill corporate officials in vote bill debate.

Senate Gives Nod to Bill that Keeps
False Drugging Tale Alive in Austin
Legislature runs risk of #MeToo credibility damage with legislation inspirted in feeding frenzy on staffer lies.

Session Has Potential to Be Least
Productive as Theme Bills Fizzle

Anti-transgender sports bill hits wall in House where voting limits and energy have chance but not anthem act.

Lawmakers Advance Bill They'd
Been Conned by Lies into Backing

Senate sets date on local calendar for lobby sex conduct regulation plan despite shame of being played by staffer.

Senate Could Send Gun Bill
to Governor with No Changes

Unlicensed carry set for floor date in Senate after creative Patrick acrobatics in face of heat from hard right.

Paxton Denies Abbott Snub on Tape with Ringing Endorsement for 2022
New York Times calls AG out for lying with tweets on fake news claims that shower gov with love.

House Leaders Haven't Set Record
Straight on Date Rape Drug Lies

Surprising number of state reps still unaware that police ruled aide's claims false
before committee vote.

Lawmakers Would Be in Trouble
if They Knew Drug Tale Was False
Phelan has chance to break out from ex-speaker's shadow with pass on lobby firm wrath after fanning flames.

Trump Candidate Only Gets 31%
of Total GOP Vote in Texas Race

Ex-president's pull might not be all it takes to beat Rick Perry's horse as Democrats shut out of runoff.

Lobby Behavior Regulation Bill
Advances after Tale Discredited

Texas House panel not aware or doesn't care that date rape drug claims were hoax before unanimous vote.

Speaker Team Republicans Join
Dems in Vote on Bill Cops Fought

House backs disciplinary plan that sponsor says will stop trash passing as defunding consolation bill revived.

Hailey's Comment: House Passes Elections
Bill that GOP Leaders Were Unprepared to Defend in Floor Fight Massacre by Dems
Republicans unconcerned on corporate donations drying up as a consequence of racial impact that voting plan sponsor failed to anticipate.

Texas House Ruled By White GOP Men
Endorses Abortion Bill that Democrats
Decry as Attack on Women Rights

Chamber with Republican female numbers slashed in half under Trump gives initial OK to abortion restrictions despite handmaiden warning.

Texas Legislature Power Rankings:
Bonnen Brothers Running Chamber
Vicariously through Speaker

Ex-leader's sibling and top ally have most clout in Phelan House where Democrats have key roles unlike the Senate.

Patrick Gives White Republicans
Muscle Monopoly in Senate that No
Longer Reflects State in Sway Tally

Hughes shines, Schwertner soars, key ally dips and token Dem swing vote gets snub on budget conference team.

Senate Rookie Blazes New Frontier
as Producer and Star of Film He Shoots
in Bid to Make Cannabis Legal in Texas

Gutierrez documentary has budget on par with El Mariachi in movie debut with novel strategy for pitch on industry that would be big economy boost.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad
in Austin Lobbyist Trade

Broadband Titans Battle
and New Speaker Cash
Signs of Lobbyist Clout

Wild Swings to Red at Top of 2020 Ticket
Could Put Targets on Texas Border Seats
Trump wins by same exact double-digit margin that Clinton scored in one Democratic district while beating Biden easily in second up Rio Grande.

Texas Democrats Have Shots at 11
Legislative Districts that Biden Won
Hancock split with Patrick may be re-election move in area Trump almost lost as Paxton and Huffman at risk in districts president carried by four.

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