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Positivity Rate Ditching as Gauge
Cleared Way for Bars in GOP Turf

Lubbock and Amarillo surpass new Abbott hospital limit that gave red hot spots green light for bars.

Goldman Slammed for Violations
of Deceitful Video Ban He Backed

Dem challenger and Raise Your Hand group accuse incumbent of copyright piracy and video photoshopping.

Pence Pitch for Cash is Risky Bet
for Cornyn Amid Run from Trump
Senator who'd been distancing from president shows signs of fear with fundraising pitch by VP.

Abbott Sends Emergency Crews
to West Texas Amid Third Surge

Texas has most new cases in two weeks since June in sign of second wave that experts predict.

Bars Can Open in Hottest Spots
with West Texas Cities Sizzling

Nervous irony in Amarillo as source of most new cases in replay of spring as lone Abbott virus victory.

Polls Shows Dems Seizing House
Majority with Some Blowouts

TDP touts survey that actually finds competition closer than many expect with Texas Dems flipping 11.

Texas Mail Vote Surge in Major
Cities and Suburbs Boost Dems

Postal ballot tally soars in largest locations while plunging in red spots like Montgomery and Collin.

Blue Typhoon Could Put GOP
at Risk in Longshot Contests

Two dozen fights shape up as top targets in House duel with potential wave putting more in play.

GOP Boss and Farm Chief Could
View Protest as Launching Pad

Potential Abbott 2022 challenge from the right could come from virus rules revolt outside governor home.

House Chair Who'd Been Ally
Gives AG Deadline on Demand

Endangered state rep from same county rips Dem foe one day and voices Paxton angst the next.

Paxton Woes Compounded
by Secret Romance Saga

Lover at center of confession could be tied to allegations in tangled web as DA dispute AG claims.

West Paints Virtual Debate Shift
as Conspiracy by Commission

State GOP leader endorses Trump plans to back out as TDP boss portrays Trump as crybaby.

Dems Ride Record National
Infusion to House Money Lead

Democrats raising millions in tiny chunks from all around country in lower chamber majority quest.

Abbott Ranked Best in Nation
by ALEC Despite Nighmare Experience with Covid

Governor caps off worst year in politics with consolation prize that glosses over pandemic woes and misses big picture on budget.

FiveThirtyEight Texas Poll
Average Trump Up by 0.9

CBS Battleground Tracker
Trump and Biden 49-48

2020 Swing Race Ratings
General Election Polling
General Election Lineups

Crystal Ball Sees Texas Going
Blue with Highly Contagious
President Taking GOP Down

Take Biden with or without the points in the only remaining battleground state that's still leaning red in eyes of experts.

Texas is the Most Intriguing
Political State in the Nation

Texas Dems Ride Record
National Infusion to Summer
Money Lead in House Fight

Democrats raising millions in five and ten dollar chunks from all around country in majority quest amid smell of Trump blood.

August Arrives in March as GOP
Nominee Claims Textbook Win

Midland loses Congress seat in battle that looked OT bound.
Dallas Dem Bounces Back Big
in Top Target Texas House Race

Cattanach eases near-miss pain with stellar primary showing.
The Other Jim Wright Stuns
Goliath in Unbelievable Upset

RRC hopeful sparks Dem speaker visions with incumbent ouster.
Veteran Lawmaker Weathers
Progressive Round One Storm

Cuellar overcomes Trump favorite Dem tag in fight with AOC recruit.

Lobby Rankings Reflect
Bonnen and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.

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