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Abbott Could Go to the Defense
of GOP Govs as RGA Chairman

Texas governor doesn't have fellow Republicans backs amid Trump attacks on counterparts.

Texas Sizzles with Covid Cases,
Patients and Testing Positivity

Texans pay price for Thanksgiving with 30,000 positives in two days as hospitals brace for July replay.

Texas Told to Tighten Up on Virus
Amid Latest All-Time Daily Spike

New cases crack 15,000 first time as White House task force advises state to do more to curb outbreak.

Abbott Plug May Have Potential
to Backfire in Special SD 30 Vote

Springer could find governor's support to have double edge with lockdown rebel Shelley Luther as OT foe.

ANTIFA Could Be Bathroom
Bogeyman of Texas Session

GOP leaders face epic fight against Trump-hating facism foes after public toilet safety crusade flop.

Texas Cases Could Be on Verge
of Rocket Surge with Daily Count

Hospitals have most covid patients in four months as Monday vault could be sign of record spike in making.

Patrick Bounty Plan Gives Texas
New Litmus Test on Voter Fraud

Election security push could lose steam if lieutenant gov's rewards fund proves to be major bust.

Texas Stays Course on Pandemic
that State Can No Longer Control

Fifth all-time spike in eight days no urgent matter in state that's quit fearing and fighting virus.

Texas Has 4th Record Virus Spike
in Week Without Fight from State

Covid flirts with 14,000 mark as state appears to fold in half-hearted bid to control spread of disease.

Patrick Should Be Leery on Run
by Giuliani on Rewards Fund

Trump lawyer could make claim on Texan's million dollar bounty with fine print as sticking point.

GOP Escapes Voter Retribution
for Coronavirus Rage in Texas

Ruling party dodges down-ballot bullet in most infected state as president does better in hottest spots.

Top Texas Pollster Gave GOP
Powers that Be Map for New
Frontier in State House Battle
Most valuable political pro in state showed big donors that majority could be saved in face of major blue wave threat.

Hailey's Comment: Texas
Republicans Fear the Kraken
with Silence on Trump Heist

Fantasy sea monster is threat of base wrath as GOP leaders and legislators take no position on greatest constitutional crisis.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Establishment Quartet
Comes through Big in Clutch

Abbott and big-giving ally groups save GOP gone mad from itself with show of might in final month on Texas House battlefield.

Best of the Texas Election:
GOP Lawmaker Beats Low
Odds in Suburbs Gone Blue

Blue wave that box score fails to reflect pushes Button to brink in survival quest as only Texas candidate on awards list.

GOP Mitigates Dems Texas
Suburb Gains with Surprise Hispanic Vote Showing

Biden boost in big cities offset by unexpected Trump strength in major Latino strongholds despite blatant racist appeal.

August Arrives in March as GOP
Nominee Claims Textbook Win

Midland loses Congress seat in battle that looked OT bound.
Dallas Dem Bounces Back Big
in Top Target Texas House Race

Cattanach eases near-miss pain with stellar primary showing.
The Other Jim Wright Stuns
Goliath in Unbelievable Upset

RRC hopeful sparks Dem speaker visions with incumbent ouster.
Veteran Lawmaker Weathers
Progressive Round One Storm

Cuellar overcomes Trump favorite Dem tag in fight with AOC recruit.
Davis Kaufman
Grace & Mcewan