UK Virus Trackers See Texas
Reopening at Dangerous Pace

Texas Park with Grand Visions
and Slow Start Testing Abbott

Abbott Fuels Double Standard
Questions with Action Threat

Test Count Almost 50,000 Off
Before the State Gets It Right

Rave Dem Gov Reviews Put
GOP Majorities in Danger

Texas Bases Virus Reopening
on Bloated Testing Numbers

Cornyn Reads Between Lines
with Page from China Big Book

New Rural American Epicenter
Sizzles from Texas to Dodge City

Dewhurst Love Life Takes New
Stormy Turn with Assault Case

Texas Leaders Order Agencies
and Universities to Propose Cuts

Bars Get Green Light with May 31
Go Date for Sports and Schools

Luther Could Have on 2022
with New Political Strategist

Texas Gets Respite on Paper
with Corollary Drops in Rates

Abbott Tries to Keep Torrid Spot
Cool Amid Sudden Sharp Spike

Texas Lockdown Rebel Riding
to Michigan Barber's Defense

Coronavirus Turning Trump
Country into Texas Graveya

Tiny Hospital Loses Two Staffers
to Virus after State Rejects Plan

Austin Lobbyist Died at Home
after TXOGA Conference Call

Ex-Trump Doc Goes Nuclear
on Alleged Smear Campaign

Special SD 14 Fight Has Possible
Stalking Horse with Late Entry

Federal Judges Raise Specter
of Abbott Lockdown Overreach

Abbott Faces Backlash Amid
Rule of Law Mockery Claims

Virus Forecast Has Texas Decline
with Ending Dates Shifting Daily

Texas Big 3 Join Push for Virus
Liability Limits in Stimulus Plan

H-E-B Got Abbott Cold Shoulder
in Pitch for Local Mask Orders

Abbott Claims Texas Has Virus
Contained in Credibility Gamble

Texas County Rankings Reflect
Different Virus Testing Goals

Dallas Jailhouse Rock Star
Gives Virus Rebels Martyr

Texas County Rankings Reflect
Different Virus Testing Goals

Virus Trackers See Death Toll
Spike with Reopening in May

Gov Retreat Raises Cain Stock
as Conservatives Intensify Fire

Abbott Caves In with Virus Order
Dismantling Amid Salon Ruling

California Crowns State Ratings
for Coronavirus Performance

Patrick Group Backs Distancing
Mandate and New Safety Rules

Abbott Gives Barbers and Salons
Go Ahead Amid Boost in Testing

RSLC Beefs Up Establishment
Credentials with Texas Picks

Testing and Case Rate Analysis
Shows Who's Winning or Lost

Reopening Fever Gives Rivals
Shot at Virus-Related Attention

Scenes from Empty Mall Show
Texas Reopening is Symbolic

Texas Reopening Had Mirage
as Catalyst Before Virus Streak

County Dems Run Now Has Huge
Lead in Tests as Chief Priority

Death Toll Takes Wrong Turn
on Eve of Texas Reopening

Cornyn and Dem Pair No Match
for Beto in Senate Cash Chase

Cain Touts Revolt as State GOP
Ripped and Body Count Vaults

Fed Probe Could Spawn PR
Containment Strategy at UT

GOP County Judge Gives Abbott
Ultimatum with Full-Scale Reset

Texas Reboot Creates Tricky
Dilemma in Opening Round

Abbott Gives Friday Green Light
on Phase One of Texas Revival

Attacks on Abbott Restart Pace
Dilute New GOP Unity Theme

Mask Orders Could Fall with May
as Tentative Reopening Target

Voters Back Abbott Virus Moves
as Patrick Stock Drops in Poll

Virus Taking Higher Average
Toll in Rural Areas in Texas

GOP Lawmaker Rides to Rescue
of Homeowners at Texas Resorts

Texas Could Be Locked Down
Longer than Democrat States

Polls Shows GOP More Eager
to Reopen Amid HME Caution

GOP County Boss Orders Masks
for Hottest Virus Spot in Texas

Trump Hangs Patrick and Other
Lockdown Opponents Out to Dry

Biggest Texas Cities Not Hottest
Coronavirus Spots as Predicted

GOP Lawmaker from Hardest Hit
City Eyes Pandemic Power Cuts

Patrick Blames Dems and Mocks
Science Amid NJ Gov Head Call

Bonnen Replaces Darby on LBB
with Dem LGBTQ Caucus Chair

Abbott Accepts Heaven Help
in Virus Reopening Derby

Abbott Alma Mater Forecast
Could Derail Virus Timetable

UT Virus Handicappers Give
Texas Better Death Peak Odds

Abbott Accepts Heaven Help
in Virus Reopening Derby

Abbott Alma Mater Forecast
Could Derail Virus Timetable

Lockdown Critics Thumb Nose
at Virus Rules at Capitol Rally

Texas May Be in Isolation Longer
than States with Early Lockdowns

Texas Dems and Allies Voice
Suspicions on Comeback Plan

Abbott Strike Force Chairman
Choice Might Be Smooth Move

Texas Lobbyist Enlisted as New
Field General in Fight with Virus

Virus Takes Random Texas Toll
Rates that Blow Holes in Trends

Majority of Americans Will Have
Dems in Charge with Trump Fold

Scorching Abbott Virus Review
Could Be 2022 Primary Preview

Tea Party Lawmaker May Face
Backlash with Reopening Plan

Texas Lawmakers May Have
Map Task Stripped by Trump

Cornyn Cash Pitch Reads Like
Espionage Thriller in Wartime

Texas Republicans State Rights
Crusade Could Face Major Test

Abbott Sees Virus Tunnel Light
with Flattening Curve in Texas

Texas Reactivation Target Could
Be Moved Back as Alarms Sound

GOP Governor Plans Jump-Start
as Patrick Implies Role in SXSW

Texas Coin Flip as Poll Shows
Potential Biden Blowout Win

Cornyn Gambles Down-Ballot
Fate on China War of Words

Stockman Backers Plea for Mercy
from President Amid Virus Fears

Cornyn Gambles Down-Ballot
Fate on China War of Words

Stockman Backers Plea for Mercy
from President Amid Virus Fears

Coronavirus Toll Curiously Low
in Major Texas Border Areas

Texas Could Escape the Worst
of Wrath Thanks to Blue States

Texas Four Weeks Behind NY
with May 5 Virus Peak Forecast

Texas Could Escape the Worst
of Wrath Thanks to Blue States

Texas Conservatives Warn
of Ruin Without Cuts First

Texas Beer Battle Truce Could
at Risk with Emergency Push

Texas Conservatives Warn
of Ruin Without Cuts First

Coronavirus May Give Doctors
Ironic Boost in Runoff Battles

Coronavirus Rolls into Rural
Texas with Community Spread

Abbott Says Fauci Gave State
Thumbs Up for Virus Standards

Texas Senator Spurns Doctor's
Advice on Coronavirus Tactics

Walls Seeks Virus Revenge
with Trade War Escalation

GOP Donor King Praises Dem
Governors Who Ripped Trump

Florida Church Limits Stay Intact
Amid Houston Inferno Analogy

Abbott Could Ignite Tempest
with Public Church Services

GOP Abandons Battle Cry
Themes for Survival Sake

Texas Governor Slams the Door
on Drivers from Neighbor State

GOP Rookie Who's Defied Trump
Could Be Presidential Contender

GOP Leaders Have Prescription
for Horror in Key Lawmaker Eyes

Texas Dems Get Momentum Shot
with Pelosi Virus Bill Power Play

Income Tax Could Be Back
on the Table Despite Voter Ban

Texas Pollster Finds Republicans
Divided on Coronavirus Severity

Patrick Gambles GOP Future
with Sacrificial Altar Shocker

Special Session Inevitable
Amid State Recession Plunge

Congress Hopefuls Slam Pelosi
on Subjects Sensitive for Trump

State House Braces for Bad News
on Oil Plunge Amid Virus Assault

Two-Thirds of Dem Delegates
Up for Grab in Confabs Online

Texas Plays Catch Up as Abbott
Follows Locals Lead on Virus

Trump China Blame Game Could
Backfire on GOP Majority Defense

Texas Political Casualties Start
to Climb Amid COVID-19 Threat

State GOP Chair Lavishes Praise
on Trump Coronavirus Response

Abbott Eyes Belated OT Vote
that Could Change Dynamics

First Two Dominos Fall in Halt
to Public Campaigns in Texas

GOP Poised to Stage Convention
Two Months Late as Fears Soar

Virus Could Prompt Relocation
of Texas 2021 Regular Session

Bad Blood Bubbles as Speaker
Tries to Recast Hit List Narrative

Roy Breaks Ranks with Trump
with Alabama Senate Position

GOP Seizes on Poll that Shows
Challenger Tied with Democrat

Cornyn Tries to Help Democrats
Drive Wedge with West Touting

House Dem Has Unique Record
to Tout in Special Senate Battle

Oil Price Plunge Could Prompt
Election-Year Special Session

Best of Texas Primary: Democrat
Red Suburbs Surge Steals Show

GOP Speaker Rehashes Furor
that Led to Premature Demise

Biden Victory Path Fuels GOP
Fears in the Lone Star State

Phantom Foe Haunts House Dem
as Nominee Beats Dad in CA Bid

West Surges into Senate Runoff
as Dems Claim Turnout Crown

Biden Caps Off Surge with Texas
Win as Runoff and Fall Cards Set

David Whipping Goliath in GOP
Primary Shocker for Texas RRC

Several Primary Fights Not Over
for Hopefuls Who Came Close

David Whipping Goliath in GOP
Primary Shocker for Texas RRC

Bernie and MJ Lead Dem Packs
as Some Lawmakers OT Bound

State Senate Dem Tries to Tie
Texas GOP Leaders to Crisis

Seven Dems Seeks Revenge
in State House Target Races

Democrats Dominate Early Vote
in State House Battlefield Heart

House Dem and County Judge
Gear for Apparent Senate Bout

Local Leaders in Wave of Names
for Special State Senate Contest

House Has Been Stepping Stone
for Special Senate Vote Victors

Half-Dozen Incumbents on Ropes
in Hottest Legislative Primaries

Local Leaders in Wave of Names
for Special State Senate Contest


Trump Could Carry Texas
Panhandle and Lose the
Election There This Fall

Rural viral backlash in area where president fared better than anywhere else in nation could swing vote.

Texas Local Leaders
from Different Worlds
Kindred Spirits in Crisis

Legislature Could Use
Epic Sessions in Spanish
Flu Wake for Inspiration


Rave Dem Gov Reviews
Could Put GOP Majorities
in Peril if Support Holds

Democrats approval soars in swing states with toughest lockdowns as Abbott and GOP counterparts lag.

Rave Dem Gov Reviews
Putting GOP Statehouse
Majorities in Danger

Legislature Could Use
Epic Sessions in Spanish
Flu Wake for Inspiration


GOP Hired Guns Warm Up
for Epic Fall Clash Despite House Disarray and Wave

Strategists have chance to offset primary business dip in November vote amid threat of Democrats and virus.


Lobby Power Rankings
Reflect Bonnen Speaker
Bid Win and Blue Wave

Ties to new House boss and Dems good for bump as #MeToo cuts both ways.

Laney Links are Golden
in New Speaker's House

GOP leader has last Dem in dais as role model as Straus maestro goes back to future.


Texas Races to Watch
for State & Federal Jobs
in 2020 Primary Election

Half-Dozen Incumbents
on the Ropes in Hottest
Legislative Primaries


Forecast Revised with Biden
Photo Finish Win in Texas
Super Tuesday Primary

Bernie polling lead may be mirage with ex-VP on roll with nods from Beto, Klobuchar and long Texas lawmaker list at Dallas rally.


Speaker Race Rankings:
Sunset Bust Fuels Feud
that Scandal Triggered

Battle lines drawn in leadership showdown that pits Bonnen loyalists against Republicans who turned on him.


Cuellar Tries to Weather Progressive Onslaught as
Wall Tops Money List

Ex-House Speaker Pops
Up in Top-Ranked Open
Contest in Primary


Unholy War Erupts in Hottest
Open State House Fight as Target Races Rank Highest

Bush vs. Wall Tops Watch
List in Fights for Congress
in Texas Primary Vote


Veteran Dem and GOP Pair
Face Primary Foes Who've Had More Cash in Hottest Races

Targeted Republicans Hope
Cash Edge Mitigates Trump Presidential Baggage


GOP Reclaims Favorite Role
in Battle for House in Wake
of HD 28 Runoff Disaster

Revised forecast has Democrats falling short in fall as Republicans seize psychological warfare edge with momentum killing win.


Big Leaps and Long Falls
in House with Blue Shade

West wing has more Dems in high places as hierarchy shake up reflects speaker race.

Punishing Puts Senator
in Position to Call Shots

Banishing has unintended consequences as GOP female trio wield major sway.


Texas House Races to Watch:
Tea Party Duo and Four Dems
Face 2020 Primary Threats

Texas House Candidates
Texas Senate Candidates
Texas Congress Candidates
Texas Statewide Candidates


Super Bowl Session Had
Big Stars in High Stations
and Key Role Players

Dynamite dozen features major measure QBs and colleagues who scored in unique ways like new caucus five.


House Republicans Dragged
into Speaker Scandal Rising
in 2020 Races to Watch

Republicans Circle Wagons
Amid Threat of Losing Four
or More Congress Seats


Dallas Latina Has Major Haul
as GOP Hopefuls Raise More than Blue Wave Dems

Mexican immigrant with golden connections sets pace as potential challengers rake in more cash than targeted House Democrats.


Republicans in Target Turf
Move More toward Center
than Blue Wave Dems

Texas House voting record shuffle with Rice expert and Empower Texans rankings merged for comparisons.


Texas House Breaks GOP Era Bill Passing Record in Bonnen Speaker Debut
Legislature approves highest number of measures born in west wing since last session with Democrat speaker.


Speaker Race Rankings:
Democrat Pair Could Have Early Edge with Majority

Bonnen is lock unless Dems take House back in twist that could turn slam dunk into wide open fight after fall vote.



Bloomberg Only Dem Beating
Trump in New Texas Survey

Dead Austrian Liberal Emerges
in GOP Speaker Hit List Revival

Abbott Gives to Eight with Shot
and One with None in Blue Turf

GOP Senator Funnels Cash
to Ex-House Colleague Foe

House Democrat Trio Has
Walmart Heir in Corners

Warren Scores Late Support
from Four Texas Lawmakers

Sanders Takes Obama Page
with Austin River Park Rally

Apostle Brands Dems as Racists
as Primary Foe Gets Abbott Help

Early Dem Vote Soars in Major
Texas Counties in First 2 Days

House Duel Shapes Up as Proxy
Fight with Abbott and Tax Man

West Texans Spurned by Trump
Questioning Sincerity of Pitch

House Dem Who Flipped Seat
Passing on Special Senate Bid

House Has Been Stepping Stone
for Special Senate Vote Victors

Texas Dem Party Boss Daughter
Early Senate Battle Frontrunner

Capital City Could Have Surprise
Senate Competition on Horizon

Perry Leading Cheers for Activist
with Eye on Revenge in Primary

Consensus Conservative Picks
Emerge on Primary Battlefield

Self-Styled Apostle Rips Abbott
with Risky Pasta Spine Analogy

Poll Finds President on Thin Ice
in Texas as Sanders Leads Dems

GOP Hopeful Gets Life Alliance
Nod with Trump Still on Sidelines

State GOP Chairman Challenger
Scores Tea Party Endorsement

Trump Muscle May Have Double
Edge for GOP Congress Hopefuls

Congress Hopeful Mixes Fantasy
and Socialist Fears in New Spot

Blue State Visions Evaporating
in Wake of Bad House Gamble

Dem Fight for Shot at Rookie R
Crowns Senate Watch Rankings

Hard Right Donor Trio Bankroll
Hottest Open Race Cash Leaders

Trump Takes Texas Republican
Page with Handshake Snubbing

Abbott and Power PACs Promote
GOP Peace in House Campaigns

Perry Brings Trump Shadow
to Fight with Wilks Family

Wendy Leads Chip in Cash Chase
Amid Record Texas Money Flow

Abbott and Power PACs Promote
GOP Peace in House Campaigns

Ex-Big Apple Boss Surges in New
Texas Poll that Former VP Leads

Cornyn Loads Up for Fall Threat
after Sounding Blue Wave Alarm

Democrat Mama Conjures Gene
Kelly Visions after Poll Showing

GOP Senator Gets Off to Crawl
in Cash Scramble as Underdog

Bernie Backers Double in Texas
Where Trump Leads Him By 3

OT Loss Could Prompt Dems
to Streamline Hit List in 2020

Seventh Time is Charm for Gates
as Birabil and Eastman Win Big

Republican Who's OT Favorite
Could Be Short-Term Lawmaker

Cook Fires Up 2020 Fundraising
with Bang in Open House Fight

House Caucus Chief Backs Biden
as Best Shot at Trump Fall Ouster

Patrick Raises Specter of Fraud
Amid National Dem Money Flood

Former GOP Senator Blasts
Abbott and Other Statewides

GOP Challenger Has Power Elite
in Corner for Potential Lost Cause

Money Records Falling Like
Tenpins in Critical House Race

Conservative Group Backs Straus
House Successor in Curious Move

Ray Hunt Son Turns Against
Targeted House Republican

House Challenger Loads Chest
with Council Campaign Funds

House Battle Has Déjà Vu Feel
as Potentially Hottest Primary

Bonnen Loyalists Rally Behind
Tea Party Pair for Primary Duels

Democrats from Coast to Coast
Pour Cash into House Runoff

Blue Wave Rookies Raise
$2.6 M for Re-Election Bids

Dozen Texas House Targets
Raise Six Digits in 2nd Half

Low YCT Scores Could Be Plus
for Some Republicans and Dems

Dems Have Redemption Shot
Amid Hype on Ground Game

Dallas Dem Gets Jump on Rivals
in Open House Speaker Contest

Governor Refugee Snub Fuels
2024 President Bid Speculation

Collins Sets Bar on Texan Out
of Some Republicans Reach

Governor Orders DPS Patrols
Downtown in Stabbings Wake

Texas Lawmakers Could Face
Backlash on Knife Carry Plan

Abbott Could Trigger Turf Battle
with DPS Deployment in Austin

Rove Says Dems Registering
Republicans to Vote in Texas

Fatal Austin Stabbing Gives Gov
Fresh Fuel for Feud on Homeless

Speaker Could Use Budget Chair
for GOP Payback or Dem Reward

Texan Who Could Have Been
Senate Nominee Ends 2020 Bid

Local Battle Features Dirty Harry
Reincarnation with Church Savior

GOP Paving Path for Texas Dems
in Quest to Take the State Back

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