West Challenging Texas Election Results
with Nothing to Gain after Phelan Snub

Bonnen Tells West to Get One-Way Ticket to Florida

Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside
November 10, 2020

State GOP Chairman Allen West contended on Tuesday that he has evidence of massive voter fraud in Texas as the new leader of a party organization that he's single-handedly relegated to historic irrelevance by trashing fellow Republicans here with claims that have no basis in reality.

West sent shock waves through his own party's ranks when he declared on Monday that the GOP here would not recognize fellow Republican State Rep. Dade Phelan as the new state House speaker.

West branded Phelan as a traitor because he'd locked down the powerful leadership post with support from Democrats exactly the way the current Speaker Dennis Bonnen and GOP predecessors Joe Straus and Tom Craddick had done when they'd won the gavel initially.

The Texas Republican Party boss since June embarrassed the lion's share of GOP loyalists again today when he alleged that bully Democrats in Dallas and Tarrant counties had conspired to prevent dozens of designated poll watchers for his party from doing their job in the 2020 general election.

West said GOP poll waters in the state's second and third largest counties had encountered "a combination of tactics" that included "being locked out entirely to corralled in corner like cattle" at polling locations.

"The Texas GOP will always fight for electoral integrity and transparency," the recent immigrant to the Lone Star State vowed. "We find it odd that Democrats across the nation not just Texas, continue to marginalize poll watchers. What do they have to hide?"

It isn't clear what West hopes to gain from the unleashing of accusations of criminal behavior by election officials in the wake of a status quo election in the Lone Star State that President Donald Trump carried with more than 52 percent of the vote last week.

Trump would not be entitled to a single additional electoral vote if the president's margin expanded in Texas with the wholesale disenfranchising of Democratic voters in a legal challenge that appears to be blatantly self-serving and frivolous.

West's only possible reason for challenging the presidential election in Texas beyond personal gratification would be to help fuel the Trump propaganda machine that's centering its case for an invalidated election on the grounds that legal mail ballots are illegal and should not be counted.

West might not like the fact that the Democrats flipped Tarrant County on his watch after Trump had won there by almost 9 percentage points in 2016. Biden beat the president by two-tenths of one percent at the polls a week ago.

The GOP would find it impossible to turn Dallas County red barring a complete invalidation of the entire election there last week when Trump only received one-third of the vote.

The Republicans who'd been resigned to losing the Texas House majority did not lose a single seat in Tarrant or Dallas despite West's allegations of a illegal activities in those places by law-abiding American citizens who'd devoted their time to process of democracy.

An astute state party chair would be substantially more concerned with significant gains that Democrats made in suburban meccas like Collin and Denton counties on the outer edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in Williamson County north of Austin as well.

Biden garnered more than 8 percent of the 2020 vote in Denton, Collin and Williamson than Democrat Hillary Clinton had received in those fast-growing jurisdictions.

But West's vow to refuse to accept Phelan's impending election as House speaker is all the more mind-boggling in light of the fact none of the 83 Republicans in the Capitol's west wing had a significant number of votes to capture the gavel without a bipartisan coalition.

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Biden Gains   2020 2016
Williamson (D) +8.1% 49.7% 41.6%
Collin (R) +8.1% 47.0% 38.9%
Denton (R) +8.1% 45.2% 37.1%
Tarrant (D) +6.2% 49.3% 43.1%
Travis (D) +5.9% 71.7% 65.8%
Montgomery (R) +5.0% 27.4% 22.4%
Brazoria (R) +4.4% 40.1% 35.7%
Dallas (D) +4.3% 65.1% 60.8%
Bexar (D) +4.1% 58.3% 54.2%
Fort Bend (D) +3.3% 54.7% 51.4%
Harris (D) +1.8% 55.8% 54.0%
Randall (R) +1.3% 78.6% 80.0%
Lubbock (R) +0.9% 65.4% 66.3%
Nueces (R) +0.6% 47.8% 47.1%
Jefferson (R) +0.2% 48.6% 48.4%


Biden Decreases   2020 2016
Webb (D) -13.0% 61.8% 74.8%
Cameron (D) -8.4% 56.1% 64.5%
El Paso (D) -2.8% 66.3% 69.1%
Hidalgo (D) -2.7% 58.1% 60.8%


Trump Gains 2020 2020 2016
Tom Green (R) +5.7% 74.2% 68.5%
Ector (R) +5.7% 74.2% 68.5%
Taylor (R) +2.2% 77.3% 75.1%
Midland (R) +2.1% 77.3% 75.1%
Wichita (R) +0.9% 73.4% 72.5%
Potter (R) +0.0% 68.5% 68.5%
McLennan (R) -0.1% 59.9% 61.0%

New Covid Cases Per 100,000 November 10
  Texas 29.9  
1 El Paso 214.9  
2 Potter 137.5  
3 Randall 133.4  
4 Lubbock 129.7  
5 Tom Green 105.5  
6 Ector 79.5  
7 Wichita 69.9  
8 Taylor 49.4  
9 McLennan 46.7  
10 Smith 43.9  
11 Dallas 36.3  
12 Tarrant 43.2  
13 Midland 42.2  
14 Gregg 31.5  
15 Grayson 26.2  
16 Brazos 24.3  
17 Collin 19.6  
18 Rockwall 18.4  
19 Denton 18.3  
20 Webb 18.3  
21 Jefferson 17.9  
22 Brazoria 15.4  
23 Johnson 15.1  
24 Galveston 17.0  
25 Hidalgo 15.4  
26 Ellis 14.4  
27 Hays 14.3  
28 Kaufman 13.7  
29 Comal 13.1  
30 Parker 13.0  
31 Harris 12.8  
32 Bell 16.0  
33 Nueces 11.7  
34 Bexar 11.1  
35 Cameron 10.7  
36 Travis 10.6  
37 Fort Bend 7.0  
38 Williamson 6.3  
39 Montgomery 3.1  
40 Guadalupe 1.4  
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