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Governor Calls Summer Session
with Cain Sponsor Role at Risk
Abbott sets July 8 for start date that gives Trump chance for input while election bill author could be select panel chair.

Sixth Street Shootout Could Have
Swayed Governor Veto Decisions
Abbott voiced no problems with juvenile justice bill that was masterpiece in art of compromise and oratory.

Abbott Goes on Bill Killing Spree
as Encore for Article 10 Torpedo

Twenty bills on family violence, sex abuse, crime justice, dog cruelty and others as fatal red pen strikes.

Abbott Ramps Shock Value Show
with Legislature Funding Veto
Lawmakers won't have money for special map making session if red pen strike isn't political gamesmanship.

Abbott Would Minimize Juneteenth
Significance with Critical Race Vow
GOP send mixed messages with plans for second prohibition as Cruz compares critical teaching on slavery to Klan.

State Reputation as Business Mecca
May Be Border Fabrications Victim

False claims and scare tactics to raise cash for wall could come back to haunt state and local economies.

Texans May Feel Prone to Leave
State if Gov Half Right on Border

Abbott hopes to raise cash online with warnings that drug cartels, terrorists and other other outlaw immigrants.

Abbott Solicits Private Cash for Wall
with Token State Start Up Funding

Gov vows to stop reign of terror at border as Patrick hails historic treasure and Phelan eyes interim charges.

Trump Takes Abbott Up on Border
Trip Amid Wall Revival Fund Plan

Texas gov reveals trap and trespassing arrest plan with chance to pitch private donation visions to ex-president.

Gov Giving Smoke Time to Clear
Before Seizing on Austin Shooting

Republicans won't miss chance to fortify police defunding narrative with an actual incident after Sixth Street attack.

Patrick Could See Hall as Enforcer
as Hancock Demotion Confirms Fall

Hard right ally may be biggest winner in Texas Senate leader team shakeup that seals Schwertner redemption.

GOP Rep Motives Mystery in Patrick
Endorsement Snub and Slamming

Rookie from Bonnen turf sparks theories from speaker protection to Allen West shadow with Goliath dissing.

Senate Race Could Be Risky Bet
in District Ripe for Dismantling
Ex-council member eyes bid for seat that might not exist in present form on new map for upper chamber.

Hailey's Comment: Huffines Tries to Stop
Abbott Border Wall Steal with Pledge
to Close Federal Bridges to Mexico
Ex-senator raises stakes in competition on which candidate for governor will crack down hardest on dangerous people coming in from Mexico.

TLR Cash and Nod Seals Guzman
Status as Serious Contender with
Chance to Save GOP from Itself
Former high court judge gives old-guard establishment shot for comeback as Black lawmaker White weighs farm boss bid.

Best of Texas Regular Session
Found Ways to Rise Above the
Craziness at the Capitol

Six Republicans and four Dems had wide range of unique impact in Legislature of mediocrity that put GOP over state.

Rookie Team Has Heartbeat Bill
QB, Two Dems and Patrick Bashers

Lone new blue waver is freshmen class most valuable with abortion sponsor and only two of few for GOP who show some guts.

Texas Legislature Power Rankings:
Bonnen Brothers Running Chamber
Vicariously through Speaker

Ex-leader's sibling and top ally have most clout in Phelan House where Democrats have key roles unlike the Senate.

Patrick Gives White Republicans
Muscle Monopoly in Senate that No
Longer Reflects State in Sway Tally

Hughes shines, Schwertner soars, key ally dips and token Dem swing vote gets snub on budget conference team.

Senate Rookie Blazes New Frontier
as Producer and Star of Film He Shoots
in Bid to Make Cannabis Legal in Texas

Gutierrez documentary has budget on par with El Mariachi in movie debut with novel strategy for pitch on industry that would be big economy boost.

Soldier of Covid War
Leads Pack as Lobby
Navigates New World

GOP ties two-edge blade on new Texas Lobby Power Rankings in wake of failed coup as lobbyists fight to adapt to first session in global pandemic.

Governor Links Are New
New Star Launching Pad
in Austin Lobbyist Trade

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