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1 Tommy Williams
Williams Public Affairs, Governor Greg Abbott Senior Advisor, Texas Senate, Texas House, Texas A&M University Vice-Chancellor
2 Chris Paddie
Texas House 2013-2022, State Affairs Committee Chair, Energy Resources Committee Chair, Marshall Mayor and City Commissioner
3 Eddie Lucio III
Popp Hutcheson, Texas House 2007-2022, Son of Longtime Texas Senate Democrat Eddie Lucio Jr.
4 Dan Huberty
Moak Casey Chief Operating Officer, Texas House 2011-2021, Public Education Committee Chair, Humble School Board President
5 Larry Taylor
Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texas Senate 2013-2023, Texas House 2003-2013, Senate Education Committee Chair


1 Ron Lewis
Texas House 1985-2002, County Affairs Committee Chair, Natural Resources Committee Chair
2 Stan Schlueter
Texas House 1977-1989, Calendars, Ways & Means Committee and Financial Institutions Committee Chair, Special Public Servant Standards of Conduct Advisory Committee Chair, The Schlueter Group
3 Clint Hackney
Texas House 1981-1989, Texas Railroad Commission Candidate, Energy Committee Chair, Elections Committee Chair, Tales of American History Radio Show Creator
4 Curt Seidlits
Focused Advocacy, Texas House 1987-1996, State Affairs Committee Chairman, Association of Electric Companies of Texas and TXU Executive
5 Leticia Van de Putte
Texas Senate 1999-2015. Texas House 1991-1999, Lt. Governor Nominee 2014, Democratic National Convention Co-Chair 2008
6 Robby Cook
Texas House 1997-2009, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Legislative Director
7 J.E. "Buster" Brown
Served as a Lake Jackson Republican in the Texas Senate 1981-2002, Natural Resources Committee Chair
8 Florence Shapiro
Texas Senate 1993-2013, Education Committee and State Affairs Committee Chair
9 Dwayne Bohac
McWilliams Governmental Affairs, Texas House 2003-2021
10 Jaime Capelo
Texas House 1998-2005, Public Health Committee Chair
11 John Davis
Texas House 1999-2015, Economic and Small Business Development Committee Chair
12 Parker McCollough
Texas House 1989-1993, Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Chair
13 Steve Holzheauser
Texas House 1987-1999, Energy Resources Committee Chair
14 Ken Armbrister
Texas Senate 1987-2007, Texas House 1983-1987, Gov Rick Perry Legislative Director, Senate Natural Resources Committee, Criminal Justic Committee and State Affairs Committee Chair, Texas Star Alliance
15 John Montford
Texas Senate 1983-1996, Finance Committee and State Affairs Committee Chair, Texas Tech University System Chancellor
16 Craig Eiland
Texas House 1995-2015, Speaker Pro Tem, Pensions & Investments Committee Chair
17 Jim Pitts
Texas House 1993-2015, Appropriations Committee Chair, Pitts Peterson Consulting
18 Chuck Hopson
Texas House 2001-2013, General Investigating & Ethics Committee Chair, Superior HealthPlan
19 Dan Shelley
Texas House 1987-1993 and the Texas Senate 1993-1995, Gov. Rick Perry Legislative Director
20 Rob Eissler
Texas House 2003-2013, Public Education Committee Chair
21 Burt Solomons
Texas House 1995-2013, Sunset Advisory Commission Chairman, Redistricting Committee, State Affairs Committee and Financial Institutions Committee Chair
22 Vilma Luna
Texas House 1993-2006, Appropriations Committee Vice-Chair, HillCo Partners
23 Corbin Van Arsdale
Texas House 2003-2008, Cedar Park Mayor
24 Kent Grusendorf
Texas House 1987-2007, Education Committee Chair




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