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McConaughey as Trial Star Who Sizzles

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September 11, 2023

Matthew McConaughey may want to hit the tanning booth and lose the furry ring on his face as the runaway choice for the role of the flamboyant lawyer Tony Buzbee in the cast for a potential Hollywood epic on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's impeachment saga.

Buzbee stole the show in the trial's first week with eloquent oratory, piercing cross-examinations, the hatching of a conspiracy that stemmed from a vivid orange glow that sizzled on a richly-tanned face when he was shown on live TV.

McConaughey would give a still-untitled Paxton project a second A-list superstar if Ryan Gosling signed sign on as the second protagonist named Ken after crushing it in Barbie. McConaughey has a hint of Buzbee in his own face with the furrows of age and eyes that grow side and sparkle with intensity.

McConaughey has valuable experience as a lawyer in films like Time to Kill, The Lincoln Lawyer and Bernie. He could stay at home with the movie filmed in Austin where he lives as Texas born and bred. And he has experience playing guys with tans in films such as The Beach Bum, Fool's Gold and Surfer, Dude.


Jeff Bridges Dan Patrick   Sam Elliott David Maxwell


Joe Pesci Rusty Hardin   Paul Rudd Andrew Murr


Gosling remains the pick here for the role of a lifetime as the fearless, defiant and carefree state lawyer who bills himself as the new Davy Crockett. Gosling has played attorneys in films almost as much or more than McConaughey - and he has a wealth of experience in roles in movies about scandalized politicians, crooked cops and gangsters and personal dramas that revolve on marital infidelity.

The supporting cast might have to be substantially more affordable to live within a realistic budget. The possibilities in such as case include Courtney Cox and Samara Weaving to play Angela Paxton and Laura Olson respectively as the top female roles. Natalie Portman and Emma Stone would be excellent if the producers wanted to cough up the money for a cast with all the best parts restricted to Academy Award nominees and winners from the current century.

But Cox is a familiar face that transcends generations as a star of the television show Friends and a long list of movies including Scream 1-4 and VI. Weaving is an Australian who is not as recognizeable to the average Texan. But people often confuse her with Margot Robbie - the star of Barbie.

Some prospective male names for other key parts may have to take pay cuts and even work for scale just to be in the movie. This group features Paul Rudd as lead House investigator and prosecutor Andrew Murr, Jeff Bridges as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick the trial judge and venerable veterans Joe Pesci and Gary Oldman as Rusty Hardin and Dick DeGuerin - the legendary lawyers who are representing the House.

We will be making recommendations for backups with lower price tags as the trial unfolds. Stay tuned ...



Ken Paxton
Casting: Ryan Gosling

Micky Mouse club alum the easy early choice to play another famous Ken after Barbie home run and probable Oscar nod. Starred in moves about lawyers, trials and politians in scandals and real life dramas like cheating on wife. Cinch for impeachment saga film with lazy eye like Texas AG.


Tony Buzbee
Casting: Matthew McConaughey

Houston trial lawyer vaults to second in impeachment movie cast rankings after dazzling performance in first two days as AG legal mastermind before taking seat on back row for defense team on third day after accusing media of coloring his face orange to prejudice senator jurors.


Dan Patrick
Casting: Jeff Bridges

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick could play himself after playing new character as judge who's portrait of neutrality on surface but still could decide outcome. Iconic star who won Oscar as Bad Blake knows Texas with Academy nods for Hell or High Water and True Grit as well. May have to work for scale.


Nate Paul
Casting: Dave Franco

James Franco may be more age-appropriate for good friend and donor who House prosecutors portray as villain with persecution complex like Texas AG. . But younger brother won't bring personal baggage as actor in The Disaster Artist, The Little Hours, Neighbors and Now You See Me 1 & 2


Angela Paxton
Casting: Natalie Portman or Courteney Cox

Modern day Tammy Wynette who stands by man as dark brunette could have ideal for an Oscar winner like Natalie Portman with roles in Black Swan, The Other Woman, V for Vendetta, Jackie and No Strings Attached. But age-appropriate star of Friends and Scream 1-4 and VI would work for less.


Andrew Murr
Casting: Paul Rudd or Boyd Holbrook

Texas governor's grandson spearheaded historic impeachment and expulsion in same month as House committee chairman who quoted Sam Houston in opening argument. Ant-Man star would have been spitting image in Anchorman with little dab of Brylcream for epic handlebar. But he'd be pricey.


Laura Olson
Casting: Emma Stone or Samara Weaving

The Other Woman in real life as mistress creates chance to rekindle La La Land chemistry with credits that boost casting stock like Friends with Benefits, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The House Bunny, Gangster Squad and The Help. Australian would be cheaper and looks a lot like Barbie star.


Rusty Hardin
Casting: Joe Pesci or Stephen Root

Legendary Houston lawyer for House handled most of the speaking tasks for prosecutors in the first week with friendly questions for whistleblower witnesses. He still has juice at the age of 81 in a part that could be tailor-made for a legendary 80-year-old who Scorsese made famous.


Dick DeGuerin
Casting: Gary Oldman or J.K. Simmons

Legendary Houston lawyer for House had first speaking part on fourth day but made no splash. Oscar winner who played Churchill and Truman in Oppenheimer bears resemblance but might want more screen time.


David Maxwell
Casting: Sam Elliott or James Cromwell

Towering Hollywood veterans Brad Garrett and James Cromwell would be solid choices as the legendary Texas Ranger who delivered the best performance by a witness by far in week one. But Sam Elliott is the best fit with cool and country persona that's iconic even though he's several inches shorter than the whistleblowing ex-top cop at the AG's office.


Dan Cogdell
Casting: Bruce Greenwood

Richard "Racehorse" Haynes apprentice who's trial lawyer legend in Texas now is representing Ken Paxton with big part in opening arguments with tears at start. Veteran actor Bruce Greenwood is a dead ringer.




Rick Perry
Casting: Rick Perry (as himself)

Former Texas governor and Donald Trump energy secretary is late addition after op-ed defending House vote to impeach. Dancing with Stars veteran played himself in Tommy Lee Jones comedy Man of the House.


Donald Trump
Casting: Donald Trump (as himself)

Ken Paxton's most valuable supporter in impeachment ordeal despite distractions of four criminal cases in which former president is engulfed.


The "Shameful Six" - GOP senators who vote to dismiss case before hearing word of testimony and get blistered in editorial as consequence.

James Mateer - Former assistant AG who's leadoff witness in trial as whistleblower.

Ryan Bangert - Former assistant AG who's second witness in trial as whistleblower.

James "Blake" Brickman - Former assistant attorney general. Whistleblower

Ryan Vassar - Former assistant attorney general. Whistleblower

Donna Campbell - Republican State Senator who fired alleged mistress holds no grudge with votes to dismiss.

Michelle Smith - Paxton chief of staff and director of impeachment defense strategy behind the scenes.

Jonathan Stickland - Former state representative who's ringleader of grassroots revolt against impeachment as warrior for right.

Dade Phelan - Texas House speaker who gave green light on Paxton investigation and impeachment that top lieutenants carried out.

Joan Huffman - Powerful Republican state senator who had most impact on in trial rules committee that voted to deny Paxton's wife a vote.

* The cast rankings will be updated as needed.




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