Texas Republican Farm Chief Sounds the Alarm
on Marxist Revolt Like Germans Feared in 1930s

By Mike Hailey
Capitol Inside Editor
30, 2020

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller portrayed himself on Thursday as a contemporary Paul Revere on a midnight ride to save the Lone Star State from a reincarnation of the Bolshevik Revolution that gave rise to communism in Russia.

Miller - a world champion calf roper who's been the state's most colorful and entertaining statewide leader in recent years - packaged the frantic call to arms as fundraising email with a plea for contributions of $17.76 for a re-election campaign that he's dubbed a Freedom Defense Fund.

"We must all WAKE UP and realize what is happening," Miller warned. "They want bloody revolution. This will not stop.

"If the Democrats win and the Marxist mob takes control of our government...it's game over for liberty."

Miller shared his visions of a potential political apocalypse in the making at a time when polling has shown Democrat Joe Biden running even with Trump in Texas and leading the president in almost all of the other critical swing states that he must win to have any chance for a second term in the Oval Office.

Miller acknowledged in the campaign cash pitch that he doesn't need the money he's trying to raise now for a re-election campaign that wouldn't be on the ballot again until 2022. But Miller says he's simply trying to ensure that "stalwart conservative warriors" like himself and the president have the resources to fight the Marxists who've been masquerading as Democrats in a march from "Seattle to New York, Virginia to Portland, LA, and even Austin" in their bid to destroy democracy, liberty and Trump's re-election hopes.

There's no guarantee that the position of Texas agriculture commissioner will even exist if the new-age Bolsheviks prevail in the general election based on the current farm chief's fears.

Trump loyalists have been on the same page with Adolph Hitler in terms of the threat that they perceive on a Marxist takeover here if Biden wins in November as he appears on track to do barring a dramatic shift of fortunes for the current president.

Hitler used the Bolshevic Revolution that culminated in the establishment of the Soviet Union as a cattle prod to rally the German people behind the Nazi Party in the 1930s with warnings on the threat of a Marxist takeover in western Europe.

Trump conjured visions of Hitler again on Thursday when he raised the specter of delaying the general election amid fears that it will be stolen by the Democrats if people are allowed to vote by mail. Hitler had effectively cancelled elections in Germany after the establishment of his dictatorship based on fears that he fanned and exploited about Marxist revolutionaries.

But the U.S. Constitution does not give the president the authority to change the date of an election. That power lies exclusively with Congress where the top two Republican leaders immediately rejected Trump's proposal today for postponing the general election.

Miller is focused on the future, however, more than the past.

"We have all seen the violence, the chaos, and the logic-twisting justifications," the ever-quotable agriculture commissioner said in the fundraising email. "Do not doubt that the goal of the revolutionaries on the streets and in the halls of power is to END American Constitutional governance and freedom."

Miller said that would happen "over my dead body" in the Freedom Defense Fund solicitation.

"As proud Texans and Americans, we must stand strong in the face of this world-changing insanity."

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