Phelan Counters Trump Intervention
with Support that's More Homegrown

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February 5, 2024

GOP Speaker Dade Phelan sought on Monday to fortify a re-election campaign that the probable leader of his party's ticket is trying to destroy when he rolled out a long list of endorsements from local elected officials, party leaders and groups representing police and firefighters in the district he represents.

Phelan touted support that he'd received from 25 individuals including the Republican Party chairs from Jefferson and Orange counties - Joe Evans and Leo LaBauve respectively. Phelan also listed Orange County GOP Christy Khoury as an official backer in his bid for a sixth term in House District 21.

Phelan's support from the Orange party activists is significant in light of the executive committee's 14-6 vote in July to censure him in response to the lead role he had in the House's attempt to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton last spring. Phelan's chief primary foe - David Covey - served as the Orange County GOP chair before his emergence as a candidate in HD 21.

Alicia Davis of Jasper is running in the GOP primary in HD 21 as well and could force a runoff that pits Phelan against Covey if and when she's eliminated in the initial election on March 5. Paxton's camp believes that overtime is on the horizon in the speaker's district.

Covey is the first legislative candidate in Texas in modern times with a former president who's on track for a third nomination in his corner. Donald Trump endorsed Covey last week complete with a scathing analysis of Phelan and why he has to go.

Paxton had been Covey's most active major supporter before Trump dove into the fray five weeks before the round one election here. But Phelan may have felt like his critics were piling on when Lieutenant Governor Dan Phelan released a video during the weekend to promote Trump's endorsement for Covey.

Patrick accused Phelan of misleading primary voters by pointing out that he'd voted for Trump twice before and planned to again in November. Patrick noted that he'd served as Trump's campaign chair in Texas since the first race in 2016 and had never seen Phelan at any events on his behalf.

"He's never offered to help," Patrick said. "So why is Dade trying to fool you now? Because he knows he's in trouble with the voters.

"Dade Phelan can't fool Donald Trump," Patrick added. "And Dade Phelan will not be able to fool you."

Patrick didn't package the video as a formal endorsement. But it will have the same effect regardless. Phelan expressed his gratitude for the support he garnered and revealed today.

"I am deeply thankful for every endorsement and the confidence they represent in my leadership," Phelan said in an email. "Together, we will continue to champion the conservative values that make Texas strong and ensure our community's voice is heard loud and clear in the Texas House."

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Dade Phelan Endorsements

  • Billy Rowles, Former Sheriff Jasper County & Newton County
  • Seth Martindale, Jasper County Commissioner Precinct 1
  • Willie Stark, Jasper County Commissioner Precinct 3 
  • Johnny Trahan, Orange County Commissioner Precinct 1
  • Kirk Rocaforte, Orange County Commissioner Precinct 3
  • Robert Viator, Orange County Commissioner Precinct 4
  • Bryan Warner, Jefferson County Constable Precinct 4
  • Bobby Adams, Jefferson County Constable Precinct 7
  • Cary Erickson, Jefferson County Commissioner 
  • Joe Evans, Jefferson County GOP Chair
  • Leo LaBauve, Orange County GOP Chair 
  • Christy Khoury, Orange County Treasurer
  • Roy West, Mayor of Beaumont 
  • David Rutledge, Mayor of Bridge City
  • Randy Branch, Mayor of West Orange 
  • Larry Spears, Mayor of Orange
  • Anderson Land, Mayor of Jasper
  • Mike Getz, Beaumont City Council Ward 2
  • Randy Sonnier, Nederland City Council Ward 3
  • Terri T. Salter, City of Orange Council member District 3
  • Aaron Roccaforte, Bridge City City Councilman Place 1 
  • Emmitt Hollier, Former Nederland City Council
  • Paul Zoch, Bridge City Independent School District Board of Trustees
  • Pat Anderson, Port of Beaumont Commissioner 
  • Rick Williams, Nederland Attorney & former Family Court Judge
  • Vidor Police Association
  • Beaumont Firefighters Association
  • International Union of Operating Engineers (IOEU) Local 450
  • Sabine Area Labor Council
  • National Rifle Association
  • Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
  • Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND
  • Texas State Rifle Association
  • Texas Alliance for Life
  • Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
  • Life PAC
  • Texas Dept of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA)
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Texas Association of Business 
  • Texas Oil & Gas Association PAC
  • Texas REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC)
  • Texas Nurse Practitioners PAC
  • Texas Chemistry Council 
  • Texans for Lawsuit Reform






March 5, 2024 Primary Election

Ranked on odds for change, endorsements, campaign cash, impact on speaker's race impact and more

Ranking up Ranking down

Republican Incumbents vs. Challengers
1 HD 21

Dade Phelan (Inc)
David Covey
Alicia Davis

2 HD 2

Jill Dutton (Inc)
Brent Money

3 HD 60

Glenn Rogers (Inc)
Mike Olcott
Brandon Hall

4 HD 64

Lynn Stucky (Inc)
Andy Hopper
Elaine Hays

5 HD 61

Frederick Frazier (Inc)
Keresa Richardson
Chuck Branch

6 HD 58

DeWayne Burns (Inc)
Helen Kerwin
Lyndon Laird

7 HD 65

Kronda Thimesch (Inc)
Mitch Little

8 HD 1

Gary VanDeaver (Inc)
Chris Spencer
Dale Huls

9 HD 55

Hugh Shine (Inc)
Hillary Hickland
Davis Ford

10 HD 67

Jeff Leach (Inc)
Daren Meis

11 HD 33

Justin Holland (Inc)
Katrina Pierson
Dennis London

12 HD 26

Jacey Jetton (Inc)
Matt Morgan
Jessica Huang

13 HD 62

Reggie Smith (Inc)
Shelley Luther

14 HD 133

Mano DeAyala (Inc)
John Perez

15 HD 138

Lacey Hull (Inc)
Jared Woodfill

16 HD 44

John Kuempel (Inc)
Alan Schoolcraft
David Freimarck
Greg Switzer

17 HD 72

Drew Darby (Inc)
Stormy Bradley
Aimee Carrasco

18 HD 121

Steve Allison (Inc)
Marc LaHood
Michael Champion

19 HD 18

Ernest Bailes (Inc)
Janet Holt
Stephen Missick

20 HD 55

Candy Noble (Inc)
Abraham George

21 HD 91

Stephanie Klick (Inc)
David Lowe
Teresa Gonzalez

22 HD 128

Briscoe Cain (Inc)
Bianca Gracia

23 HD 63

Ben Bumgarner (Inc)
Vincent Gallo
Carlos Andino Jr.

24 HD 68

David Spiller (Inc)
Kerri Kingsbery

25 HD 108

Morgan Meyer (Inc)
Barry Wernick

26 HD 11

Travis Clardy (Inc)
Joanne Shofner

27 HD 71

Stan Lambert (Inc)
Liz Case Pickens
Charles Byrn

28 HD 4

Keith Bell (Inc)
Joshua Feuerstein

29 HD 88

Ken King (Inc)
Karen Post

30 HD 7

Jay Dean (Inc)
Joe McDaniel
Bonnie Walters

31 HD 15

Steve Toth (Inc)
Skeeter Hubert

32 HD 66

Matt Shaheen (Inc)
Wayne Richard

33 HD 83

Dustin Burrows (Inc)
Wade Cowan

34 HD 7

Cole Hefner (Inc)
Jeff Fletcher
Dewey Collier

35 HD 17

Stan Gerdes (Inc)
Tom Glass

36 HD 99

Charlie Geren (Inc)
Jack Reynolds

37 HD 19

Ellen Troxclair (Inc)
Kyle Biedermann
Manny Campos

38 HD 85

Stan Kitzman (Inc)
Tim Greeson

39 HD 20

Terry Wilson (Inc)
Janine Chapa

40 HD 28

Gary Gates (Inc)
Dan Mathews

41 HD 9

Trent Ashby (Inc)
Paulette Carson

42 HD 24

Greg Bonnen (Inc)
Larrisa Ramirez

43 HD 8

Cody Harris (Inc)
Jaye Curtis

44 HD 86

John Smithee (Inc)
Jamie Haynes

45 HD 112

Angie Chen Button Inc)
Chad Carnahan

46 HD 98

Giovanni Capriglione (Inc)
Brad Schofield

Democratic Incumbents vs. Challengers
1 HD 146

Shawn Thierry (Inc)
Lauren Simmons
Ashton Woods

2 HD 100

Venton Jones (Inc)
Barbara Mallory Caraway
Sandra Crenshaw
Justice McFarlane

3 HD 142

Harold Dutton (Inc)
Joyce Marie Chatman
Clint Dan Horn
Danny Morris

4 HD 22

Christian Manuel (Inc)
Luther Wayne Martin III
Jamie Price Jr.

5 HD 125

Ray Lopez (Inc)
Eric Michael Garza

6 HD 45

Erin Zwiener (Inc)
Chevo Pastrano

7 HD 76

Suleman Lulani (Inc)
Vanesia Johnson

8 HD 131

Alma Allen (Inc)
James Guillory Jr.

9 HD 119

Liz Campos (Inc)
Charles Fuentes

10 HD 27

Ron Reynolds (Inc)
Rodrigo Carreon

11 HD 50

James Talarico (Inc)
Nathan Boynton

12 HD 149

Hubert Vo (Inc)
David Romero











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