3,554 migrant apprehensions, 1,004 pounds methamphetamine, 57 pounds cocaine, 5.26 pounds fentanyl, 615 pounds marijuana, 72,000 prescription pills, 30 fugitives, 14 transnational gang members, 8 convicted sex offenders, 1 murder suspect, 1 convicted drug trafficker, 16,000 rounds ammunition, 2 young brothers who drowned.

265 migrant apprehensions (assisted USBP), 48 pounds methamphetamine, 486 pounds of marijuana (assisted USBP), 1 transnational gang member



Texas Gov Says Both Sides Securing
Border and Rips Migrant Baby Food

Capitol Inside
May 12, 2022

As hundreds of migrants flowed into Eagle Pass illegally without resistance on either side of the Rio Grande, Governor Greg Abbott claimed on Wednesday that Texas and Mexican police are securing the southern border as a result of pacts that he coerced four counterparts into signing last month.

Abbott shifted his focus back to Democratic President Joe Biden on Thursday - expressing outrage on Twitter on revelations that the U.S. Border Patrol was distributing baby formula to people who've crossed the Rio Grande illegally with infants at the same time parents in America are living in a nightmare because they can't the product themselves on empty grocery shelves.

The Republican governor failed to elaborate on whether his information came from a Fox News tweet three hours earlier on formula being donated to the USBP by a humanitarian group in Del Rio for the sake of feeding babies in shelters where migrants have been released to organization after processing. Abbott articulated no concern on the prospect of young children from other countries going malnourished and possibly dying in Texas if federal agents followed his lead and refused to help.

"As parents face the nightmare of a nationwide formula shortage, the Biden Administration is happy to provide baby formula to illegal immigrants coming across the southern border," Abbott declared on Twitter. "Shameful. Our children deserve a president who puts their needs & survival first."

The Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition said it received the formula during the Haitian surge in Del Rio and none came from any governmental agencies.

Abbott stopped short of declaring an outright victory in the promotional tweet the day before n a war against immigration and drug cartels that he's been waging for more than a year in and near border areas. Abbott tweeted four photos that ostensibly show state police and military forces from Texas participating in joint training exercises with law enforcement authorities from Mexico. The police in the pictures on both sides of the river are standing at ease in front of vehicles while facing each other from vehicles that are lined up on the north and south shores.

"The agreements that I reached with Governors in Mexico continue to produce results," the Republican governor declared in the Twitter post. "This is one of many recent examples of Mexican states working with @TxDPS & @TexasGuard to secure BOTH sides of the border. Working together we achieve more — doing a job that Biden abandoned."

Operation Lone Star leaders celebrated the border security mission's first major accomplishment in five months on Thursday with a press release on the apprehension last week of 203 migrants who the Department of Public Safety discovered in two semi-trailer trucks near Laredo.

Based on a search of DPS media statements since the start of 2022, the Laredo score more than doubled the number of people who Texas forces at the border have apprehended in 2022 with 297 in the public record. According to Abbott earlier this week, Operation Lone Star has rounded up more than 242,000 migrants since its birth in March 2021. That's an increase of 34,000 since DPS reported on March 10 that the state had apprehended more than 208,000 people who've entered the U.S. illegally at that point in time.

Abbott contended on Tuesday that Operation Lone Star forces had confiscated more than 344,000 pounds of fentanyl - a vault of nearly 40,000 pounds from the amount that he'd attributed to the border mission less than three weeks ago. The governor, however, has produced no evidence up to now to substantiate the dramatic increases beyond selective examples to tout in tweets.

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