Ex-Texas GOP Chief Laments Lack of Men
Who Would Die for Liberty Like Alamo Cast

Capitol Inside
March 11, 2023

Former state Republican Party leader Allen West is looking for a few real men to stand up for Texas and the USA. But the search appears to be a bust so far here in the Lone Star State.

West saluted the state's independence from Mexico on Friday in a pensive YouTube soliloquy that questioned the patriotism of transgender people, served up wild Antifa fantasies, branded cartels as white supremacists and portrayed Texas and U.S. leaders as soft on traffickers, drugs and the border. West suggested in the clip that Texas officials were sitting by idly while smugglers route fentanyl that's manufactured in China into the state via Mexico for the singular purpose of killing Americans.

"We don't have a single elected official with the cajones to do anything about it," West said. "I get photo ops. I get excuses. We get cute little names (like) Operation Lone Star."

An ex-Army officer who served one term in Congress from Florida, West used the latest segment in a series Steadfast & Loyal to depict Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Operation Lone Star as a do-nothing production. West, a veteran of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, contended in the video that people were shooting at Texas from across the Rio Grande in blatant act of war that the state is failing to answer.

"If you bring a fight to the doorstep of the United States of America, we got to open the door and pull the trigger and blow you away," West declared.

West, who's a Georgia native with a degree from the University of Tennessee, questioned whether the men of Texas today would have the courage and dedication to risk their lives for freedom like Davy Crockett and the men he rounded up for the battle at the Alamo. But West indicated that he did not believe that that transgender people would have been willing to die at the Alamo if they'd been around at the time.

"I think about those 13 glorious days," West said in a contemplative reflection that bittersweet. "I think about the type of men who were there - standing on freedom's ramparts - for those days at the Alamo. And I just wonder - do we still have those types of individuals - that walk the land here in Texas and the United States of America? Do we still have people that would pick up, get on their horses and ride into what was a dire situation? Not care about their own harm or danger. But just standing up for something that was right - something they believed in. Have we lost that in the United States of America?"

While the supply of men who are willing to die for liberty with nothing else to gain may be at an all-time low, West said he hasn't lost all hope yet. "I still believe that there are alpha males out there," West said. "Men - that are out there. Not these little Charlie and Delta males. We've gotten past beta. We're down to delta males now."

West suggested that Texas couldn't rely on biological males who identify as women to volunteer to die for freedom in the event of another confrontation on par with the Alamo. "This whole push - you don't have to be a little boy - you don't have to be a little girl. Well, you can compete against biological females in a swim meet. I I don't think that's the type of person who would have stood on the ramparts of the Alamo for those 13 glorious days."

West blamed antifascist radicals for clashes between protesters and police at a training facility in Atlanta. But the ex-Texas GOP boss gave the impression that the confrontations in his home state of Georgia are a sign of what to expect in a future that's on the verge of dystopian.

"We have allowed this cancerous behavior to metastasize all over this country," West bemoaned. "But yet we've got this group out here called Antifa that has been going around burning up federal buildings - state buildings, police stations, everything - attacking police, attacking citizens - yet we haven't done anything about it."

West has a history of using sensational claims that have no basis in reality to fire up supporters who appreciate the flair and drama and tune in religiously to his broadcasts on the state of the state from his unique and ever-entertaining perspective.

West won the party leadership post in July 2020 at a state convention that the GOP was forced to hold online at the last minute without sufficient preparations in advance. He led the Republicans in Texas for an entire year before giving up the chairman's job so he could run full-time for governor instead.

West appeared to have no chance at the outset of a GOP primary fight with eight contenders in a field that included Governor Greg Abbott as a prohibitive favorite. But West ended up dueling former Texas Senate member Don Huffines for bragging rights on second - and the former state party chief prevailed in that regard when he finished as the primary runner-up with 12.3 percent of the vote with Huffines a close third at 12 percent. Abbott captured almost 67 percent of the round one vote in 2022 en route to his re-election to a third term last fall.

West left the incumbent with a parting shot in the video that spans 21 minutes on the Internet.

"What is Operation Lone Star doing?" West asked. "Because once upon a time - those who stood up to defend the lone star - they would have kicked some you know what butt."






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