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1 Texas Public Policy Foundation
Greg Sinclair, Jason Isaac, Derek Cohen, James Quintero, Melissa Ford, Larry Taylor, Ron Simmons, Sherry Sylvester, Chance Weldon
2 Raise Your Hand Texas
Michelle Smith, David Anderson, Robert Popinski, Libby Colven, Charles Gaines, Will Holleman
3 Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
Dale Craymer, Ryan Ash, Sheryl Pace, John Kennedy
4 Equity Center
Wayne Pierce, Ray Freeman, Josh Sanderson
5 Texas Conservative Coalition
Tom Aldred, Annie Mahoney, Russell Withers, Tom Wolfe, Gray Rutledge
6 Everytown for Gun Safety
Kurt Meachem, Jerry Phillips
7 Texas State Rifle Association & National Rifle Association
Tara Mica
8 Texas Consumer Association
Sandra Haverlah
9 Texas Aspires
William Fullerton, Eric Knustrom
10 Every Texan
Ann Beeson, Anne Dunkelberg, Dick Lavine, Mariso Bono, Rachel Cooper, Curtis Hill, Karla Martinez, Stacey Pogue, Jaime Puente
11 Equality Texas
Rachel Hill, Samantha Smoot, Rebecca Robertson
12 Texas Watch
Ware Wendell, Tara Lee
13 NARAL Pro-Choice Texas
Aimee Arrambibe, Blake Rocap, Emily Marton
14 Texas Alliance for Life
Joe Pojman
15 Texas Right to Life
Elizabeth Graham, Emily Horne, Emily Kebodeaux
16 Texas League of Conservation Voters
Elizabeth Doyel
17 Public Citizen
Adrian Shelley
18 Texas Home School Association
Tim Lambert
19 Texas Private Schools Association
Laura Colangelo


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